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Custom ROM Friday: JRummy’s FRF83 Froyo ROM

This isn’t necessarily a “theme” but it is one of the first “from source” ROMs to be built now that the official Froyo (FRF83) source code has been released.  And seeing as it’s from JRummy, you know we’re going to show support.

This is as stock as it comes, but includes root, busybox and the new Froyo Google apps.  Don’t expect any specific color schemes yet, although I’m sure they are just around the corner.

Check out the stock kernel benchies…

Download: generic_sholes-ota-eng.jrummy.zip

Update: Apparently this is already in ROM Manager.  Feel free to load through there as we have done a million times in the past.  (Cheers Ace)


*Note 1* – This is performed in Clockwork Recovery.

*Note 2* – This will wipe settings.  Make a backup.

*Note 3* – The first boot make take a while, be patient.

1.  Download generic_sholes-ota-eng.jrummy.zip to your device.
2.  Move the file to the root of your SD card.
3.  Boot your phone into recovery.  (Power + X)
4.  Choose “install zip from sd card.”
5.  “Choose zip from sd card.”
6.  Choose the generic_sholes-ota-eng.jrummy.zip.
7.  Allow the phone to work magic and install the new Froyo.
8.  Once it finishes, hit POWER to back out and select “reboot system now.”
9.  Done!

Full support thread can be found here.

Let me know if you run into any issues through the comments.

  • This one gave me some problems:
    Skype isnt working it say something like its only for verizon phones but im on verizon (duh?! 0.o)
    and some programs randomly shut down.
    but the biggest thing is my GPS
    (im rooted using clockwork)

  • kenichi

    does this or the 2.2 for droid work for the milestone?

  • Wingsfan

    Awesome job. Very nice to have a rooted version of FRF83 running on my Droid 1. Performs exactly as advertised 🙂

  • The_Other_Ray

    My phone rotates to landscape the other other way now. Is there a way to turn that off?

  • B4z00k4

    This may have been posted previously, but I didn't see it. Has anyone managed a fix for the Facebook sync issue? This is so far my only issue with this rom.

  • Noahtritz

    anyone know how to fix the facebook sync?

  • Odin Orellana

    i have noticed that with this rom the maps app is extremely buggy, has anyone noticed the same issue ? and has anyone have a solution for this ?

  • Bcbaker919

    My is showing to have the exact same configuration as the screenie on this post. For the record I just rooted my phone over the weekend. Now, I have lost all my contacts, and widgets that I paid for, and worst thing of all, I can't get the Market to work. When I press Market on my phone, it returns me right back to home page. Please help!!

  • Jbeise

    Facebook sync doesn't work

  • Billf2728

    I just loaded this sholes 83 and now my google maps and google earth force closes i dont' think my gps works also any ideas

  • BJI

    Does anyone know if the issue with the folders not holding their contents has been resolved?

  • The_Other_Ray

    When my phone rebooted the first time, it got stuck after the M logo and the little blue android guy with froyo 2.2 across his chest appears. It just sat there forever. I did a battery pull, rebooted and it still gets stuck at the blue android guy.

    What's the story morning glory?