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New Android UI Coming on Gingerbread?

TechCrunch is reporting that a major UI(user interface) overhaul is in store for the next Android release, rumored to be titled Gingerbread.  The overall goal is to remove the desire from manufacturers to want to put their own skin over the standard Google Experience and to come closer to the polished feel of the enemy’s iOS.  When we talk about “skins” we’re referring to HTC’s SenseUI and Motorola’s Motoblur which over time have received feedback from all over the map.  Some love them, some really hate them.  Google hopes to make them “pointless.”

This news shouldn’t come as a complete surprise either after seeing Google’s signing of Palm’s Web OS designer, Matias Duarte.

Thoughts on some major user experience changes?  Is standard Android too plain?  Do we need more flash?

Source: TechCrunch

  • They should make Launcher Pro the default home interface.

  • No need for a central UI. That's letting the Apple fanboys get to you. Keep the OS stock and easily rootable with quicker updates and more use of developer and customer feedback. Let Motorola, HTC and the rest keep coming out with other UIs but with easier shutoff for people who'd rather go stock. {{-_-}}

  • BeeJay

    I could use a flashier interface. Sense makes me jealous

  • Towelie420

    The goal is to remove the desire for manufacturers to put their custom UI over top of the google experience? If that desire isn't already removed then they'll still be trying to put their own junk on devices. Android is such a good looking operating system, why do they even do that. They add stupid widgets and low quality, cheesy looking launchers. HTC's Senseless UI is just low-ball crap. The widgets look like they're in low resolution. And motoblur would be great if you're obsessed with promoting yourself facebook and twitter. No, if they put that crap on already, nothing will stop them from doing it in the future.

  • r

    Go back to the market we don't need u here 2!!

  • dannyyang524

    I just don't want it too look like the iPhone. Then again… I don't want it too be so fancy, it sucks the life out of the phone…

  • Lame.


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  • otter34

    I'm starting the rooting process, but got stuck right away. After reading and understanding more than I did last week, I started the process below:
    Guide to Rooting Android 2.1 on a Motorola Droid | Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

    I have a problem right away. I download rsdlite onto my desktop, but how do I install it? It saves the file or program to my desktop, but it's not a .exe file. It's a RAR file, opens w/ unknown application. What's next?

    I have Win XP, service pack 3 and I downloaded the 32 bit drivers as well as motorola drivers. One thing w/ the motorola drivers is that is prompted me to install the chinese language pack and insert my XP CD. Is that necessary? I was prompted by the motorola installation that it was completed successfully, so I canceled the pop up which prompted me to insert the CD. Do I have to insert WinXP CD and install this language pack?

    • r

      Sounds like you need to download a un zip application to open up the .rar file ( same kinda thing compressed file). Then make sure the drivers are downloaded and installed then contine on with the guide. The videos are really helpfull. I keept the videos open the whole time I was rooting incase I had any problems. Hope this helps.

      • otter34

        I have an unzip program. Also windows is up to date. We will see in 4 hours but thanks for the reply!

  • r

    I think that the less that these phones come with the more possibilities we will have once they are rooted and we won't have to delete apps that we don't use anymore/ ever. I would rather have them spend their time on interal workings and save the flashy themes/ skins for the market were people can download exactly what they want. If you want something “cute” with all the itme spent on looks then go get the same iphone everyone has and then you will fit right in. But if you want a bad ass robot that can do it better be a droid (plain no blur or sence).