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Verizon’s 3G Smartphone Early Upgrade Details

The details for an option to upgrade your smartphone early to the Droid X (or any smartphone) have been finalized.  The deal was originally announced at the Droid X launch on Wednesday and will give any customer with a contract end date in 2010, the opportunity to upgrade between June 23rd and August 31st.

Promotional Details:

  • Each eligible Mobile Telephone Number (MTN) can upgrade only once during the promotional period
  • Upon taking advantage of the promotion, the MTN will not be eligible to upgrade that line again for 12 months; which must be disclosed to the customer
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer/promotions (including Bill Incentive Credits)
  • Requires data package $29.99 or higher
  • Contract end dates will be extended 24 months.
  • Device eligibility dates and NE2 will be extended 20 months

Are you eligible?

Eligibility Requirements:

All customers who qualify will be loaded into the Next Best Activity (NBA) Tool. COOS will be ensuring that eligible customers are included in NBA; if the customer is not listed, they are not eligible for the promotion.

  • Any customer with a service contract end date of 12/31/10 or earlier, including: Consumer, Employee Liable (ELEU), Corporate Non-Contracted, Corporate Liable (CLEU) up to 99 lines
  • -Excludes Fed Govt and Local/State Govt purchasing off the GSA-FSS
  • Not currently NE2 (New Every Two), EUP (Equipment Upgrade), AUP (Annual Upgrade) eligible
  • Account must be current
  • Promotion cannot be used for a “Buddy Upgrade.” The eligible line must upgrade and keep the 3G Smartphone

Now before you all run out to Best Buy today and pre-order the Droid X, remember that the Droid 2 should be launching in August which would also be covered by this deal.

Source: DroidForums.net

  • Lilmitch34

    I have a question if anyone can answer it tell me please. So i've been eligible to upgrade for a week now. I've been wanting to get the driod x. I been wanting to know what well be my upgrade discount? Well it be $50 or $100?.. Or well I be able to get any free phone?

    • Michael_NM

      Try dialing *611 on your current phone for a definitive answer. 🙂

  • smallz

    if contact via email and threaten to go to a competitor most of the time they will work with you ;o)

  • smallz

    if contact via email and threaten to go to a competitor most of the time they will work with you ;o)

  • No. Under normal circumstances, they just chop off what was left of your last agreement, and just say you have another 2 years of that agreement from this day forward. Sprint does it, AT&T does it, and your local cellphone offshoot chain should do it this way too.

  • bigrob60

    My 2yr contract ends this Nov. I was able to early upgrade to any phone as of July 20th. Holding out to see what will happen w/ the 2Ghz phone first. And still qualify for 1yr or 2yr discount.(incase anyone was wondering) Currently have an LG Voyager w/ no data plan. @BeeJay- when you log into “myverizonwireless” your upgrade status is just to the left of the “your usage ” box on the home screen. It should show your phone with a timeline when you can upgrade. That's what I have anyway.