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DROID Incredible to Receive OTA Update Adding 720p and Mobile Hotspot

Droid Incredible owners, prepare yourselves to become upgraded.  According to our sources, an OTA update is readying for deployment to the DI which will add some much needed features that were missing during the device’s initial launch.  Can you say 720p recording?  Mobile hotspot feature?  The Droid Red Eye boot animation it should have always had?  Yep.  All of that is on the way.

The photo proof above is from a DI owner with a test model that has already received the update.  He’s also provided video of the new boot animation…

Like I said, his video and photos are 100% legit.  While I wish I had a date for you, at this time I can only confirm that it is indeed real.  Not a rumor people.

And we’ll keep digging for that date…

Who’s switching their Droid X order back to the Incredible?

Images: Keep in Touch Wireless, Android Forums

  • That’s just great, I really like the camera and see a lot of advanges!This upgrade is amazing, I don’t see any lacks.

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  • DancingPostmaster

    Received notice from Verizon of pending update to droid incredible. Release notes don't say anything about mobile hotspot capability.

  • DancingPostmaster

    Received notice from Verizon of pending update to droid incredible. Release notes don't say anything about mobile hotspot capability.

  • Joe76105

    Is that update coming today and does it automaticly update on my phone or do i have to download from computer or what. new to the droid stuff. had a blackberry storm before .

  • Joe76105

    I wish they would add the front camera software to the DI so it can do the video calling!

  • digitalicecream

    Where is that update?

  • A_paige

    when is this update gunna happen i really want the 720p!!!!!

  • DeAbruzo

    Missing the Verizon splash screen. Might be an HTC update but whether Verizon allows it is another story.

  • Finally, now despite the iphones SICK new retina display, (Which for me really isn't a deal maker) this phone is superior! yet again!

  • ST3

    Sweeeeeeeeeeet. Quick question: What kind of case is that? I like it.

  • Adam1972

    I just got the email from Verizon! They just shipped my Incredible overnight! Now I want to shove my iphone deep into my skull through my eyesocket in a rage… because once again I've been shipped something overnight on a FRIDAY using fed-ex…. Only to have to wait until sometime the following week to get it!

    At least THIS TIME it didn't go from Oregon to Texas back up to Oakland, CA…… on a Friday….. uuuuugh.

  • Mike G.

    any notice the htc branding on the top instead of vzw? wonder if this is the new shipment coming out. wish mine had that htc logo.

    • eander315

      It's a test phone.

  • bksone74

    i'm loving the 3G mobile hot spot addition. can't wait!

  • Rosarybeats

    To those who are complaining about the battery life.. BUY A BIGGER BATTERY! I have the 1700 batter and it works GREAT. I get through the whole day no problems.


    @DroidLanding just duplicated a tweet about #12. There goes the second screwup.

  • Adam1972

    I don’t get this… WHY tease us like this.. IF Verizon is going to lock down a feature that comes with the phone so they can charge for it.. WHY release it? Why not let Verizon deal with it? I HATE the fact that the phone can tether and provide hotspot accessibility.. and then Verizon wants to charge! Can you all imagine if ATT/Comcast/anyISP wanted to charge you for every router and connection to that router/switch (wired or wireless) that you had? I argued with a guy from Verizon over this and they tried to convince me that Verizon HAS to do some behind the scene work in order to make tethering and hotspotting work.. That’s why they charge. The phone can’t do it on it’s own (obviously the service is not part of the equation.. That part is a given). It’s a rip-off.

    • neo1738

      it's definitely a rip off because programmers already made the droid.thether wifi hotspot application without verizon knowing. it's not like they consulted with verizon and verizon was behind the scenes making that work. My question is can you still do free wifi teethering as long as you aren't using Verizon's application? or will that no longer work?

      • Adam1972

        I think it's more akin to the Droid being a proxy of sorts. I don't believe there is a “Verizon” application. I read somewhere on here that someone had loaded up a leaked 2.2 & used tethering (or hotspot.. can't recall) and they were forwarded to a verizon page stating that they had not “Subscribed” to tethering.. There has to be a way around it. I personally feel it's tantamount to fraud to force this charge on us for a service that the software does due to Google/HTC. I assume using PDA Net you still can…

    • The rep is feeding you a bunch of bull they just don't like that people getting unlimited data on a free tether. I flashed my Samsung omnia to Windows mobile 6.5 and installed a WiFi internet sharing program and it worked great … too bad Windows mobile sucks compared to Android … but the point is that the phone which is now old tech compared to the DI did it without Verizon “doing something in the background.

  • metty

    i actually like the custom incredible boot screen more, but 720p upgrade is nice. I cant complain..It would be great if they enabled wireless N on here considering it's just a software thing:)

    • Me

      uh.. it is wireless n… drr..

  • x still has the HDMI port….Dinc doesnt

  • dirtycrow

    Very nice!

  • Romma1

    Ha! Takethat all you brick loving X'ers….

    • Timoh

      Take what? X is hardly a brick, and the specs are still better….

  • smartguy

    One more reason the Incredible is the king of the Droid army.

  • RW-1

    Proof positive that we wont be geting native hotspot on any droid, even if native to froyo, VZ will remove, and put in an app so they can track your bandwidth usage. Thank god for wi fi tether!

  • remy

    I have the DI on back order have been thinking of switching but decided not to due to size of the phone.. now with 720p i'll wait..

  • (*sigh*) My Moto Droid feels obsolete. {{<_>}}

    • Chris Nimon

      your moto droid is like WALL E. he may be aging and rusted but hell save the day. WALL E FTW

      • Ace Z.

        Love the analogy 3pts bro!

    • RTS

      Dont feel that way, root that puppy and get the 2.2 ROM Bugless Beast!

  • phonesources

    I do not believe that with an hour to go too

  • dannyyang524

    Seriously? a 3g mobile hotspot?

    • rockymtnhigh

      I have that now with wireless tether. 3G mobile hotspot. Works great.

  • Michael_NM

    Off Topic: I'll probably post this again tomorrow, but I just realized that if I click the “about” link at the top of this page, I can donate to this site. So I thought I'd point that out and encourage folks to chip in if they can. After all, I'm sure we've all bought accessories for our Droids and found this site to be the best “accessory” available. Apologies if this seems out of line, but I spend way too much time reading this blog and never realized we could pony up, so I thought I'd mention it in case others are in the same boat.

  • Ewhitak

    Off topic question. But is anyone having problems with froyo roms stock launchers rotating into landscape mode. When I switch to launcher pro or adw everything auto rotates fine but not with the stock launcher and I cant figure out how to fix it.

    • mkregs

      I have BB v0.4 with LauncherPro on my MotoDroid. I am not seeing a problem rotating to landscape mode, but when I rotate the phone from landscape to portrait, there is sometimes a delay. When I was on stock 2.1 with LauncherPro, I didn't have this problem.

  • JO

    What do you guys think i should get one of the droids now or wait for other ones because i do not have an android phone yet and i really want one.

  • William

    Whats more incredible than the droid incredible is this dudes incredibly long disgusting nails.

    • Maybe I'm watching a different video. Where do you see his hands other than in the reflection…where it looks like his nails are short?

    • Dude, why does it have to be like that?

  • has anyone played with the incredible rom for motrola droid? it was a ported sense ui rom with the incredible dock and live wallpapers it was made by the dude who made the succlent desire rom

  • Cortland1998

    I just pooped my pants.

  • Is there any specific date of when we will be receiving the update?

  • neo1738

    due for a new phone end August, have NO clue which one to get. Right now Inc and X are top of my list (don't care for the reg droid or droid 2, don't want slider). Problem is my sister and her husband are thinking of getting Incs, and idk if I could do that too on principle. I do like that big screen but as someone posted before if for some reason you can't root the X the Inc is the winner as of now. Although at this rate there will be a new phone by then anyway. Oh well I digress.

    • Joe

      c'mon. can't get the same phone out of principle? if the phone's legit, it's legit. who cares otherwise. look how many iphones are floating around. and a good amount of them have been bought because someones friend has one.

    • Randy

      All my family has incredibles and what does it do, makes us look even more legit! Come on, all the cool kids are doing it.

  • Sweet. Don't know how often I'll use these features, but nice to have the option. Hopefully kills some of the other little issues the phone has.

  • theineffablebob

    Boot screen says AMOLED but the Incredible will be switching over to SLCD, no?

    • EggoEspada

      Not entirely. They'll be using both. Still sorta false advertising though, being that some people will that wont have Amoled screens.

    • I imagine they made that boot animation before they made the switch. It's not a total switch, though. Some phones will still have AMOLED.

  • Nikobasile

    Don't you guys find it a bit weird that htc has changed the boot animation to the droid eye and some specific things about the phone including “AMOLED”. Didn't they say that because of the shortage they were changing the screens? Hmm.

    • It's not a total switch. Some phones will still have AMOLED. I imagine this animation was made before that news came down the tubes.

  • digitalicecream

    I just read elsewhere that the Droid X will have an encrypted bootloader. That puts the nail in the coffin for me. No custom roms will be able to be written to the X and that means the SGS will be the way to go. Sorry Moto, no sale.

    • EggoEspada

      Where did you hear that? And how do they know for sure?

      • t0ni

        I was wondering too, I won't be getting this phone if that's confirmed.

        • digitalicecream

          Credit goes to KWEST12. follow the link and start chasing down some facts for yourself.

          FYI, for those of you who don’t understand what an encrypted bootloader would mean, it means you won’t be able to use any of the custom ROMs. You know all that stuff you see posted about “2.2 leaked, install it now”: you will NEVER be able to do that if the bootloader is encrypted.
          Encrypted bootloader = you only get updates when Motorola releases OTA updates. This means you will not get to take advantage of any of the tweaking, performance optimizing and other cool stuff that is included in most custom ROMs.
          Much more discussion of this is here: http://androidforums.com/motorola-droid-x/11317

          • nkhex19

            Come on Moto: Free the bootloader!!!

          • Ace Z.

            No shyt bro! If they encrypt the bootloader for all future Moto Droid devices that'll be “unholy” and extremely lame!

          • t0ni

            Hey bud, no need for the superiority complex? This is not Droid Forums, but thanks for the info.

          • I saw no superiority complex. Instead, I saw you being defensive and taken aback by a harmless and informative post.

            Are you mad that someone else knew something you didn't?

          • t0ni

            I was defensive because I wanted to know if the boot loader would be locked? And obviously he knew something I didn't- that's why I asked. Have a good day bud. Get outta your basement, and enjoy the day.

          • He said “for those of you who don't know” and then gave you information that you didn't have before.

            Jesus, you're dense.

            BTW, I'm not in my basement, I'm in a state of the art manufacturing facility working for the largest snowboard company in the world…where are you, big fella?

    • Joe

      I read this too. Moto has locked thee X down nicely.

  • lakerzz

    Damn…I need some help…after downloading the droid x theme, everything was good except no home launcher…I had launcher pro and tried to kill the default, and I uninstalled it by accident. After that, I had no home launcher whatsoever…I hit back a couple of times on the soft key, then it went to the bootloader screen…tried rsd lite and tried flashing recovery. It says it worked, but instead of rebooting, it just goes back to the bootloader screen (ready to program). Any help would be great before my battery dies. (I dont think it charges the battery while on bootloader screen)

    • evltwn

      Hey Lakerzz…Phil's coming back for his 4th 3peat. Life is good.

      • lakerzz

        Artest getting his 1st ring…niicce…Lakers winning Championship…even better…Phil returning for a 4th 3peat…PRICELESS!!! (see what I did there??) Kellex might disagree at little bit..except the fact the Cel.. (*cough* *cough*)…tics lost 😛

        • Ace Z.

          Knicks and LeBron FTW!!! I pray every night! Seriously…I do.

          • lakerzz

            Haha..thats what I did during the championship…(there is a god)

  • Is the AmazonMP3 app being added? That would be very nice.

  • Mrpicolas

    Omap people is where its at the x and droid 2 will have better performance and will be the big phones before lte hits then its tiered data with lte get the x or the 2 you'll happy and still on unlimited data plan

  • palomosan

    Nice, by the way, saw a couple of DX reviews and as I suspected MOTO didn't do the homework, I told them to hire somebody that would only work with the Media but no they use the same people.

    As a result, the DX is getting bad reviews in the camera department, it's not that it's taking bad pictures but how you get there and the autofocus issues seen on the Droid continue on the DX.

  • nope. going to stick with the Droid X. they're just playing catch up. 🙂

    • digitalicecream

      What? You can't play catch up with a device that's only been announced and not released! LOL. If the Incredible gets 720P before the 15th then the Incredible has it first. Simple as that. :p (I say this because I'm a little jealous and I want the X). I'm really interested in getting my hands on an X just to compare the Super TFT to my AMOLED. THEN and only then will I make the decision to jump from the incredible to the X AND we're really going to need more answers from the community about this encrypted bootloader the X has that I'm hearing about. (You didn't hear it from me, go check out the XDA Forums.)

    • Sweetfeld28

      I think since Google is telling people to buy the Droid Inc, they should make it have the same options as the Nexus One. The Nexus One has had both of these features since day one.

  • This sounds awesome!

  • RJM

    I am not believin that with just an hour to go – the DI is ahead of the Moto Droid in the LaptopMag.com contest. Sad. RJM

    • Qw

      Will this update fix the muffled earpiece sound on the Incredible??

    • Never trust a laptopmag poll

  • digitalicecream

    IF they can improve battery life I will stay with my Incredible. If The X has the battery life promised then I will go to the X. I'll miss the Sense UI but I want the multimedia dock, car dock, and battery life of my wife's Droid. It's a complete wash and neither the 720p recording, hotspot, or boot animation will sway me in one way or the other.

    • Cliwat

      Turn off all the Polling that almost EVERY app turns on. Even apps like BBC news..polls ever 5 mins to keep the news updated….turn of polling…

      • digitalicecream

        Thanks for that, I'll check into this in the morning and see how my Incredible fares tomorrow. I have great standby times but I was out droid hunting today and I may have had about an hour or so of actual use… I don't want to buy another battery… maybe some of the Devs can port the Droid X battery saver profiles to the dInc? I'll go ask…

      • eddieonofre

        yeah that needs to be there. I hate to go around looking what is running and killing it.
        ad that to the list.
        (but u could kind of do that setting the task management to be more aggressive so it kill apps more frequently)

      • eddieonofre

        and I hate those new app really… If I wanna read news I added to my rss reader and refresh it when I want. No Polling is just battery drainer…

    • eddieonofre

      dont jump ahead. Wait for the Droid 3 with 2Ghz and 1G Ram….
      With Stock OS (Moto Blur), Rooted acces out of the Box, 3g and 4G capable, front camera 4mp and back camera 10mp a real flash for the camera, flash player and silverlight already installed as well as ROm manager and SETCPU, Wireless Hotpot up to 8 Devices and USB tethering, battery life 72 hours of talking, physical keyboard…
      that is the Droid of my dreams

      • digitalicecream

        You had me there for a second…

      • Don't forget optical zoom

        • The Dude

          yeah that wont break.

          • We're talking fantasy here, chief.

      • kimsj756

        dang.. my eyes were getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
        even if it's your dream droid, man, it sounds sweet.

  • I don't get it…720P recording, but no hdmi output? seems a bit odd, but I will take the OTA and smile

    • digitalicecream

      Great point. But the Droid X's HDMI out is for what exactly? I read that it doesnt play video HDMI to TV, only DLNA. (?)

      • digitalicecream

        upskirt porn on the bigscreen… duh…

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  • Great news, the camera is amazing and now the camcorder will be amazing also

    • I wonder what else will be stashed in that update. Probably something to take away my precious root privileges that i spent 3 days trying to obtain.

      • TEEDLE

        Yea me too! I wore out the spring in my power button to finally get root. I guess I'll have to wait for someone to have a root friendly update.zip or something. That or some hot CM6 action.

  • Blueninja14

    im still gettin the droid X
    love that tihng to death <3

  • Swell for sure. Updates are gonna hit all at once across all platforms from the way it looks. Ahhh maby why they stoped shipping? Funny about the Kin too, fail.

  • The only thing about Inc is sense that's way better than the x. But the x screen is great. Now which one will have better community.

    • digitalicecream

      IF the bootloader is encrypted the community will swerve to HTC. If its true, motorola is encrypting the bootloader on all devices going forward so that only authentic signed packages will install on Moto Droids… See prior posts.

  • DrNet

    Stop already! How am I going to make a decision if they keep changing the playing field! By the time I decide, Verizon will have the iPhone. And by then, maybe “it” will have 2 antenna's!
    “Slow down, you move too fast. Gotta make my cell phone last!”

    • Bake14

      Even if the iPhone has 2 antennas it wont be half the phone any Droid is.

    • Holy sh8t, here comes an s!

  • DoYouLikePie

    First homes… pro 😛