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Droid Incredible Set for Verizon Closeout? Already?

There have been rumors for months now that the Droid Eris would be on the way out, but in the document above, it’s the device listed right below that which caught us off guard.  The Droid Incredible on a closeout list?  Seeing a device that hasn’t even been out for a full 2 months on a closeout list is a little alarming, don’t you think?

Verizon still struggling to keep up with demand?  Have they given up on the DI already?  What does this mean for future updates?

Most would argue that the Incredible is one of the top 2 or 3 Android devices available.  The specs definitely say so.  Down with Samsung screens!

We’ll be searching for further clarification on this one.  Stay tuned…

Source: Android Forums

  • What??!!! I just got it… finally!!!!!!

  • What??!!! I just got it… finally!!!!!!

  • abba dalla

    just so everyone is aware the original sku for the htc incredible is on closeout not the device. the new sku for the droid incredible includes a 2 gb micro sd card.

  • Welsknight

    It strikes me as funny that they would not say “Blackberry Curve 8330″… as a Verizon employee, the numbers 8530 or 8330 always follow the words “Blackberry Curve”. Obviously, the one on the list would be the 8330, but still… why give the code for the Storm but not the Curve? I personally think the whole thing is faked… But I'll know later today when I go to work and look at the SKU to see if it has changed. lol


    Does the droid incredible have a place for a removeable memory sd card? Do the free apps. by verizion still have a monthly handling fee like all other downloads? Can you get v-cast pkg. with it? If no, why not? I pay $20. for unlimited internet & email & v-cast pkg. on my lg dare cell. An extra $10?? for their pkg on incredible, why not have verizon's v-cast pkg with it. My kid can watch cartoons in a safe area & i can watch last nights tv programs of csi or letterman from v-cast. Do you have to buy the voice txtin device in order to voice a txt to someone?

  • Romma1

    The Incredible is probably the first phone that I have owned, that I didn't want to trade in a month later for the latest and greatest… I simply love this phone. I enjoy it way more than the original Droid that I owned. That being said, if they are phasing out the Dinc, we Dinc owners should be offered a full trade up to a phone that we know will get proper support. I hope they keep rolling out however.

    The wind was certainly taken out of the sails of this baby when the production problems happened.

  • Since Droid 2 is coming… Incredible doesn't matter. TWICE as fast as the Nexus One in benchmarks on Android 2.1. Plus better keyboard than original droid. http://briefmobile.com/droid-2-hands-on-video Woohoo!!

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  • Scoobymystery69

    No shocker, wonder why? I'm far from a HTC fan and especially Motorola fan…it's only the software that is saving these companies. (MOTOROLA) There hard ware is often crap (motorlas) keyboard and camera had a lot of bugs at the start. Also has HTC ever had a good camera with tons of features like Samsungs do…WTF

  • DJyoSNOW

    I've never been a HTC fan so this is not a shocker to me. I wish HTC could get there cameras up to par. My last cell (Samsung Omnia) had every feature imaginable. (even anti shake) Why my HTC Incredible has next to no features is beyond me. Also I've had a bad experience through HTC under warranty…was told cost more to fix than I payed and even charged me to ship back after I told them to throw it in the garbage.

  • ::in darth vader voice:: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • KingRich98i

    Some of you are right, but most of you are wrong. The reason you see the Incredible on the closeout section is not that they are getting rid of the device. The pricing matrix shown above is missing key parts. The original SKU of the Incredible is ADR6300VW. The picture does not sow the SKU's. Verizon had changed the SKU to reflect the recent addition of a pre-installed 2GB memory card. The new SKU is ADR6300VW2. The HTC Incredible is not on closeout/phaseout, only the original SKU. Nothing to do with software specs either. You may all rest easy tonight as this device is Verizon's premier item. Don't see it leaving for a while, unless that is they find a way to mak it better.

  • Blindingword

    I work for Verizon, its fake I can assure you. There is a little thing called a contract that will keep it on the shelves like every other phone we sell. Manufacturers don't just give us devices, they come with terms. I can add an extra line to a spread sheet too lol. Why would we want to get rid of a device we can't even keep on the shelf , part problems or not its still a hot phone.
    I have an Incredible and a Droid, the both rock.

    • Aggie 88

      I'm looking to upgrade. Which phone should I go with…Droid or Incredible? Btw…the keyboard is a non factor.

      • EricPitt01

        I'd say it depends on what you want to do with your phone. The Droid offers way more customization and is just awesome. The Incredible is nice, but its just not the droid, and feels…well breakable. I would go with either the Droid or wait on the Xtreme. I'm thinking about the Xtreme if it is rootable when it comes out.

      • Welsknight

        Go with the Incredible over the Droid, because the processor is twice as fast. Or wait for the new Droid X that was just announced.

    • Rydiculous

      i'm anxiously awaiting for my phone (june 29th) but i've been reading up on complaints of low signal strength and or the signal bar indicator inaccurately displaying a proper signal. i know you don't work for HTC but are there any reports of an OTA fix?

      this looks like the new packaging. i'm assuming i'll be receiving the new look since i ordered my incredible on the 8th. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yoh0uhAs-4

      • Lightning

        The low signal strength is a myth. I have the incredible and it generally sits around 1 or 2 bars, but when a call comes in it jumps up to full strength. I read that it was designed that way to help save battery life. I got mine in the mail the day before it was released to the public and I have loved every day with it. The droid is nice but I will take sense UI over every other UI there is, The only time I have dropped calls is when my girlfriends iPhone drops them. Besides, if you hate it you have 30 days to return it. All you have to do is pay a repackaging fee, or you could just sell it. Regardless the phone is totally worth the wait.

  • Rogue5

    I been in retail before and this definitely looks like their getting rid of the old sku for a new one. No need to be alarm, unless their discounting the old one then sign me up 🙂

  • RealGame22

    No matter what….It still can't top the Moto Droid

  • Possomcrast1

    this is not true i know they wudnt discontinue when it selling so well

  • Is it possible they are dropping the Incredible to give the Droid X (and Droid 2) that spot in the line-up? If Motorola's supply is stronger than HTC's, it might make more sense to keep the product line simple by replacing the Incredible with something that is basically the same.

  • mobcritter

    The original SKU has been retired. The new SKU and new packaging is for the Incredible with the MicroSD card included in the packaging.

    • Tom

      This makes sense. That is probably it… That is the old SKU, the new SKU is alive and kicking I'd wager.

    • Themiracle2012

      I got mine in the first run and it came w/ a 2GB card…

  • snafu009

    It wouldn't make much sense retiring it at this point, what with all the advertising they've developed specifically for the Incredible.

  • off topic;using JRummy blue and dont have emulator in app drawer is there something i forgot to click ? (froyo)

  • ಠ_ಠ

    It's called bullshit.

  • m0rd0r

    Droid Life just published an article with new packaging for the Incredible. This must be the reason for the phased out SKU.

  • EggoEspada

    Funny we see this because earlier today they said it was soon getting. 2. 2…

  • Kraymanbauer

    Make room for bigger and better! Glad I got a moto droid when I did cause I got it days b4 incred release…woulda got one if I had to have held out due to no droids in stock! Will miss you cred! 2nd?!

  • Potterdood

    I agree, it's the end of the original sku, why make a big deal of this? They haven't met demand for this phone yet, why would they kill it and say screw everyone wanting 1 and risk losing that business, come on droid life, you know better.

  • Dubs

    A friend of mine owns and runs a cell depot. She told me that a part is on back order for the Dinc's which is causing the delay. I could see this being true if it is going to continue to be an issue with the part causing delays in sales.

  • stlbryson

    So if it's in closeout…how much will it cost??? $400 instead of $600? Not that I want to get rid of my Droid but it would be cool to have a phone to mess around with!

  • Sirlugonut30

    The sku for the incredible is being changed therefor it looks like it is going on closeout. Trust me Big red is still selling these tings like hot cakes and it is still a month dated back-order.

  • WAldenIV

    It's probably just the old packaging. I thought the new packaging was a completely new SKU.

    • KaZx

      You might be right that make sense that this is the original sku and they are getting rid of it

      • kellex

        SKU was already changed – http://www.droid-life.com/2010/05/25/droid-incr

        This document is supposedly new.

        • Crazington Farms

          Yeah, but who knows how the machinations of the bureaucracy work. This might just be the tail end of the switch over.

    • JT

      Agreed. New sku for updated incredible software rev (and possible 802.11n and 2.2 compatibility – still rumors at this point).

  • Pipester

    It's probably a phase out of a specific SKU. Maybe the one that didn't originally come with the SD Card.

    • briderx

      Agree with this post. Probably old sku…

    • Exactly. Verizon's not going to discontinue a two-month-old phone that is so popular.

      I'm surprised this came up. I never saw a source of the image in the other message boards that posted it either.

  • Ah ya can't keep up every few months phones get old its a vicious cycle for my wallet lol

  • dylan84

    There's no way they would be dropping it so quickly. That has to be a mistake.

  • hopefully i will still be able to sell my Inc. when the Droid X rolls out

    • kellex

      I've heard they are selling for quite a chunk of change on eBay actually.

      • Jellis1414

        i just sold mine for $535.00 plus shipping…. so demand is there… and its going now were but the top.

    • Possomcrast1

      me too or just complain to verizon

    • Possomcrast1

      go to gazelle.com and sell it for 273 dollars

  • Ray

    Possible a mistake

  • Ummm that's no good. I hope its not true.

  • aczm1988

    First 😛

  • nkhex19