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Verizon’s 3G Smartphone Early Upgrade Details

The details for an option to upgrade your smartphone early to the Droid X (or any smartphone) have been finalized. ย The deal was originally announced at the Droid X launch on Wednesday and will give any customer with a contract end date in 2010, the opportunity to upgrade between June 23rd and August 31st.

Promotional Details:

  • Each eligible Mobile Telephone Number (MTN) can upgrade only once during the promotional period
  • Upon taking advantage of the promotion, the MTN will not be eligible to upgrade that line again for 12 months; which must be disclosed to the customer
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer/promotions (including Bill Incentive Credits)
  • Requires data package $29.99 or higher
  • Contract end dates will be extended 24 months.
  • Device eligibility dates and NE2 will be extended 20 months

Are you eligible?

Eligibility Requirements:

All customers who qualify will be loaded into the Next Best Activity (NBA) Tool. COOS will be ensuring that eligible customers are included in NBA; if the customer is not listed, they are not eligible for the promotion.

  • Any customer with a service contract end date of 12/31/10 or earlier, including: Consumer, Employee Liable (ELEU), Corporate Non-Contracted, Corporate Liable (CLEU) up to 99 lines
  • -Excludes Fed Govt and Local/State Govt purchasing off the GSA-FSS
  • Not currently NE2 (New Every Two), EUP (Equipment Upgrade), AUP (Annual Upgrade) eligible
  • Account must be current
  • Promotion cannot be used for a “Buddy Upgrade.” The eligible line must upgrade and keep the 3G Smartphone

Now before you all run out to Best Buy today and pre-order the Droid X, remember that the Droid 2 should be launching in August which would also be covered by this deal.

Source: DroidForums.net

  • Lilmitch34

    I have a question if anyone can answer it tell me please. So i've been eligible to upgrade for a week now. I've been wanting to get the driod x. I been wanting to know what well be my upgrade discount? Well it be $50 or $100?.. Or well I be able to get any free phone?

    • Michael_NM

      Try dialing *611 on your current phone for a definitive answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • smallz

    if contact via email and threaten to go to a competitor most of the time they will work with you ;o)

  • smallz

    if contact via email and threaten to go to a competitor most of the time they will work with you ;o)

  • No. Under normal circumstances, they just chop off what was left of your last agreement, and just say you have another 2 years of that agreement from this day forward. Sprint does it, AT&T does it, and your local cellphone offshoot chain should do it this way too.

  • bigrob60

    My 2yr contract ends this Nov. I was able to early upgrade to any phone as of July 20th. Holding out to see what will happen w/ the 2Ghz phone first. And still qualify for 1yr or 2yr discount.(incase anyone was wondering) Currently have an LG Voyager w/ no data plan. @BeeJay- when you log into “myverizonwireless” your upgrade status is just to the left of the “your usage ” box on the home screen. It should show your phone with a timeline when you can upgrade. That's what I have anyway.

  • YouthfulGeezer

    Doesn't apply to New Every 2 I guess. I tried to get my upgrade today (New Every 2 comes next Wednesday) and was told I couldn't do it (couldn't get my $100 credit). Ohhhh well – guess I have to wait until Wednesday ๐Ÿ™

    • Borderbob

      Yea, my NE2 is next Friday. One of the last $100.00 discounts…I can wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Juliesstore

    my new droid phone has a echo ,my husband new phone does not .

  • Has anyone heard anymore about this? I just got off the phone with Verizon to double check my upgrade dates, and the rep said she did not hear anything about upgrading early to the Droid X or any smart phones. So of course I called back and asked someone else. But, I received the same answer. Any news on this?

  • AlexGzz

    ๐Ÿ™ i just got my droid on april. I really want this droid. anyone have any advice on getting it without doing full retail?

  • BeeJay

    Can anyone help me figure out when i'm eligible for an upgrade!!?? I don't know when my 2 yr droid is up.

  • Dean

    Not sure what was is up with this plan! (FYI – I have a Droid “1” that I bought in Nov '09) Earlier, I logged into VZW and when I selected “upgrade”, and was offered the “upgrade discount” for their new every 2 offer. However, after logging in now, it appears to be DOA and shows full retail price. If this does work for current Droid owners, then it would be awesome with buying the “latest” Droid and either selling the new phone on E-Bay for a nice profit, or selling a “slightly used” Droid-1 on E-bay plus have the newest generation in hand. If Motorola had a 2 GHz phone now… my money would already be spent! Anyone else having the same issues with VZW?

  • So, if I'm understanding this correctly, it adds an additional 24 months onto your contract? So, if you had 1 year left to go in your contract, and you did this, you would be in a contract for 3 years? Yuck

    • No. Under normal circumstances, they just chop off what was left of your last agreement, and just say you have another 2 years of that agreement from this day forward. Sprint does it, AT&T does it, and your local cellphone offshoot chain should do it this way too.

  • Aw, Im not eligible!! ๐Ÿ™

  • I'm on a family plan and VZ has let me use other line's upgrades for myself in the past. I had to use my own line's upgrade for my sister because she lost her phone earlier this year. So the next line that will be eligible for NE2 is on 8/18. Will they be able to use that upgrade and switch it to my line as they've done in the past… early on July 15th?

  • trixmatic.com

    there is a $20 fee to take advantage of this and this isn't any kind of special deal you could have always done this as long as your at least 12 months into your current contract but you lose you 2 year upgrade discount.

  • DroidFan

    is there a url on verizons web site for this…bcause evidently i get the dumb asses that dont know what they are talking about…they all are telling me they dont what offer I am talking about. Im getting pissed!

  • Thirtiesboy

    Do you have to go into the store to get this deal or can you do it online?

  • Gatemouth

    WTF do they mean “NOT new every two” ?

  • just got off phone with vzw. you CAN do Alternate Upgrades, at least according to my rep. EPIC WIN.

    and the line can already have Data. an upgrade is an upgrade is an upgrade. a new contract is a new contract. they will still own your soul for 2 more years-which since they dont have to advertise to you anymore, is like 80% profit in their pockets every month.

    win. too much win. win overload *head explodey*

    • locsta

      The rep I talked to said you have to be eligible for a 'regular' upgrade. Not a 'promotional' upgrade. Im sure Verizon will find a way to screw people either way. But as always we'll find a way to get around it.

  • chaozu

    I cant wait for the next big thing with a KEYBOARD!

  • so…does the eligible line have to not have data on it already? i'm not seeing it explicitly in the notes here.

  • Locsta

    Im on the phone with a Verizon Rep right now who knows nothing about the DROID X and cant find anything in her system about it. Yet the details say above that the promotion is available between June 23-August-31. Wassup with that?

    • locsta

      I made the rep go talk to her manager to get my an answer and she said that her manager said NO DROID X phones can be ordered until July 15….

  • Bonez

    anyone in louisburg or raleigh n.c know how to root a droid

  • Alex9483


    Per androidcentral.com :

    The Droid X does NOT come with Motoblur!

  • Ricky

    Nice! My damn contract isn't up until next year. So I'm out of luck.

  • unrelated to this subject but does anyone one know any sites to find droid apks? besides android.blog.spot and droid fanz?

    • Theodor33e

      it iz cause even though i have the incredible, im gonna use da upgrade & the get droid X.

  • Theodor33e

    bought moto droid online from cellulardeals but it had a problem so i returned and now waiting on my upgrade back from verizon.

  • dpu328

    Okay I am trying my best not to get this phone even though i could no problem. I want to see what comes out durign the holidays. 2grz duel processor, Samsungโ€™s Super AMOLED and probably even a new OS update or close to it. It's gonna be hard, but I'm gonna try. I do want that X bad. So meanwhile where are all the Droid goodies from Droid Life? themes and apps and such. I look forward to Fridays for this reason. C-mon now, give me some goodies to hold me over. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mic

    Why would anybody wait to get the Droid2 later in the summer when they can get the Droid X next month which is a much better phone?

    • WhereIsTony

      Better phone is in the eyes of the beholder. Much like the Incredible, moto-Droid, or X all have valid reason to be picked.

    • Raven

      The Droid-X doesn't have a hardware keyboard = FAIL.

      You would have to pry my hardware keyboard out of my cold Droid fingers.

      • supermiah

        I have had my DROID for 6 months…used the physical keyboard maybe 10 times…and most of that was SNES emulator

  • otter34

    My sister is going to switch from Sprint, but might not want to pay the $199. If I wanted to, could we switch? I would give her my droid after “she” purchases this one and take hers? Will they ever know?

  • dannyyang524

    Damn, my contract ends in 2011. Good News? There will always be another phone that will be 2x better than the Droid X.

    • otter34

      There is supposed to be one that's got a 2Ghz processor towards the end of 2010. There is an article someplace here

      • dannyyang524

        Yea, there you go. Even after that, there will be a even better phone! I'm satisfied with my Droid 1. I can wait until the end of this year. Upgrade my phone next year! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • DroidFan

    is this on verizons site..if so can some1 put the link?

  • DroidFan

    so if I have an annual upgrade in september, im not eligible?

  • Tbizal04

    Too bad I'm not eligible until 7/06/2011…:-(

  • zepfloyd

    does ANYONE know what the retail price will be for those that want and can't upgrade? Im guessing around 500 like the others, but I have yet to see it.


    No one year pricing/contract then no Droid X for me.

  • dpu328

    So do think anything will come out before the holidays with this Samsungโ€™s Super AMOLED screen? I think there may be some pretty sweet phones to come.

  • t0ni

    That's BS. So I can't switch the X to my plan if I have someone on a non smartphone plan willing to give it to me, and take my Droid? I mean Vz still accomplishes their goal of getting another customer into a data contract. =( I am legit throwing a fit right now.

    • dpu328

      Don't hurt yourself or anybody else. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • droiddev

    “Now before you all run out to Best Buy today and pre-order the Droid X, remember that the Droid 2 should be launching in August which would also be covered by this deal.” … And there are still the rumors of the dual core Motorola phone coming out around the holidays on Verizon.

  • Marballe

    I have the NE2 $50 off… So, I can't use it??

    • Menno

      This is an early (think annual) upgrade. NE2 credits can only be used if you go 20 months in a 24 month contract. if you get an early upgrade, the NE2 is never included.

      If you are eligible for your NE2, you CAN use it with this phone, but only on the normal NE2 date

  • Michael_NM

    “Upon taking advantage of the promotion, the MTN will not be eligible to upgrade that line again for 12 months; which must be disclosed to the customer”

    To me this is most important point. Like others, I'll wait for 2GHz/4G and hope it's coming in December…

    • I hate to say it but $h!t in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up first. If you're here in NM then it's quite likely to be the former rather than the latter.

      • Michael_NM

        I've no delusions about 4G service in NM any time soon. There are a number of places in NM where there is no service at all, but I think 2GHz is a reasonable hope. A 3G/4G phone would be great. At least I could enjoy 4G when I travel to modern world. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Yeah I agree that 2GHz is a reasonable hope. I just figure that Verizon sees NM as the backwaters of the US and providing 4G service is pretty low on their list of things to do.

  • ericsorensen

    Here's a trick I'm doing – If you have a non-data plan phone that is still under contract (my wife's) , take advantage of the family plan they offer. You can move the number over from your old cheap phone, put the Droid X as the primary phone in a family plan, and keep the cheap phone at as extra phone for $9.99/month on the family plan. That will save you from having to cancel your contract ($175+), which also loses your phone number. Chances are $10/mo will equal or be less than your contract cancellation.
    So now, I give the wife the “old” droid and switch it to her number, I get the Droid-X, switched to my number that was on the Droid, and we have an LG GLance (with the new number that Verizon gave to the X) that is still hooked up that shares the minutes with the other two phones. Cost $200 after rebate, plus $30 more a month, plus $10/mo to keep the cheapy phone that we can loan out or use as a backup. And we all use the $99 family plan with 700 minutes. Total cost per month about $180 for two droids and a cheapy.

  • Phazeless

    Just talked to Verizon, gettin set up w this on the 15th…so stoked.

    • Michael_NM

      Color me jealous… Congrats!

  • Keith

    So sad… just got my droid in February… would definitely get the X if I didn't have to pay full price.

  • B.

    So I can't use my NE2? *confused*

    *starts mini rant*

    I'm pretty sure this is not really a big “promotion”…I can go buy any phone I want right now (for the 2 year price) even though my upgrade is not until August and contract up in December; as long as I extend my contract another 2 years…I really do see the big difference here…As pointed out by others, if you bout the DROID (via Verizon) and got a new contract you eligible anyway, so this is not really helping that cause. I classify this as a FAIL on Verizon's part, in trying to copy what AT&T did for iPhone customers. This is NOT the same deal…

  • Remember that customers have all the power. Call up Verizon and threaten to leave…tell them you don't like your Droid and want something similar…really anything. It costs Verizon a lot to advertise and giving you what you want is a lot cheaper.

    • dill

      This doesn't work. Tried three times. Twice online and once I. The
      store. Said I wanted to know how to cancel my acct, was wanting
      upgrade or I'd cancel service. They said sorry, not eligible to
      upgrade and told me how to cancel if I wanted to. They give two poops
      whether you cancel or not. At least this was my experience.

      • well maybe it is a case by case basis…I had a friend complain about his blackberry and he said he wanted a new phone but was eligible for an upgrade…they offered to replace his BBerry with the Eris which agreed to and they mailed to him. I told him about the Incredible coming out and he managed to go to the store and explain his previous problem and they traded his Eris for the Incredible. He paid the $99 and that was the end of it.

      • EggoEspada

        They were probably to smart and saw through your bluff. I did this once and it worked. Just gotta know who you can get away with doing that with..

      • Phazeless

        Youve just gotta tell them that youre a very loyal customer that pays their bills on time and have been recently dissatisfied with their service due to x,y,z reasons. Always always always talk to the customer service people on the phone 800-922-0204, they have never dissapointed me

        • ericsorensen

          Ask to speak with the “Customer Retention” department. Those are the people you want to talk to. I got my bellsouth bill reduced by $20 when I talked to them about how great Comcast was

          • dill

            According to what I've heard, Verizon no longer has an official customer retention department.

    • Michael_NM


      Customers have NO power with Verizon. That's the whole idea behind the contract. Verizon has the Droid X, and if we want one we have to play by their rules. VZ has great “phone/data” service, but no customer service.

      This “promo” is pretty good example of that. Sounds like a great deal at first, but it's more of a money-maker for VZ than a service to customers.

      • I'm skeptical too…and I know Verizon uses some 3rd party service to call you toward the end or after one year of your contract to see how you're doing and if you're happy. They will more than likely listen to our gripes and may be able to do something. Maybe I've just gotten lucky with decent customer service but there was a book I read on handling money and it was suggested that you call all the companies and haggle them down. Car insurance, cell phone, banks, credit card APR….it doesn't cost anything for you to ask and many of them will make some sort of an effort to keep you satisfied.

        • Michael_NM

          Fair enough, it never hurts to try, but VZ has the upper hand since we have a contractual commitment.

          • Towelie420

            We need to be able to upgrade once a year, and make it to where it only adds one year to the contract. That's fair enough.

      • Menno

        Giving customers a new phone whenever they get the itch, no matter what contract they sign isn't “good customer service.” That's walmart

      • Sammy

        guess what, Verizon now has the Iphone4!

  • Rachel

    Kellex,I sent ya an E-mail Im thinking of Rooting my stock 2.1 Droid…Its Time!!..But need help and wanna know whats the best…I was thinking of JRummys Kangrade 1.0..But need to get Froyo installed on my droid first???Not sure what steps to follow..Asking the master.lol ;o)

  • Tabe

    I'm still confused…
    My NE2 is at the end of Dec. but I don't think my contract is up then… I am currently eligible for the annual upgrade, because i'm the primary line…
    So am I already covered in the first place since I'm eligible for the annual upgrade?

    • tbaybe

      i think so.. your situation is how i got my droid back in Nov.

    • Niver

      yes if you have an annual upgrade available, then you can still upgrade to it.

      • forsaken

        i hope this is right. i payed full price for my droid in nov……. ill do it for this if i have to, but would prefer to use my annual upgrade.

  • robplatt

    My Droid 1 can wait for 4g.

  • Dennis

    I wish it was just early purchase. The 15th is too far away ๐Ÿ™

    Kellex, you get anywhere with that google maps thing I suggested to you?

  • villian1998

    If I knew this phone was coming out this year, I would've held off even though my droid is awesome. I'll just wait untill the 4G phones come out and all of the kinks have been worked out.

  • Ugh…Annual Upgrade doesn't qualify ๐Ÿ™ I'm due for an Annual in September.

    • sheldawg

      It says Annual is eligible doesn't it? my annual is up in Nov.

  • supermiah

    I wonder if they would do this again for the 2 ghz phone coming out around Christmas or beginning of next year?

    • Probably not – I think they're doing this simply because AT&T is doing it with the new iphone and they're trying not to lose people to that.

      I had to call Verizon 5 times before I got someone who could and would help me. He looked up everything, told me all 3 phones on the account were eligible, confirmed the pricing, said he had less info than I did on the specs, but that yes, I could preorder it at Best Buy and I should have no problem from Verizon's end.

  • slackerjoe

    Wooo 2nd!! =)

  • root4life


    • kellex

      1st to upgrade? ๐Ÿ˜›

      • root4life

        yeah right i wish