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Follow @DroidLanding and Find a Free DROID X

The new commercial for the Droid X launched earlier through Verizon’s Youtube channel and as the day progresses, readers keep pointing out more and more goodies that are hidden deep within it.

We knew that the video included a quick snapshot of a new Twitter account (@DroidLanding) dedicated to the Droid X, but were just waiting for a first tweet and description to come across.  And 45 minutes ago we got both…

First tweet:  “REPORT:  Droid X units have escaped! Get the stats on them at http://www.droiddoes.com . Forewarned is forearmed.”

Description:  “The next generation of of does is coming soon, but you might get yours before that.  Droid X phones are hidden across the country.  Follow us for clues.”

It appears that Verizon is really going to blow this device up by starting a nationwide Twitter scavenger hunt for hidden Droid X devices.  Yep, just by following this new Twitter account, you’ll have the chance via clues to find a free Droid X.  Stay tuned!

Oh, and follow us too.  (Plug!)

Cheers Tabe!

  • #5 is somewhere at the Kansas City Speedway. #12 at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

  • #5 is somewhere at the Kansas City Speedway. #12 at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

  • Thill1

    Maybe someone on the inside is just trying to bring a lot of attention to the Droid X. It could make sense, since there have been so many smartphones coming out. They could want to get peoples attention away from other phones like the iphone 4 and the Evo 4g.
    1. We know the stats on the Droid X now and it carries a 1ghz OMAP processor, not a 1ghz snapdragon like the clue said. I dont think anything official would have that kind of mistake. It can't be talking about the Incredible either, because 1. they wouldn't draw attention to the Incredible in the face of this new Droid X and 2. ive seen some pics of a Verizon phaseout sheet online that had the Eris and the Incredible on it and the Eris has already been phased out.
    2. The commercial had the 'hidden' date of 7.2.2010, which means nothing right now, because we know the release date is July 15. Maybe it's an important date for this hunt, but im thinkin it was someones wrong information about when it was actually coming out. It could also just be from the flickering effect.
    The video does look legit though, so thats what keeping me from completely throwing it out. I just don't know right now.

  • They would not get that wrong, trust me! Droid Landing is an awful name & phrase, Moto & Verizon simply would not use such a thing. Get over it – Droid Landing is fake!

    They would have linked this to the official Droid X page – Someone is amassing a large amount of followers and simply have you hook, line, and sinker –

    • DroidXFather

      Maybe you don't know what you are talking about?

  • Sorry folks that DroidLanding Twitter account is FAKE – Moto & Verizon would not do such a thing as to send folks out on a imaginary phone hunt. The way folks are these days, they would kill each other over a mass produced device. Droid Landing is an awful name & phrase, Moto & Verizon simply would not use such a thing. Get over it – Might be a second party thing, but official – I think not.

    • Zander

      More than likely your comment is false…

  • Bonez


  • Very Cool *–*

  • misscarmen

    how does it work to get one of these droid x?
    i just start following them

  • Legoturtle92

    They updated their tweet. A Droid X is heading South!!!

  • Drakunis

    “ATTN: Droid Designate #5 escaped secure location 6 hours and counting. Witnesses noticed it heading in a Southern Direction” @droidlanding just posted that

  • Look at the flickering date at the very end…. http://briefmobile.com/droid-x-release-set-for-
    Does that mean July 2nd release???

  • Winterfresh

    I hope one comes to minnesota, i could use a backup for my droid ;P

    • Mdiddy6672

      i think there is one in minneasota according to what i saw with the clues. but its to far away for me to walk there due to the whole no car issue. my guess is that there in IMAX's across the country

  • Here's the next tweet ATTN: Droid designate #5 escaped secure location 6 hours and counting. Witnesses noticed it heading in a southern direction.

  • Chris Nimon

    I just spotted the Droid X #10. It broke into my house, took my wife, then stole my Jeep. That bastard.

  • They pulled that last tweet!

  • REPORT: Droid X designate #10 has escaped secure facility. Is armed with 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and is dangerously smart.

  • EggoEspada

    Crap man. 1Ghz Snapdragon processor!?
    I much rather have a 720Mhz OMAP processor.
    Way to kill the dream Moto. 🙁

  • Tabe

    People, don't freak out about the Snapdragon tweet… They're probably talking about the Incredible…

  • The second tweet is up!!!

  • DroidEsq

    Maybe the marketing department should figure out what processor their phone has before tweeting about it?

  • Collinsclerk

    Most recent Tweet says 1gh snapdragon? What the f?

  • Droid X! My next phone by far.

  • Ponchera

    New one… clue???

    REPORT: Droid X designate #10 has escaped secure facility. Is armed with 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and is dangerously smart.

  • alovesfood

    REPORT: Droid X designate #10 has escaped secure facility. Is armed with 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and is dangerously smart.

    • Stinkobob

      Snapdragon????? What happened to OMAP? =S

    • Tabe

      So, they're talking about an Incredible… I wonder if the “designate #10” means they're only giving away 10 of them… And I wonder if the mention of the Incredible means that they will be giving away those, Droids AND Droid Xs..?

      • EggoEspada

        Most likely 10 Droid Xs. They said the Droid X was armed… So it means thats a Droid X and most likely will be all ten of them.

        • Tabe

          Doubt it… The 1GHz OMAP processor has been verified MANY times now, no way the X has a Snapdragon processor.

          • EggoEspada

            Well whoever is in charge of the site might have assumed the 1Ghz was a Snapdragon processor. I'd be kinda mad if they were giving away some Icredibles as well. Decreases my chances of getting a Droid X.

  • ChrisWCorp

    Apparently “Forewarned is forearmed” simply means that If you know about something before hand, you can prepare for it. Good thing we all are following @DroidLife and @DroidLanding !!

  • Ok, so lets just say that I – someone who bought the Motorola Droid this last November – wins a free Droid X. When i activiate the new phone, does this push my early renewal back, causing me to be unable to get the Droid 2 at the end of this year? I'm down with it, only if Droid X doesn't get in the way of Droid 2.

    • No it would be considered user provided equipment.
      VZW Manager

  • Ray

    1 way to get your ass chewed on here mention the Iphone lol. Even if I secretly had 1 I would tell anybody on here

    • OMG! You had an iPhone!?!!? Witch! Blasphemy!!! Prepare the torches! X-D

      • Ray

        No but I might get an unlocked 1 so I can actually use the phone overseas

        • I don't blame you. I'm thinking my next trip is to Nicaragua and I'll be getting me a cheap unlocked iPhone for that same purpose 😛

  • sko

    I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but the details of the eye are different with VZW's site and @DroidLanding. If you look close enough, you'll see that the rounded bar (Or whatever it is) is different in both pictures. Zoom in when you use the VZW website and click the @DroidLanding picture. Anyone else notice it? Maybe I'm making too much out of nothing…

    • Tabe

      Yeah, I see what you're talking about… Not sure if it indeed is something or just 2 versions of the eye pic that they have floating around…

  • Followed with Device Alerts ON! 🙂

  • bristolcat

    I bet that at least one of them is on a stool in a bar somewhere.

  • Coneyq02

    “Forewarned is forearmed” any clue there to be found on droiddoes.com? it says go there for stats

    • Tabe

      I've been looking but haven't found anything yet

    • bharath

      I think all they want us is to do is register with our emails on the site and get the basic specs.

    • Mdiddy6672

      my guess is that people who got there e-mail's registered a while ago get the information first.

  • robplatt

    So.. There will be a tweet, then 10k people mobbing towards the same spot in town? I don't know if a national geocache via tweet is a great idea….

    • Tabe

      I'd venture to guess that it won't be a national geocache… They'll probably reveal some type of site or something where you enter to win, or something along those lines.
      If they REALLY hide Droid X's all over the place that could lead to some problems!

  • Br_d

    I love me some ARG's.

  • Very cool!

  • Zaire2005

    iphone 4 !!!!!

    • KittyKittyLickLick

      Douche Bag

    • Rctp10

      haha yah if you want a kids toy…this is a form for real phones not toys……APPLE COULDNT EVEN PUT A GOOD CAMERA ON THE PHONE HAHA WHAT A JOKE. why would they come out with a phone that cant even match every spec of the leading competitors phone? FAIL!!!!

  • Punkt07

    I'm following too

  • Tabe

    Wow man, will they put this much effort into the D2 release?!

  • Ray

    Cool idea I hope they hide 1 in iraq! Wishful thinking lol

  • Tabe

    Lol! 1224 followers and counting so far!

  • joed5122

    I'm following too.

  • Aunt Nette

    I'm followin' too!

  • Tabe


    That's pretty sweet though, huh?! I'm ready for some clues!

  • Brendan


  • following

    • kellex

      Nice work my man.

      • wolverinefan

        Kellex you do a great job with your cite i check at least 5 times a day. Have u heard any rumors in regards to froyo 2.2 for moto droid our for official ota. Cuz droid x comes with 2.2 i heard.