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Random DROID X Orders Arriving Early?

We’re not really even sure where to go with this because it might be the oddest Droid X news we’ve reported, but one of our readers just sent in photos of what appears to be a Droid X straight from Verizon Wireless Customer Care.  His brother, who lives in Texas received the device today after calling Verizon and somehow setting up an order.  Weird right?

Update 1:  I ran the tracking number on that box and it shipped July 1st from Ontario, CA and arrived in El Paso, TX today.  Ontario is the same site that everything I have ever ordered from Verizon has come from.

Update 2:  Our Texas tipster said he attempted to place an order for one 10 days ago and was told he could not, but that the rep would call him back as soon the system would allow him to.  A few days later, the rep called back and he had placed the order, receiving it today.

Well get this.  As I was typing this post out, I received another email from someone in Huntsville, AL who works at a Verizon call center and has reported that they just took a call from someone who had some questions about the new Droid X which just showed up on their doorstep.  After hitting up some other reps in his center, they too are reporting more than a few calls of people trying to activate Droid X devices.

We’re also starting to believe that the @DroidLanding Twitter account is somehow reporting early deliveries of devices rather than clues to a scavenger hunt (SEE UPDATE BELOW).  While this is just a loose theory, it could explain why we keep seeing new devices referenced on that account which are numbered into the 20s.

And check out this tweet specifically from 4 hours ago which references a state that could be Texas.  The timing of this runs pretty close with the email we received from our original tipster…

Update 3:  We’re thinking the @DroidLanding thing is just a coincidence and will continue to assume it is still a scavenger hunt.

To attempt to debunk this whole situation, we made a call to the consumer sales number of Verizon and were turned down when asking about the DX.  The rep we spoke with said that a VZW pre-sale is not coming and that I would have to wait until the 15th when it hit stores.  So on our end, we were unable to confirm the ability to purchase one early.

Update 3: Another possible theory – Could some of these be from customers who were allowed to switch their Droid Incredible order over to the Droid X?

Stay tuned for more…


  • I’ve been wanting this phone since the very first leaks, once they set the date on the 23rd, I called everyday checking if they were taking pre-orders.

  • Well the Texas received the device today after calling Verizon and somehow setting up an order. Weird right? Thanks

  • Well the Texas received the device today after calling Verizon and somehow setting up an order. Weird right? Thanks

  • Well Could the some of these be from customers who were allowed to switch their Droid Incredible order over to the Droid X? Thanks

  • To attempt to debunk this whole situation, they made a call to the consumer sales number of Verizon and were turned down when asking about the DX.

  • I also ordered today which today date is 03-12-2010 ofcourse. Lisa the sale lady told me it should be sent by the 18 of august. Man I'm going nuts, i have to wait that long? She did tell me that people are receiving their phone ahead of time. If so i will be like this . I don't think i would be sleeping good until i receive it.

  • I know i am a noob but i just got my Droid X 3 days ago and I have been trying to ask around to see what i should keep running and what to stop in my running services under settings. My battery life isnt great so that is a main reason for asking this question. Here is what i have running as shown from my droid.

  • the Droid X is the latest victim to fall to such curiousity, where it will require a Hex X5 screwdriver, while a Hex X4 is required of you want to replace the touchscreen display.

  • I actually just recieved mine in the mail im trying to set up it right now its gorgeous…….

  • Chuck Norris?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG!!!!

    Figures he would get one first!

  • That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

  • Its a good information,franchiser can break the shortage and maintain customer wants…..

  • Seanpynn

    Bad Ass phone, can't wait for mine on the 10th of Sept.

  • Seanpynn

    Bad Ass phone, can't wait for mine on the 10th of Sept.

  • Jetbird

    Is there any new information regarding Droid2's expected reveal? I am currently divided between getting the X or getting the Droid and PRAYING I will have a shot within the 30 day return/exchange options. I am a big keyboard lover and hesitant to go with all touch screen X! However… that being said? I am also equally torn with passing on the option to have the newer technology thanks in great part to your newsletter! Any info would be greatly appreciated as I have til only the 10th to decide! Congrats to all the early recipients of the X 🙂

  • Attention skeptics: I have a Droid X and have had it since Friday. It shipped from Pennsylvania, and is a fantastic phone!

    I'm sure there will be tons of doubters, so please reply to this posting with your individual questions and I will answer them, with photo and video proof as necessary to convince you. 🙂

    Brian in Maryland

  • Angelnero

    FYI – received my X today via fedex.

  • The better question is:

    Who are these people that got them early?

    How did they get them? People keep saying they pre-ordered but we've already established that you cannot pre-order a Droid X. Did they have a pre-order in for a Droid Inc? Why are these people so quiet? Too busy playing with their phones.

    Did they just randomly receive a free Droid X? If so (i.e. if part of the @DroidLanding following, then I'm sure it would have had a note attached like “you've been selected to receive a free, unreleased phone”)

  • mlawlor777

    yea i was going to ask you if it might have been the people who switch their orders from incredibles. haha but you got the update up before i could. any idea how this scavenger hunt works? the tweets kinda confuse me. are they going to be outside or inside?

  • Chris Nimon

    Found PL3 X Rom in RomManager last night. So far is VERY smooth for me. says its an frf57 build but this is melted butter on my phone, easily the smoothest for me so far. pics are from the 928 clean black rom.

    • Timmah

      Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ponchera

    Anyone know what the full price of DX will be for those of us not eligible to upgrade? That's how i got my DINC, paid full and sold Droid on craigs to offset price.

    • Scott

      I think it's around $560-599. You never have to pay full price though. I'm not eligible for an upgrade until mid-June 2011 with a contract ending sometime in October 2011, and still upgrading to the DX on at the $199 price. It took a few polite, and I stress polite, phone calls/emails but I was able to eventually work it out with Verizon.

  • Congrats to owners!!

  • looks nice, but wow is it big! Would love to have if it were to have a smaller package.

  • Tatadawg

    Just tried to order one cause I returned my Incredible for reception problems. Tech support talked me into waiting for the Droid X since it would be faster to get then the Incredible. So I figured based on this column I would try right now. Called went to loyalty dept where I got my Incredible, Rep said not til the 15th. Was hoping!!!

  • Tatadawg

    The next generation of does is coming soon, but you might get yours before that. Droid X phones are hidden across the country. Follow us for clues.

  • Chauptma

    I checked with Verizon today (7/6/10) and was told that those receiving the DX probably had Incredibles on order and were given the option to exchange those orders for DX. The agent said DXs could be preorderd from VW on 7/14/10 and shipping (those available) on 7/15/10.

  • craig1989

    This is definitely all very interesting. I could see verizon trying to payback everyone who has been stuck waiting for incredible for the last 3 months… With everyone in the comments claiming to have received a Droid X would it not be possible for you to answer a few questions.. such as:
    – Were you preordering a DINC, did you try to change for a Droid X
    – Did you have a conversation with vzw.. if so what occured during this call?
    – Did you follow @DroidLanding
    – Are you a current vzw customer


  • i actually just recieved mine in the mail im trying to set up it right now its gorgeous

    • Scallopshoes

      How and when did you order it?

      • i had ordered a incredible then when it backordered i changed my order to a droid x

        • Where is the DroidX made? I just got my Incredible today and am trying to decide if I should switch to the X but I like to know where they are made. Thanks!

  • Scallopshoes

    You sure it's the X?

    I was waiting for a replacement Incredible, canceled it and told them I wanted an X. I was told to call on the 15th and place the order for the X. I got an email on Friday saying that a package was being delivered on Wednesday. Could it be? I called Verizon and they say its an Incredible but like I said, I canceled the order and wasn't expecting anything.

    • Scallopshoes

      *****This post was meant for Angelnero

    • Angelnero

      multiple calls to verizon confirm that the X was in fact shipped out. Every rep we we've spoken to all sounded just as surprised as everyone on this thread.

  • chaussures puma


  • Angelnero

    I've got a fedex tracking number showing mine and my wife's X's arriving tomorrow. We're stoked. And yes, we simply called verizon and said we wanted the phone.. a few hoops and supervisors later we were told we were on a 'list' to receive them on the 15th. 2 days later we received shipping confirmations from verizon showing them being sent out. Tomorrow cant come soon enough.

  • Demapples22

    I dont know where these stories of Verizon letting people switch from the Droid Incredible to the Droid X have come from. I ordered the Incredible on the 15th of June, Verizon scheduled their X launch press conference on the 17th, and no matter how many times I call to switch my order I get this “first you must reject the Droid Incredible order when it arrives at your doorstep. Once it has been restocked you will be off the hook for that phone and proceed with getting a different phone.” Ive tried many times to switch my order but to no avail. Has anyone else actually be able to do this?

    • Angelnero

      My wife and I were backorders for the INCs.. once we realized the X was coming out 2 days after the INC was expected to ship we called to have the INC order cancelled and then proceeded to push for our switch to the X. It did take a few supervisors but in the end we were told we were on a list; 2 days later we received shipping notification emails with tracking numbers. The 2 X's should be here tomorrow.

      • According to the people I know who work at call centers this is impossible… They say that the system won't even let them put in X orders?!… WTH is going on here?!

        • Trophynuts
          • Yeah, I've seen that. But the deal is that they're allowing people to CANCEL the Droid Inc. orders and switch it to Droid X orders on the 15th…. How in the world are these people getting their orders in early when the system supposedly doesn't allow them to do so?!

        • Angelnero

          I dont know what to tell you bro… my wife called the call center at least once per day when we canceled our INC orders and was put on this 'list' for X's.. every day they told her they saw the note on our account but there was no pre-order available yet.. once day she called and the person was like yep.. i see the order was processed, the next day we got shipping confirmations. Apparently it's not impossible; it happened to us. Thats 2 X's shipped to the same household in NY.

    • Phill M82

      Same here, I ordered the incredible the morning of them making the announcement for the X I called up and was told I would have to reject the shipment or fully cancel the order and reorder on the 15th.

    • Venicecleaner

      I returned my incredible on day 29 of the 30 day trial, paid the 35.00 restocking fee and was placed on the list for the 15th.

  • r3velation129

    Yea this is cool and all but I don't believe it whatsoever. I just got off the phone with customer service and A. they don't ship from Ontario, B. She said its physically impossible to put an order through on the Droid X regardless of if you had an incredible preorder. Either way this guy has a Droid x as i can visibly see in the pictures so I'm jealous.

    • Mmillhouse

      They do ship from Ontario, California. Just Google a little. You'll see. Most of mine have come from Memphis, but there's a warehouse in Ontario as well.

  • Looks like Engadget stole this story from Kellex and didn't give any credit at all. Straight up “kanged” it, to use an very overused word haha

    • Marballe

      well, they did mention the Droid-Life in the source.
      i think it's a good thing as droid-life building its reputation 🙂

  • The phone above is mine. I have no idea how I got it early but I did. I was not a previous owner of an Incredible as you can see my BB Storm 2 in the pic above. I am one of the lucky ones 🙂

    • Marballe

      when did you order it?

  • The phone above is mine. I have no idea how I got it early but I did. I was not a previous owner of an Incredible as you can see my BB Storm 2 in the pic above. I am one of the lucky ones 🙂

  • DroidLocks

    this phone is as big as a psp and it has hard keys as well as being even bigger than the evo

    • Your point? Oh that's right, trolling………….

  • DPJ

    What pisses me off is how some people are able top pre-order, and most are not. I've been wanting this phone since the very first leaks, once they set the date on the 23rd, I called everyday checking if they were taking pre-orders. No luck at all, and now I'm sure they'll be out of stock after a few minutes on the 15th.

    • Trophynuts

      a lot of reports i'm seeing are that there will be plenty at VZW stores on day of launch.

  • andrew401

    i hate whoever got this phone early. i am calling best buy demanding my pre order but getting absolutely no where tho

  • Mike

    Either I for got how to count or we have 2 UPDATE 3's in there…LOL

    Just playing around Kellex…

  • Kellex – I demand that you get to the bottom of this!!!! lol

  • chaz

    just called verizon…was on hold for 10 minutes…she told me the people who are getting the droid x are those who of the million people who ordered the droid incredible, decided to not wait for the backorder and switched to the x. They are not taking preorders…I have a feeling I am not getting my X until end of August…I'm just sayin…

    • Dave

      Sorry, but I don't believe this. I have two Incredibles on order. I've called a number of times and have stopped by the stores. I get the same answer every time. I can cancel my Incredible order with no penalty but cannot order the Droid X until the 15th.

  • Dub

    I just called VZW about this. The lady asked where it came from and I pointed her towards this page. She said that she couldn't take a preorder for a droid x at this time, but would call me personally if they did become available for preorder.

    She called be back after about 10 minutes to tell me that she has “reported it to the vzw security department” and that she was concerned that there's “black market droid-x's out there.”

    I told her that probably was not the case, but that VZW was going to investigate.

    Just thought I'd let you know

    • Dub

      Also I thought I'd mention that she said that VZW doesn't ship phones from Ontario, CA.

      • Greg

        Yes, yes they do

        • Dub

          Good to know!

          • Jesse

            This is legit droid brethren . There is no mix up or mess up they are just getting some X's out early to lucky people. This ties in perfect to their droid landing twitter fiasco. Also the pictures posted here are from my brother. He received it this morning and I emailed Kellex right away. I wanted Droid-Life to have the upper hand and release the story before Gizmodo or Engadget.

          • …But getting them early from what, exactly? VZW isn't doing preorders… It would have to be from BB preorders, which doesn't make sense because why would they go to doorsteps instead of BB stores? Or it would have to be switched Incredible orders…

          • JCarroll

            Its from people who swapped their Incredible on order for an X… Or thats what I believe.

          • Jesse

            It's random, complete randomosity! No rhyme or reason. Obviously they are shipping out units early, look at the pictures which have also made engadget. It wasn't Best Buy, they had nothing to do with it. My brother called Verizon, they called him back, no complaining or bitching required. He did not try for the incredible, he was using a BlackBerry storm.

          • Dub

            Thanks for the clarification. So jealous!

          • You saying they randomly let people preorder? Or they are randomly sending them to anyone, even if they dont want one?

      • quiklives

        But Kellex mentions above that it's the same site all his orders have come from, and someone just said something similar on a forum where they're discussing this. So either there's a mixup between Ontario, the town in California and Ontario, the province of Canada….or that lady doesn't know what she's talking about.

      • Jeffandamya

        My wife got her Droid Eris shipped from Ontario, CA.

      • Rickzilla09

        she is not telling the truth, 90% of all phone orders in the West Area are shipped from the Ontario Distribution Center. I can confirm this since I work for Verizon.

  • t0ni

    Speechless, and jealous.

  • EC8CH

    Hopefully the bootloader is as tightly controlled as the shipping release date 😉

    • Timoh

      I see what you did there and I like it. Haha

  • JCarroll

    “Droid designate #10 is here. City, we have a problem. Finding it.”

    • tmoney

      Hmm… I work at JSC… is it close?

      The grassy knoll sounded like dallas…

    • Jeffandamya

      sounds like Houston, we have a problem

  • chaos

    So can you confirm if the bootloader is locked/signed.

  • Trophynuts

    wtf….i live in Huntsville, Al….i should have tried pre ordering one….may be i was too busy getting my Tour swapped out with the Bold 🙂 Although i do have an upgrade waiting on me and the Droid X is number one on my list.

    • Guest111

      Neat, i work in Huntsville myself. I got an old friend that works at the verizon call center… I might see if she knows anything about these early arrivals. I got a droid 1 so won't be getting another droid till i can upgrade.

      • Trophynuts

        cool. i have an upgrade waiting on me now. so i guess i'm going to get the DX. i may wait a week or two and see how the launch goes.

  • djsbears85

    I was thinking about pre ordering for my wife but im thinking about just going into verizon release day and picking it up for her.

    • DroidLocks

      this phone is as big as a psp

  • Fedex Source


    • Marballe

      that's exactly what i did. lol

  • Fedex Source
  • Wow. I'm thinking this has to be related to the Twitter thing. I'm jealous.

  • poeddroiduser

    I find it interesting that Verizon has the guts to name a group “Customer Care”

  • poeddroiduser

    I find it interesting that Verizon has the guts to name a group “Customer Care”

    • Trophynuts

      being that they just swapped my Tour for the new Bold no questions asked i don't have a problem at all with them having that name.

      • Username

        How did you get them to do that, was it within thirty days, was your tour defective?

        • Trophynuts

          i did the same thing thousands of Tour owners did two weeks ago. We called in…complained about the trackball, they said the FRUTours are out of stock and asked me if i'd be happy with a bold like new unit? I played dumb, said yes and got my Bold 4 days later. Its a FRU unit but since it had only been out for VZW for a very limited time when they did this a lot of us Crackberry heads are thinking these are units that had factory blemishes and were then refurbed and made into FRU units, it had zero data or phone usage on it when i got it which you can check by going to the status screen and pressing b,u,y,r to get the additional info 🙂

          • Michael_NM

            So… Should all of us Droid 1 users complain about D-pads and see if we get upgraded to the X?

          • OBEEZIE

            beautiful idea. and maybe how it freezes and doesnt let me answer a call.

          • Timmah

            Rooted or not?

          • Trophynuts

            lol you can try but i doubt that will work. Honestly i cruise cell forums all day at work and especially crackberry since i'm a BB owner..about two weeks ago i saw the post when it first started happening and i jumped on the band wagon…why am i here on Dlife you ask? cause i'm probably going to use my upgrade on the DX next week. But keep my BB for when i go out of the country.

          • Jhw68

            Dont forget the Eris owners with our Silent Call Bug, dialer lag etc.

        • you should be able to also have the switch done. basic problems of the tour that are known:
          -music playing when hanging up from a phone call that CANNOT be silenced
          -track ball sticking
          -backup assistant duplicating your contacts 3, 4, 5+ times
          -similar to the 8300's where the phone works, but its keys dont

          if you list these off to a rep and state that a friend has a bold or whatever they should be able to switch you over. since they send you a clnr, you will keep the same battery & sd card, but its all interchangeable. most fru;s for the bold should be new devices to some degree, and even if they arent i wouldnt complain too much about vzw's smartphone replacement stock, ive never personally had any issues with one.

          at the end of the day, a fru tour costs just as much as a fru bold, however 2+ tours cost more than a single replacement bold 😉

  • this is confirmed, ive got 2 x's in my possesion, only one is activated, the other might be seeing ebay if a shortage occurs 😀

    shipped with android 2.1 NO FLASH (not even lite) ninja blur is descent. resizable widgets are cool and useful. phone usage is still about even with my d1 with similar setup (same widgets, beautiful widgets, photo for wallpaper, launcher pro) and the d1 is @ 800mhz

    overall i am VERY happy with it. if i wasnt in my position i wouldnt reccommend full retailing to one from a d1, but if you've got an upgrade its a sweet phone. mind you, an even more bad @ss droid will be out, and LTE is just around the corner too, so be mindful if you are on a tight budget and deciding what to use your upgrades on…

    • Marballe

      how did u order 2 of them?? jealous

      • kellex

        Wondering the same thing. How did you actually order them?

        • i never said i ordered one, but have them in my possession 😉 i work for an arm of vzw. have had mine for quite a while actually 😀 they just like to keep a lid on things.

          i only have my personal line (d1) and a line thats provided to me (droid x or whatever its being tested atm) and im not daring enough to active any test devices on my personal line.

          if you guys want a video or something i can post one up. any tests or specific thing you wanna see fire away as im not too sure what everyone wants confirmed. bootloader seems to be about the same visually as the d1 with the only major difference being that it operates off the front physical keys.

          the blur setup is seems to be a huge improvement from that of the devour. still has an account that you sign into and can sync (im personally not a fan of) but the widgets and whatnot are at least functional. i have yet to experience the loss of sync or data (pictures) that plagues the devour

          apps ive tested that work:
          touchdown, beautiful widgets, fireworks lwp, launcher pro, handcent, androzip, backbreaker, docks to go (with key too)

          like i said i love the screen, but im not about to give up my d1 – even for a free x. if someone comes along and roots an x and i may then have all the rooted goodies that i enjoy ill consider switching, but for me personally, im not about to spend money to replace my droid, especially with lte right around the corner.

          • See man, you're contradicting yourself… Your first post said that “this is confirmed”, referring to this story… Why would you say that if you weren't trying to say that you ordered one and received it early? If you always get new phones early, then why would you post on here as if you are surprised? And why would they send you 2?!

            Also you say: “bootloader seems to be about the same visually as the d1 with the only major difference being that it operates off the front physical keys.”… What do the physical keys have to do with the bootloader?! Do you know what the bootloader is even?

          • t0ni

            I think you are def right about that. Why would he say this is confirmed, and also why 2? Good points.

          • Timmah

            I guess you could, the world already knows about it! xD

          • Timmah

            Heck, it's in their commercial!

          • You also state that you get them from VZW for testing. If this is the case, then how would you be allowed to sell one on eBay?! Surely VZW wouldn't let you sell a unit that they gave you for testing! Man, none of this stuff is making sense…

          • Rickzilla09

            haha I see you took the photo from a corporate vzw location. (I can tell by the carpet)! Maybe I should take a photo of the Droid X (since we have one here also and say I got 3 of them). Man, you almost had these people fooled lol

          • Tabe

            Wait, aren't you the same Mike (Mike Salom) that says elsewhere in this blog: “I ordered it last week, June 30th.”?! If so, your stories aren't jiving…

        • Timmah

          I ponder this question too.Hmmmm-

    • t0ni

      Can u see if the bootloader is locked somehow?

    • Hey mike, How much do you want for the 2nd droid X? i want a new phone and i would like to see if you will sell it

    • quiklives

      This just doesn't make sense. Who are you, how did you order them early from Verizon, how did you get two but only activate one, and why are you regurgitating the exact same things we've all read in a dozen reviews already?

    • BDizzel

      Just and FYI the phone doesn't have ninja blur on it, Motorola has already stated that multiple times.


  • machinegun68

    Remind me, are these shipping with FROYO?

    • EC8CH


  • Rjoudrey

    Maybe they are being sent out randomly to Verizon customers, how cool would that be!

  • Rjoudrey

    Some guys have all the luck (sang to the Rod Stewart song).

  • Andy

    I want one so baaaaad……

    • DroidLocks

      everyone said that about the droid then the nexus one then thedroid incredible which wasoriginally called the incredible but had the droid tag slapped on it which nodoubt boosted sales then the evo and now the droid x . when does the madness stop ? i have the droid and i love it . nuff said DroidLocks Has Spoken

  • Timmaaay4

    did they pay for the????????????

  • Kevin

    Is this related to that “find the droid” contest that has been going on twitter?

  • g35

    Lucky. Looks like he made the best choice for his upgrade though.

  • is the droid x the third member of the family?

    • PyroHoltz

      Should be the 4th for the family. In order of release; Moto DROID and HTC DROID Eris, then came the HTC Incredible and now the Moto DROID X.

      • 5th if you count the train-wreck-of-a-phone devour – eris, droid, devour, incredible, x

        • There is also the LG Ally. While it is an Android phone, it's not Droid branded.

        • Jason

          I don't think the devour is part of the Droid family, although it is part of the Android lineup.

      • DroidLocks

        the eris is no droid it cant even do live wallpapers the droid incredible was originally called the incredible and had the droid label slapped on it later which is lame . their is currently only one droid and its made by motorola

  • Second

  • spyder00

    am i first?

    • palomosan

      Yep, you are…lucky bastards in a good way I'm saying.

      • spyder00

        i've been trying for months lol i can't believe i beat Tim! LOL

        • +googolplex!!!! haha

          • spyder00

            =þ hehehe!!!

          • spyder00

            you can tell i'm bored been at work since 9 this morning and have another 50 min left till i'm free and it's my freaking b-day the work froce sucks hard sometimes lol

    • spyder00

      yeahhh!!! bout time l want a random X shipped to me!!

      • lemcoe9

        I want my pre-order to be randomly fufilled!