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Custom ROM Friday: JRummy’s FRF83 Froyo ROM

This isn’t necessarily a “theme” but it is one of the first “from source” ROMs to be built now that the official Froyo (FRF83) source code has been released.  And seeing as it’s from JRummy, you know we’re going to show support.

This is as stock as it comes, but includes root, busybox and the new Froyo Google apps.  Don’t expect any specific color schemes yet, although I’m sure they are just around the corner.

Check out the stock kernel benchies…

Download: generic_sholes-ota-eng.jrummy.zip

Update: Apparently this is already in ROM Manager.  Feel free to load through there as we have done a million times in the past.  (Cheers Ace)


*Note 1* – This is performed in Clockwork Recovery.

*Note 2* – This will wipe settings.  Make a backup.

*Note 3* – The first boot make take a while, be patient.

1.  Download generic_sholes-ota-eng.jrummy.zip to your device.
2.  Move the file to the root of your SD card.
3.  Boot your phone into recovery.  (Power + X)
4.  Choose “install zip from sd card.”
5.  “Choose zip from sd card.”
6.  Choose the generic_sholes-ota-eng.jrummy.zip.
7.  Allow the phone to work magic and install the new Froyo.
8.  Once it finishes, hit POWER to back out and select “reboot system now.”
9.  Done!

Full support thread can be found here.

Let me know if you run into any issues through the comments.

  • This one gave me some problems:
    Skype isnt working it say something like its only for verizon phones but im on verizon (duh?! 0.o)
    and some programs randomly shut down.
    but the biggest thing is my GPS
    (im rooted using clockwork)

  • kenichi

    does this or the 2.2 for droid work for the milestone?

  • Wingsfan

    Awesome job. Very nice to have a rooted version of FRF83 running on my Droid 1. Performs exactly as advertised 🙂

  • The_Other_Ray

    My phone rotates to landscape the other other way now. Is there a way to turn that off?

  • B4z00k4

    This may have been posted previously, but I didn't see it. Has anyone managed a fix for the Facebook sync issue? This is so far my only issue with this rom.

  • Noahtritz

    anyone know how to fix the facebook sync?

  • Odin Orellana

    i have noticed that with this rom the maps app is extremely buggy, has anyone noticed the same issue ? and has anyone have a solution for this ?

  • Bcbaker919

    My is showing to have the exact same configuration as the screenie on this post. For the record I just rooted my phone over the weekend. Now, I have lost all my contacts, and widgets that I paid for, and worst thing of all, I can't get the Market to work. When I press Market on my phone, it returns me right back to home page. Please help!!

  • Jbeise

    Facebook sync doesn't work

  • Billf2728

    I just loaded this sholes 83 and now my google maps and google earth force closes i dont' think my gps works also any ideas

  • BJI

    Does anyone know if the issue with the folders not holding their contents has been resolved?

  • The_Other_Ray

    When my phone rebooted the first time, it got stuck after the M logo and the little blue android guy with froyo 2.2 across his chest appears. It just sat there forever. I did a battery pull, rebooted and it still gets stuck at the blue android guy.

    What's the story morning glory?

  • Mikeacela

    Does this work for the Droid incredible?

    • EC8CH

      Nope sorry.

    • EC8CH

      I see this type of question asked alot.
      Moving forward with this blog it might be a good idea to tag the posts somehow so that it is obvious which droids are relevent to the post. Would be handy to sort by this to for a owner of a specific droid. This question is only going to be asked more as the droid family grows and more phones are rooted.

      Just my $0.02… take it or leave it.

  • Doug Stanton

    This rom actually convinced me to go back to a stock 2.1 rom. I'm just getting tired of dealing with all the issues related to the custom roms. There are too many of them and really no real good information on the problems you will face. I'm waiting fro the real deal

    • EC8CH

      If I'm not mistaken, this is as stock of a rom as you're going to get. Only thing that has been modified is root access. Maybe you are refering to a rom built from the official verizon build for the droid. That would be the only thing closer to stock.

  • Trevor Gilmore

    My facebook won't set up under accounts when i try to enter it.

  • is there a way that i can change between roms without having to reinstall all my apps?

    • EC8CH

      Titanium Backup… it's in the market

  • Mark

    Market and Maps force close. Reverting to 2.1 rooted.

  • DeadEye238

    will this rom work with the higher frequency overclock roms?

  • I was so excited when I saw that a actual “from source” froyo ROM was out. That was untill I saw all kinds of people posting problems with Google maps and the whole pink camera thing. So heres the big question. Which if any of the current froyo roms actually runs google maps, navigation, the market (showing my downloads) and has a normal working camera. I want to upgrade from my BB 1.1 but not of I have to sacrifice any of the above. Thank you for your tips in advance! : )

    • I would go with Kangerade V1.1, Alot less buggy than most and pretty much everything Froyo works. However, you may have a maps issue in the market, but there is an easy fix for that on almost all of the forums.

    • gizmo

      Tried all, Chevy ss4.2 works fine,no issues

  • Soupyc

    Unable to add Facebook as a synchronized account with the regular facebook app. Terminal Emulator force closes as well, which in turn crashes launcher pro. Otherwise, I love it! 🙂 Thanks Kellex!

  • El El Kool J

    Have been running this for a few hours now… JRummy is ths sh^t.. Nice work as always.. Sick benchmarks..over 20mflops and almost 1694 quadrant.. its running very stable. More things work than with kangerade.. and kangerade worked good.. Can't wait for some themes..

  • Jeff99

    hey i downloaded and rebooted but my phone will not go into recovery i have all the updates and latestr stuff and amm already rooted im just curious as to whats up it just stays at the M then i pull the bat out and put it back in and turn it on and it boots as normal

    • Go into Rom Manager, flash sprecover (at the bottom of the app) then scroll back up and flash clockwork mod, and try again, it should boot into recovery after that.

      • Jeff99

        thanx i appreciate it…ur advice worked like a dream

  • Towelie420

    When I load up google on the browser, it pops up and asks if I want to share my location (GPS). As soon as I click yes, it force closes. Also, google maps force closes as soon as I try to open it. So basically, GPS is broken for me using this FRF83 j Rummy Rom.. Anyone else having GPS problems, or is it just me?

  • Still has pink camera 🙁

  • Fordc08

    i think i just bricked my phone. i downloaded it and got it installed on my phone, but when i boot it up, it gets stuck at the motorola logo screen. Help! i cant afford to break this phone. 🙁

    • Fordc08

      also i cant even boot it into recovery. Any idea whats goin on?

      • t0ni

        Did u do a battery pull at the m logo? It's not bricked if it turns on. U tried power, and x to go into recovery?

        • Fordc08

          i did…but it doesnt do anything

          • Fordc08

            hey kellex, any idea on how to fix my motorola droid?

          • t0ni

            I know you need to flash the recovery image again, but I don't know how to do that from the logo. Anyone have suggestions?

          • Fordc08

            WTF??????? aye t0ni… i got it workin. all i did was took the battery out when it was stuck at the M logo screen, and stuck it back in. it booted without me touching the power button and its working like normal now.

            im seriously confused. Anybody know the reason this happened?

          • t0ni

            Nice! Glad you fixed it.

          • Towelie420

            It just happens sometimes dude, t0ni told you to pull the battery.

          • Theguy6

            Press power and physical keyboard x at the same time. Not letting go of X. it should go into recovery

  • Jai Taigas

    I currently run jrummy's Kangerade over-clocked to 1.0 and it runs perfectly smooth. Maps work, my apps work. everything is smooth. The only complaint i have is wifi drops and picks up randomly at times dunno why. Are there any benefits to moving to this one over Kangerade?

  • The_Other_Ray

    Newb Question.

    I just rooted my 2.1 with BB v1.1. Can I just download this new ROM with Rom Manager to get Froyo'd or do I have to do something to get rooted Froyo first and then download this Rom?

    • Nope, you can just use ROM manager, that's the beauty of it! Make sure you flash the clockwork mod after opening ROM manager the first time, although you won't be able to really do anything until you do that anyway within the app.

      Also if you have issues where it doesn't reboot into recovery when you tell it to actually install the rom, (it will just reboot your phone back to the current ROM) then go back into ROM manager, scroll down and flash the alternate recovery, then scroll back up and immediately flash the clockwork mod recovery again, and then go through the steps to install the new ROM again and it should work fine.

  • tom

    I was doing it via SPRecovery and when I hit Choose ROM from SD card I get the message E: No tar archives found. Now when I turn the phone on it says I have 0% charge and no service and after a min or 2 it just reboots, any ideas?

    • cizzlen

      What kernel did you use? Thats what happened to me when my Droid refused to mess with the ULV kernels I tried. Some phones are just created different I guess.

  • Bryannichelson

    Will this work with the droid x keyboard?

  • chase

    can the droid eris run this

  • FrenchToast

    i dont know about anybody else, but with Kangerade i was running over 45C!!!! i'm currently doing Onix ROM by Mr. Bob, and it runs super smooth and cool… 😀 my droid has run the smoothest with his ROM's so i'll probably be sticking with him til somebody makes something a lot better.

    • DiGz76

      I tried the onix rom for a few days last week. It ran pretty well in general, but it took a real long time to boot up with it. It would be on the M logo for about a full minute, and then it would run the boot animation for as long as five minutes sometimes. This happen with you at all? I'm running Chevyno1's simply stunning now. That's a pretty smooth rom I think.

      • FrenchToast

        um, yeah, it takes a little while to get past the M logo, but after that, i'm running the Droid X boot animation and that goes by SUPER fast. I beleive i'm running P3's 1ghz kernel though. the main thing for me is the temp too, my phone was WAY too hot with Kangerade at 800mhz even… Plus Mr Bob just released the beta for their source ROM, once it gets up and running its gonna be savage.

  • Corenojc

    I know its really soon to ask so no pressure lol but any news on the issues this ROM is having with Maps and such? Just figured I'd check

    • Yeah, I want to know as well. This is the first Froyo rom that has run well on my system, but without Maps I'm going to have to go back to 2.1 :-/

      • kMatheny

        mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 dev/block/mtdblock4 system
        busybox rm /system/app/Maps.apk
        cd system/bin
        sh pm uninstall com.google.android.apps.maps
        cd ..
        cd ..
        mount -o ro,remount -t yaffs2 dev/block/mtdblock4 system

        • Grady154

          I tried this and no luck any other tips?

      • kMatheny

        1. Open Terminal Emulator and type in the follow commands:
        mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 dev/block/mtdblock4 system
        busybox rm system/app/Maps.apk
        cd system/bin
        sh pm uninstall com.google.android.apps.maps
        cd ..
        cd ..
        mount -o ro,remount -t yaffs2 dev/block/mtdblock4 system
        2. You can now attempt to install the Google Maps update.
        3. If it fails the first time, just cancel the download and try again. If it fails again, reboot and try.
        4. Done!

    • steelerman

      He made changes to the build to fix the maps force close issue. I apologize if this has already been posted, but here is the link:


  • So should I keep my Succulent Desire Froyo Beta V2, or install this?

  • Anyone know what kernels will work with this ROM? Seems to come with an 800mhz clock, but I'd prefer to be able to go up to 1000.

  • Jd

    I have the Moto Droid running
    Baseband C_01.41.00R
    Kernel 2.6.32-lowV-1.0Ghz [email protected]#1
    Simply Stunning v4.1 FROYO FRF57…

    anytime I want to go into ROM Manager and download a new ROM it says there is an update but it won't let me do it. I went back to an older version of CW and now I can't boot into recovery… What do I do? I wanted to try the JRummy’s FRF83 Froyo…

    Any help would be great… Thanks

    • IMA_210

      Have you tried going into ROM Manager -> Settings ->Erase Recovery Then you should be able to apply the update and be good to go.

    • If you can't boot into recovery, go back into Rom Manager, flash to sprecovery then back to clockwork. There is some kind of bug in RM that just keeps floating from update to update.

    • If none of those suggestions work, you can also go into the settings menu, and applications, and manage applications. Tap on Rom Manager (the app not the premium license if you have it) and select both clear cache and clear data, then try the update again.

    • dannydarko

      You should update your baseband before anything else. It is much better than your current baseband here is the D-L link http://www.droid-life.com/2010/06/08/download-a… you need this for most Froyo roms to run properly .flash sp then re-flash cw you will be allset

  • RudePenguin

    Hmmm…WiFi doesn't want to connect…think I'll flash back to JRummy's blueberry goodness for now…

  • eddieonofre

    Hey kellex I kind dont understand is this a Rom (like BB)
    or it is the build for the droid?? OR I may be confusing the terms ROM and build can u explain it? plz

    • droidaholic

      yeh its the same thing. build just meaning that it is a rom based off of the Nexus one build rom

      • eddieonofre

        thx coz I really like the stock rom design, like it is on the build (rom or whatever) frf57.
        so i guess I'm good to go and “update” this build to my Droid

  • I had to uninstall this rom. Google Maps kept force closing and terminal emulator also kept force closing. I need/want my maps.

    • assman

      Ditto fc on maps and beautiful widgets but the overall response seems faster

    • Towelie420

      I always hear that term “Terminal Emulator.” What does it mean? Am I missing something?

      • aczm1988

        Terminal Emulator is an app in the market where you type commands and scripts into to do certain tasks on your phone. Kind of like doing start/run/cmd on your computer.

  • Flyinion

    Silly question I know but can someone test something like Advanced Task Killer on this? Does it work correctly? I tried JRummy's 1.0 Kangerade and had problems. It would kill tasks, but couldn't kill itself. Also other random things wouldn't kill properly either. I don't know if it was a build issue or that ATK or similar apps just need to be updated for 2.2 Basically I went back to 2.1 because I could see that I was going to end up with tons of stuff running and bogging the phone down because I couldn't kill them properly.

    • eddieonofre

      That seems to be a feature of froyo… so you can not kill accidentally app that are actualy “running” at that time.
      I kind of like it because a tons of time I do a kill everythingN I end up killing thinks like my msn or pandora or music player which I didnt really wanted to kill

      • I agree with eddie, I kind of like that it doesn't close things it pretty much shouldn't, minus itself, but realistaclly, I'm running BB 0.2 with the JFLDR(or something like that) 1ghz kernel and although I have probably 10 megs fewer free memory at all times because of this, the phone still runs 200 times faster than any 2.1 rom I had with any kernel.

        • eddieonofre

          that is right even though keep some apps open it still pretty fast

    • Stephen

      Like eddie said, it keeps the programs running that need to stay running. You can go into settings and make it so the ATK will not remain in your notification bar. Same with JuiceDefender.

      • Towelie420

        Right it removes itself from the Notification bar altogether though. Which means that it won't pop up to inform you a whole lotta stuff is running. Also still does not solve the problem of it not killing itself. I just want for it to run just as it did on 2.1

        • Brandon

          I deleted ATK three or four days ago on the suggestion of Tim-o and actually am getting better battery life on Jrummys 1.1 Kangerade. I use GPS and wifi on and off all day long. Still at 35% bat after starting today at 7 no charging. Didn't believe it would work but it did.

    • Towelie420

      Yet another Issue, this is not working properly either. Advanced Task Killer still won't kill itself. I put a comment on the Market and bumped down to 1 star. Because I read a while ago that Dev was supposed to have a fix for it and it still is not fixed

  • I've been sticking with 2.1 ROMs because all the old Froyo ones would give me intermittent, random reboots, no matter what kernels I installed or anything else. Time to try again! Thanks JRummy, hopefully I'll be able to keep 2.2 on my Droid from now on.

    • The Youmail app is broken in 2.2, and causing random reboots. I had the same problem, and tried literally every ROM and kernel out there at the time. If you have the app, delete it, then wipe and install a new ROM and you should be good to go. 🙂

      • Oh wow, thanks! I do use Youmail, and was wondering why I'd be the only one getting those reboots. On the plus side, it hasn't caused the reboots with this rom. How do you get your messages now?

    • Paul

      I had the exact same problems with Kangerade. Tried 1.2 and 1.1. If it ran a little hot, it would reboot. went back to BB. Still having intermitten reboots. Just gonna have to wait for stable builds…

  • Corenojc

    Question: (bare with me cuz Im still a newbie) if I download this ROM will I have to reinstall the 1.2Ghz kernel and new baseband I installed with me current froyo FRF57 ROM?

    • IMA_210

      No need to reload the baseband, but most likely you will need the reinstall the kernel. I am still downloading it so I dont know what the original clock on this ROM is.

      • Corenojc

        Ok lemme know how it runs for ya, thanx

        • IMA_210

          It is using the an 800MHZ kernel, so if you are wanting to run faster you will for sure need to reinstall the kernel of your choice. This is still a beta release, there are issues with a few things, the biggy being Goggle Maps fc'ing. JRummy is already working on a fix for it.

  • palomosan

    Kellex, an outside note, have you seen the reports that the X it's not running Blur or Ninja Blur like we all thought.

    I saw two reports, one from Android Central and another from BGR.

    • I'd like to hear more on this too Kellex if you hear anything. The (whatever)blur shown running on all the DroidX's are the one thing that's keeping me from pre-ordering it (other than finances, lol) I'm not sure I'd really like it, although I know once it's rooted and a ROM is built for it, it really wouldn't matter.

  • I've tried all the other Froyo ROM's and kept getting the random reboots. Hopefully I won't have that problem with this ROM. Backing up current ROM now. Wish me luck… lol

  • I think it would be fair to all of the downloaders out there to quote Jrummy's disclaimer from Droidforums.net:
    “Disclaimer: This is beta and I posted this for testing.. It does run great but please put issues here and I will do my best to fix everything so I can have a proper good build.”

    So I wouldn't expect the cleanest performance from this ROM until it gets tested a bit. Just an FYI for those who expect Kangerade. Props to him for getting this together though.

    • That disclaimer is basically his way of saying “I wanted to be the first one out with a FRF83 ROM, so you will all be my guinea pigs”…lol

    • jhietter

      Good call

  • azurikai

    oh girl 😉 made me excited. I'm waiting for some themes though, most likely just going to wait for the cyanogen release cause his apps2sd method is the best.

    • SFC Airborne51

      Apps2Sd with froyo is not as big a deal anymore. I just use Titanium Backup and force move all my apps to my SD card. It worked for basically 98% of my apps and games.

      • azurikai

        does titanium link the apps with the marketplace so you can receive updates or no.

        and the apps2sd in froyo is based on the developer while cyanogen is if you want it that way by choice.

  • JRummy16

    Thanks for posting this Kellex, you the man! Maybe I should go put up some more mirrors right now.

    • Discodiscobaby

      Hey there! I just have a quick question. What wallpaper are you using in the image above? It looks so cool! Could you export it for us (me)? Thanks!

    • Spitfrwr

      hey man im running kangerade blue theme and it deleted my music app and the 3d music app tht was supposed to replace it isnt there what can i do to get either of them back

      • Samsonite801

        Well why the Heck did you go and flash your ROM without first making either a Nandroid backup w/ SPRecovery, or a ClockworkMod backup with ROM Manager, or an Astro app backup, OR a Titanium Backup, backup, or whatever else kind of backup I did not mention? Boy that was really wise.

        ALways make backups before and after ANY major mod (or even medium mod) you do on your phone so if you hose it, then you can get something back and still can at least use your phone til you figure out what went awry. I see people making these same foolish mistakes with personal computers too, every single day, and it usually takes them loosing like 10,000 family pictures or all the home videos of their 6 kids growing up for them to realize that hard drives and computers and all that stuff were created by human so they will break someday. Nobody gets this. It's kind of like the guy who eats like $hit until he has a heart attack and his doctor tells him he's going to die, and then the guy finally gets off his duff and works off that gut.

        Can only say one thing… hope you learned something from this lesson in life.

        I DO practice what I preach though, as my biggest problem with my endless sea of backup ROMs is, “hmm, which ROM had that one live-wallpaper I wanted from it again? Was it 2010-1-21-Stock-2.1-with-grn-thm, or was it in 2010-2-05-JRummy-blu-P3drd-1.0-All-wrks? Hmmmmm….” ..Or, “Woops, I guess ROM Manager is broke again. Can't seem to do a backup today. Which one of these old version's apk did it used to work in again?”

  • Rachel

    Kellex or anyone that can help..lol…I thought it was time I rooted my Droid and installed a custom ROM…I have my eyes on JRummys Froyo Kangrade V1.0 now my question is do I have to root to 2.2? Im a bit scared to root and install a custom ROM but know it will be so worth it in the end.lol

    • Rachel

      Oh and when I do do this how to I make a back up so I do loose apps or anything? :o)

      • Rachel


        • Jeremyc1331

          Rachel, just follow these directions
          It is the easiest way to root and Kellex makes it super simple with the video tutorial….happy rooting 🙂

          • otter34

            Agreed. I finally rooted last week and my palms were sweaty doing it. Just don't make the same mistake I made. Be sure to change the name to UPDATE, not update.zip. That extra .zip in there added another 50 minutes to what would have otherwise been a simple process.

            I'm running Kangrade V1.0 now w/ his 1.2 low voltage kernel and I have had no problems although I can't find a wifi tether. I have usb tether, but don't see wifi.

          • There is no stock wifi tether app built into the Froyo rom. Download the free app Wireless Tether from the Market, it's smooth and easy to use.

          • lakerzz

            “wireless tether for root users”…in the android market

        • timarnette


          It is very easy. I was really scared for along time. Now I am so happy I am rooted. You will be fine.

      • Thegoldendroid

        Rachel use mybackup to save all your apps and sms

    • Rachel

      Thank you..All of you…. :o)..With sweaty palms Im gonna root and ROM it.lol

  • Tyrian

    Anyone have benchmarks w/ overclocked kernels?

  • t0ni

    Anything JRummy makes a good Friday Kellex! I also got a FC w maps, but I don't need it right now, so I'll keep it, and see if anything else goes wrong.

    • root4life

      did u try to do the sapphire rom

      • IMA_210

        I did try the Sapphire ROM this morning, there are issues with the Wifi Tether, kept an error in the notification window. It also does not support the new multi-touch keyboard from the Droid X So I went back to my Kangerade. Will try out this new release from JRummy to see how it works out.

        • root4life

          cool. thanx for the info

          • t0ni

            Sorry, just got home. I tried it, ran it for a couple of hours. For some reason it wanted me to manually update more than half of my apps, which is a pain. I also had issues with wifi tether, I didn't get the error, but i tried connecting an itouch to it, and it wouldn't recognize that anything was even trying to connect. I wasn't really impressed.

  • Sounds good but I'll wait for the custom colors. You know I gotta get red like Verizon. {{-_-}}

  • Daballa

    Anyone know if FRF83 is gonna be the official build of the ota or is this just another newer build?

  • Brandon

    can someone take a picture and let me know if there's a pink tint on the camera?

  • Joe

    Does it have the stock wifi-tether?

  • I'm a “Droid-a-holic” and discovered Droid-Life this week. I love the Froyo ROM (Kellex your videos are fantastic).

    I am trying to learn Titanium Backup (donate version) to make “playing” with these ROMS a little more efficient.

    After several attempts to do Bugless Beast 0.2.1 I kept wondering if I was missing something. I've read the ROOT blog and am getting a better idea but if anyone could break it down for me a little more and maybe advise me as to what I might like that would rock. I.e. ROMS like the FROYO rooted ROM vs Bugless Beast. Does Bugless Beast replace the FROYO ROM? Or is it just a custom set of apps that run on the ROM?

    The technical part doesn't scare me (I work in I.T.) but I was just wanting to save some time and heartache as I continue to enjoy the rooting process. I love this site!

    Any help for this ROM NOOB would rock.

    • You came to the right place 😉

      • Fuyuasha

        @Tim-o – Word!
        @Simon – hell yes, jump in w/ all three feet brother, I'm still a n00b pretty much but after a great 2.1 rooting experience I went whole hog for FroYo ROMing and and totally digging Chevy right now:

  • trombone dixie

    This particular ROM doesn't work for the Incredible correct?

    • kellex

      Correct. We are waiting on Incredible ROMs still.

      • trombone dixie

        awesome. i'm fairly new to the whole android business. i used to be an iPhone user 🙁 then my 3Gs was stolen and AT&T wanted me to pay $699 for a new one. so i left the dark side and i'm proud to be an android user.

  • Brandon

    does this fix the pink camera tint?

  • Ace Z.

    Thanks Kellex, but this thing is up on ROM Manager. Makes life a little easier =)

    • kellex

      Oh hah, hadn't looked there yet. Better update this thing. 🙂

  • briderx

    Installing now.

  • Meticode

    *waits for Cyanogen or Bugless Beast*

  • skfridls

    hey Kellex,

    i posted instructions on installing the boot animation for anyone using a mac:


    • kellex

      Sweet thanks!

  • Finally!!! Thanks Kellex for leaving us hanging 😛

  • enjoy

    waiting on htc 🙁

    • kellex

      Koush is almost ready to release his Incredible Froyo I believe. 🙂

      • I hope it's not painful…im ready to root the incredible

        • kellex

          I hear ya.