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DROID X Pre-sale Starts Today at Best Buy

Pre-order the newest Droid family member today at Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile!  Time to go wait in line for the Droid X, people.  As they’ve done previously with the Incredible, BB scooped an early pre-order spot almost 3 weeks before launch which also allows you to avoid that ridiculous $100 mail-in rebate card that Verizon will rarely wave.

Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile have truly become the leading destination this summer for all your mobile smartphone needs – from HTC EVO 4G from Sprint to the iPhone 4 on AT&T to the upcoming DROID X on Verizon. Enthusiasts of the Android platform can be the first to reserve a copy of the new Verizon DROID X by Motorola today at Best Buy. The pre-sale begins June 25 and the smartphone will land in stores on July 15.

“With the buzz we’ve seen around the Android platform, Best Buy is confident that consumers will be thrilled about the Verizon DROID X by Motorola pre-sale,” said Scott Anderson, senior director of merchandising at Best Buy Mobile. “It has been a great summer for smartphones with the HTC EVO and iPhone 4 launches, and the addition of the DROID X adds another strong option for our customers to consider.”

The Verizon DROID X by Motorola features Google’s Android 2.1 operating system, 4.3-inch screen and 720P HD video recording and playback. Android 2.2 will arrive to customers on the DROID X later this summer. The DROID X is available at Best Buy for $199.99 with 2-year activation, with no mail-in rebate hassle.

Anyone on their way right now?

Source: Engadget

Cheers Eggo and Tabe!

  • Torresjosem

    i pre ordered the droid x with BB, but i got a text from verizon yesterday saying its time for a new phone you have a $50.00 credit to upgrade. i was wondering will i still be eligible for the credit even though i am not signing up through verizon.

  • Torresjosem

    i pre ordered the droid x with BB, but i got a text from verizon yesterday saying its time for a new phone you have a $50.00 credit to upgrade. i was wondering will i still be eligible for the credit even though i am not signing up through verizon.

  • Puffy98

    i did it today. they knew about the upgrade promotion n let me pre-order..my possible upgrede will b 7/22.

    but they said no prob.

  • Sjobs

    I asked the guy in best buy today how many people have reserved a DroidX and he said 2 (two). I guess droid people have jobs and a life as opposed to the other crowd

  • Ragnarok180

    I sold my iphone 3gs and paid the $490 ETF with the iphone cash 😀 and switched to verizon just for this phone…

  • Ash

    I was planning on going to best buy tomorrow (saturday) and returning a case I bought for the evo since I returned that lol. I am hopping my local best buy is doing pre orders and knows about it! Ughh I hate waiting games! lol..

  • Narynan

    Yeah, really wanting this phone. Wish I didnt have a year left with T-Mobile. Anyone have any idea? Call them and tell them I died? LoL. Thats too drastic.

    • Ben

      This is going to be YMMV but, TMobile is increasing the Regulatory Programs Fee and also start charging returned payment fee for check payments. This is a change to their existing Terms/Condtions. Call TMobile customer Service and start bitching about this. They will let you cancel the service without ETF.

      Last time they changed their T&C they gave me a lot of run around and were not willing to let me get out of the contract. At that point, I wrote them a letter saying that the change is going to have a materially adverse effect on me and that I would like to get out of the contract with out canceling my line. I included a copy of the contract and highlighted that section. At the bottom of the letter, I mentioned that a copy of the letter and contract has been sent to BBB and California Utilities Commission. In order to keep records I sent the mail to T-mobile via a certified mail.

      Seven days later I got a letter from BBB that they had opened a case and on the tenth day I got a call from T-mobile and my ETF was waived. At that point, T-mobile will sent a letter out to BBB and California Utilities Commission saying that the issue has been resolved. One of these two agencies even sent me a copy of their response.

  • toxman

    I did, was the first person to register the pre-order in my town! Now I just have to wait 3 weeks…

  • Brealmore

    i did it today,1st person at the best buy on pico blvd. they didn't even have the display set up yet. gooooaaaaaaal!

  • Komodos1

    I did this today, I'm second to get mine!! 🙂

  • Ragnarok180

    I already spoke to verizon CC and they said the last day to return any droid incredibles is the 9th of july (remember fed ex doesnt ship on sundays or saturdays) so it allows them a couple of days to get the phone and give you your phone discount pricing back.

    I also spoke to a best buy wireless guy and he said as long as verizon gets their phone back before the 15th, I should be able to get the droid x at a discounted rate… Hope that helps…

  • roberto

    ok just left from a best buy and lets clarify a couple of things for every1 retail price is 600 , as stated before u put 50 dollars deposit which gets u a 50 dollar gift card if u chose to get phone sumwhere else u can cancel with best buy and keep the 50 dollar gift card. also which was important to me THEY DO NOT HONOE THE NEW EVERY 2 DISCOUNT sucks for me. so i will just wait until i can order with verizon

  • Just left the my local Best Buy store with my pre-order paperwork in hand. I was #1 to pre-order. I'm ready for this thing now!!!

  • andrew401

    DROID X DOES NOT RUN MOTOBLUR!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHECK OUT THIS POST! I AM SO GLAD I WENT N PRE ORDERED IT! http://www.androidcentral.com/droid-x-does-not-… Motorola says it THEMSELVES that it does not run any kind of blur what so ever. it's just vanilla android with a couple tricks up it's sleeve.

    • EC8CH

      The guys says its not running blur but a custom UI from Motorola, which is essentially the same thing. They just don't want to say its running blur because everyone hates blur. They have made some changes to their UI (blur) and now are refusing to refer to it by that name.

      Sorry, I was excited when I saw this too, but it is definitely not running vanilla android, and any custom UI whether they call it Blur or not is going to slow updates. Lets just hope this new “Not-Blur” doesn't mess things up too much.

      • andrew401

        nah man i've just played with one and it's def not motoblur. only thing different is the launcher other then that it's vanilla.

        • EC8CH

          The keyboard on the X is also customized by Moto. I agree that the ui is not blur as we know it, but there is some level of customization which means it is not vanilla android. Many of the files from the dump also had blur in their file names. I'd say it's not blur but it's not vanilla, it's something in between.

  • Paulmontoya01

    pre-order today at BB in Tucson took talking with store manager and then he had to check e-mail. Put down my 50 and was the !st to order. will pick up on the 15th.
    They 1st told me Sunday would 1st day I could order it.

  • doma

    I went to BB this morning and was the first person to even ask about it! Unfortunaltey they cannot process my 1 year upgrade, only the 2 year. Guess I'll be waiting in line on the 15th.

  • Lets see how many DROID X in the first day?

  • I called my local Best Buy and they did not know anything about the presale starting today. =/

  • plz help

    hi, i ordered a droid incredible as an upgrade and its coming through the mail still. i have already talked to verizon and i have to wait for my order to arrive (on 7/9) so that i can return it or refuse the delivery and be eligible for using my upgrade on another phone instead. do you think best buy will let me preorder today and pay upgrade pricing when the droid x comes out? because by the time the X comes out ill have already returned my incredible and gotten my upgrade eligibility back

    • hitotito

      As long as you take care of your cancel/refuse of your Incredible delivery, you should be fine. Best Buy will take your pre-order with merely your name, address, phone number, and $50 deposit. I think they'll check your NE2 eligibility on date of pick up. So make sure to get everything squared before that day arrives.

  • Amfmmodman

    They require you toput down 50$ deposit but they also give you a 50$ gift card. I was first one at my local store when they opened

    • plz help

      do you think i can place a preorder and pay upgrade pricing when it comes out? because i bought an incredbile at upgrade pricing but when it arrives (7/9) i will return it so by the 15th of july i shoul dhave my upgrade eligibility back

      • Scott Fones

        You should talk to a verizon rep about that. When I asked about a Droid X pre-order the other day, they indicated the only email they had was one saying you could switch the incredible for an X.

  • Dewey

    I preordered my Droid 1 at Best Buy and it was a disaster. Came in early on release day and they seemed to have no idea what they were doing. Ended up just going to a Verizon store and getting it. I wont ever buy or attempt to buy a phone at Best Buy again.

  • Grantrs

    So people are pre-ordering the X…. yet know one knows what the retail price is? That's messed up. I'd want to know what the price is up front…

    • wtf? LOL

      what are you talking about? its 199 after a 100$ mail in rebate. and best buy is waiving the rebate so the price is 199 outright

      • Grantrs

        Right with a 2 year contract… Retail price is what I'm after.

        • plz help

          o i see i would assume 500-600

      • andrew401

        no your wrong. there is no 100 dollar mail in rebate at best buy. so it's only $200 up front n that's it

  • Nebsplayeragent

    Anyone recall the lag time between when BB started taking pre-orders for the Incredible and when VZW took pre-orders on its website?

    In addition to NE2, I have a 'Private Sale” credit of $50 on any smart phone (I think because I've been a VZW customer for 10 years or something.) That gets me an X for a mere $50.00, but the Private Sale expires at the end of the month, so I think if VZW doesn't take pre-orders before 7/1, I lose that $50 credit.

  • marky

    Where's the line at the store for the new Droid? This looks like a bigger winner than the iphone4

    • Droidzilla

      That's the beauty of it! It's like a bunch of people standing in three day lines to get into the fair because, “D00d, it has teh new retinal ferris wheel, so awesome! Jobs said it's the bestest, most magical, revolutionary ride in teh whole galixies!!!11”

      Meanwhile, we're walking on to rides at Disneyland. Or Six Flags. Heck, it's Android; ride whatever you want! Except the Super Fantastic Magical Retinal Unicorn Wheel (it's basically a ferris wheel with some nice chrome polish on it). That's only in the Walled Fruit Garden Fair.

  • I just preordered mine from Best Buy. It was $50 now and they give you a gift card. They also didn't know what the full price was as I am not upgrade eligable so will be paying full. Good thing I just sold my Incredible to cover it! Here is a pic of the preorder sheet:


  • macbookX

    Just got home from Best Buy.. only can pre-order for a 2 year contract, Best Buy can only do 2 year contracts.. Also, not really surprising, the employees had NO idea about the pre-order or what the Droid X was……

    • My store let me preorder without a contract. I told him I'd be paying full price and he said no problem. They also know about it and said I was the first person to preorder it. Maybe my best buy guys are more geekier than yours lol!

  • mlbernardo

    As soon as I saw this I grabbed my keys, sped to Best Buy and was thrilled to find out I was the store's first pre-order.

  • Oteroa2

    First preorder at the store. Woohoo!


    Anyone hear what the one year price is yet?

  • EC8CH

    Hurry up Wirefly… get this phone on your site!

  • DroidFan


    • Tony

      What really? already?

      • DroidFan

        yes…and im pissed……i wanted this so bad.

  • poeddroiduser

    Any word on when Droids get a bump in screen resolution? I never understood the fascination with a larger screen and the same number of pixels?

    • Droidzilla

      Personally, I think the res is pretty darned good. At some point, the resolution differences become negligible and viewability is more affected by the physical screen size than anything else. If we're not at that point now, we're awfully close. I would personally take this display over that of the iphone 4 for straight up practicality; this is far more of a multimedia device due to the HDMI out and the usable screen size.

    • EC8CH

      You smell of Iphone Troll.

      • poeddroiduser

        You reek of cheap cologne and stupidity. Read any of my other posts before opening your pie-hole? I guess not.

        • EC8CH

          I did… there was nothing in your 20 comments that strongly indicated you weren't a closet iphone troll. Either way it doesn't change the fact that your post has the appearance of iphone troll written all over it.

          • I don't see how he didn't have a legitimate question. You reek of an idiot who jumps to conclusions and sits around waiting to complain about trolls.

          • EC8CH

            His question was legitimate but it also is the type of loaded question lpad loving losers love to ask. Troll or not, it is good to know when you look like one.

            Reading your three posts I wonder why you are here?

          • Same reason you are, to read news about a phone that I have been waiting for. I don't have to be an android fan or trash talk anyone who resembles an apple fan to be excited for a phone do I?

          • EC8CH

            No you don't. Glad to see an ipad user is interested in an adroid device. I hope it will help change your mind that flash on android sucks.

          • Someguy

            Ugh, your ignorance hurts my brain.

          • EC8CH

            Read john's comments.

    • WhereIsTony

      because a larger screen lets the less keen eyed among us see more. I agree there is a limit to size without upping resolution, but most smart phone screen resolutions would still look sharp at twice the size.

      Its like the difference between a 60 inch 1080 screen and a 22.

  • andrew401

    ahhh i was thinking about if i should do this or not…….. AND I AM GONNA WHY NOT! after seeing specs on droid2 this is a sweet phone everything on my droid2 does everything my droid does

  • spursrchamps2007

    Why do i have just over a year left on my verizon contract I want this phone /sigh

  • Br_d

    I'm pressing my luck with @DroidLanding.

  • JubbaTheHutt

    It would…you know…be nice if Verizon actually gave us a date that THEY are allowing preorders instead of 3rd parties.

    From what I recall when I picked up my Storm nearly two years ago, BB will honor anything and everything regarding your VZW contract (NE2 discounts, discount on accessories, etc). However, I'm not sure if this has changed since than.

    • Ryan

      They are not following the Verizon promotion which allows you to upgrade to the x if your contract ends anytime in 2010. You have to be eligible when the phone comes out. My BB told me if my upgrade was 08/23 or sooner they would do it.

      • Lt1Demon

        They should. I called customer care last night and asked about the smartphone promotion. At first, he said he did not about it. But I kept telling him details about it and he put me on hold. After a few minutes, He came back and knew all about it. He told me on the 15th, when Best buy calls Verizon, the rep should know about it and I'll be set to go. P.S. First pre order at my store also. It seems any one who isn't on this site knows nothing about the Verizon early upgrade or the pre order, not even the employees!!

  • I really want this phone, but why not wait for the holiday season, when the 2 new motorola phones come out with two ghz processors?

  • rals

    As much as I want this phone, I will wait for my upgrade. 2ghz phones + 1g ram 🙂

    • DiGz76

      I'm with you 100%!

    • EggoEspada

      Ohhhh. 1GB of RAM sounds very tempting. But I don't think the 2GHz phone will be all that great. I rather get this now and then wait a year or so to see how well these overpowered phones work.
      Besides, its fast enough as is. I'm looking for more of a reliable, beautiful screen phone like the Droid X at this point.

      • I'm with Eggo, 2ghz sounds like a dead battery to me.

  • DroidFan

    nice, but will they honor that early upgrade option that was mentioned at the conference?

  • Sacchinthms

    I got my DROID in December 2009 so I'm pretty sure I'm not due for an upgrade but I've been making a good extra amount of cash so I still want to buy this phone, anybody know the retail price?

    • Droidzilla

      I'd say keep your Droid and wait for whatever drops this holiday season.

    • tabrad

      I was about to post the exact same thing. To Droidzilla, if you upgrade now, there is still resale value in your Droid.

      • Droidzilla

        True. Maybe he should get the early upgrade option, sell his Droid 1, then sell his Droid X and pay full retail for the Droid Pro this Christmas.

        That would totally make sense and be in no way obsessive.

    • I just came back from perordering mine and they could not tell me what the full price would be.

  • jo

    no droid 2 🙁

  • dpu328

    Any idea if there will be online pre-ordering?

    • kellex

      Sort of doubt there will be online preordering. Maybe later through Verizon.

  • Jay P

    Already got mine pre ordered cha ching.

    • kellex

      Look at you! +1

    • dpu328


      • Jay P

        Nearest Best Buy dealer.

        • Nate534

          Where? My best buy said they werent doing pre orders

          • Jay P

            Well in St pete FL they let me do it.

  • Tabe

    I just want to know when a VZW or BB store will have demo units so I can play with the thing… I'm not one to prepay for something like this without handling it to make sure it's right for me first.

    • kellex

      I hear that.

      • Tabe

        Stores do usually get demos before the devices are released, right?

        • Ozzy0086

          they do sometimes I work for Best Buy and what normally happens is that they will get a dummy phone be 4 they get a demo in but as soon as they r able to sell the phone they will have a live demo in the store

  • Grantrs

    Does BB usually have same prices as Verizon for full retail pricing?? I have to buy the X at full retail….

    • kellex

      Just a guess, but they might not let you pre-order if you aren't signing a new contract. They are weird about that at times. Should be same full price though.

      • Tony

        No you don't you just get a receipt and a voucher. You do the whole contract thing when you pick up the phone.

        • Ryan

          They are not honoring the verizon promotion for any contracts ending in 2010. I called like 5 BB's and they all said you have to have an upgrade available on the 15th or 08/23 or sooner

  • Zandar


  • root4life

    u r quick my friend. i love it