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Tip: How to Bypass Android Activation Screen on Motorola Droid

A reader just sent over this tip and I’ve got to say, this is amazing.  I had heard of this maybe once or twice before, but completely forgot about it and also assumed it did not work.  Apparently I was wrong!

So here’s the tip…

If you are ever stuck at your activation screen and want to bypass it, you can press the 4 corners of the screen in a clockwork fashion and your device will jump straight to your desktop.  Amazing right?

And why is this useful?

Well it’s useful to anyone that doesn’t want to actually activate a Droid through Verizon.  There are developers out there who work on devices like the Droid but don’t use it as their main line.  I’ve also run into a situation where after flashing a new ROM, I was unable to re-activate because of an issue with Verizon’s activation service.  With a trick like this, at least you can get back into your phone to use wifi, play with apps, check email, etc.

Source: OReilly Answers

Cheers @tbaybe02!

  • Jatin Savaliya

    Amazing it works for me too.. really helpful. Thanks, Jack

  • Mr Dferreira

    its 2011 and ihave the droidx and icant bypass the actvateion

  • Revdrcr

    For anyone landing here more recently, so far as I can tell, none of these methods works with the Droid X 2.

  • Dzimm

    Is there a similar process for an LG Vortex?

  • thank u do much i bought my phone for 40 bucks because it was locked thanks to u now i can use it…

  • thank u do much i bought my phone for 40 bucks because it was locked thanks to u now i can use it…

  • Ha I always seem to bypass it somehow, but now I know for future reference! I use my D2 as a wifi device at the moment. Thanks!!

  • Peter

    Thank you!!!! <3

  • Here’s another way to bypass activation on android

  • Claudio

    That was fantastic. Thank you guys!!!!!

  • Steedsconciencia

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!

  • Jasondeshun

    dude thats bonkers, it worked like a charm thannnnnnnnnnnnnks !!!!!!!

  • Spanky_j2010

    my droid eris tell me.( sorry) the application setup wizard process com. android. setupwizard has stop unexpectedly please try again… now what do i do, i can do anything else on my phone

  • Edchivas81

    Do u all know how ti bypass LG ally activation screen

  • Edchivas81

    Do u all know how ti bypass LG ally activation screen

  • Guest

    I have not verified this.

    The Samsung Fascinate requires OTA Programming be performed. If an OTA has not been performed, user can bypass screen by Pressing Emergency call button, then at the dialer, press * # 8 3 7 8 6 6 3 3 and you will see a pop up saying “Test Mode”, then press the Home key

    • Maureen

      Thank you so much, this worked perfect!! 🙂

    • lala

      that is freakin awesome!!! thank u thank. only trick that worked

    • Lisalee

      The *# didnt work for me but hitting the four corners in clockwise did. thanks

  • Brittanyz1234

    im trying to get passed the activation screen on the new samsung fascinate…. can anyone help me, i have tried the droid bypass with the four coners but it doesnt seem to be working for me! ?

    • Lulua

      Using the emergency dialer screen, dial *#83786633 then push home icon, the one that looks like a house

  • I love this post! I currently use my DroidX for service but constantly play with my original Droid and install roms. God I cant wait for custom roms on the X. =)

  • Thursdaynext

    It is also worth noting that once you do this, if you power cycle the phone, it will still prompt you to activate it, but if you select activate, the phone go directly to your home screen. So this is a on time operation.

  • I love this post! I currently use my DroidX for service but constantly play with my original Droid and install roms. God I cant wait for custom roms on the X. =)

  • Thursdaynext

    It is also worth noting that once you do this, if you power cycle the phone, it will still prompt you to activate it, but if you select activate, the phone go directly to your home screen. So this is a on time operation.

  • Balthuszar

    a little off topic…i was at work today, kept my droid in my locker. when i got off work, my phone was repeatedly restarting itself and the back of the phone was VERY warm. after thinking maybe it was because it was low on battery(it was at 15% when i got off work) i put it in my dock, and it continued doing it. so i unplugged the dock, and plugged the cord directly into my phone, still did it. so i took my phone into the verizon store, and they couldnt figure out what was wrong either, so they ordered me a new phone, which will be in on monday or tuesday. so i'm stuck without a phone until then. any ideas on what is causing this, and how, if possible, to fix it before i get the new phone?

    • Balthuszar

      i only want it fixed long enough to get the new phone…i'll be sending this one back either way

  • Etiziuqxe

    thnks a lot it works perfect ..

  • Dariel_leyva2000

    you are the men

  • Liz

    yay it totally worked i had already given up!!!! Thanx soo much

  • FriedRice

    I'd just like to know what “activation” means, here you just plug in your sim and turn it on and thats it.

  • Ellsworth_dare43

    who would thought its works,bypassing that annoying activation if you dont want it….but just following the steps I DO!! Couldnt get it at first when tried it then a few more tries then suddenly BOOM! it brought me to the home screen and just so glad i had my Droid working again…..thanks for the tips you'all and keep it coming for some like me who's a newbie with this device…..appreciate sharing the knowledge….THANKS AGAIN!!!

  • Adamania

    I did this today, actually. My wife switched phones (doesn't want the data anymore) and I thought I'd be cool and show her how to bypass the android. She wasn't very impressed, lol.

  • darkdayz

    I found this Droid. I want it to work with my at&t account. Any advice? (maybe you guys are tired of hearing this question over and over, if so, Sorry.) Please Help!

    • unknown

      You can't if it is a CMDA phone. There ins't way to get it to work on a GSM network (as far as I know).

  • Jonesbug

    You basically have to do this on any phone you activate now since verizon changed to *22800 *22899 to activate. It seems the *228 is locked in and gives a wrong code dialed at least for now.

  • Johnerod75

    You can also bypass the eris and the incredible activation screen by just hitting activate/end call a few times in a row and the a next option will pop up.. if anyone is interested.. and the LG Ally uses the same technique as the DROID…

    • Sdyoun

      how do you bypass eris activation again? I am kind of android noob… Thanks!

  • Thegoldendroid

    Kris, this worked,… so from the bottom of my android heart.. thank you so much! I was so scared I was gonna have to go to Verizon for a trade-in and Im all outta lies to Big Red! You guys are a great bunch!

  • Kristophersjodin

    What worked for me was in “settings”-“applications”-“manage applications” go to Gmail and click “clear data” At the time I was having this issue I was also able to do the same to the “Gmail Storage” app. but I don't seem to find that one any longer. Hope this helps.kk

    • kris64

      Sorry about that comment…..Is anybody else having trouble signing in to Disqus through their Droid? It sure would be a lot cooler if we could manage these chats from the phone.

  • Dpu328

    I have no 3g

  • Dpu328

    How do I get back to the welcome screen? I can't turn my phone on

  • steve

    Do you have to “activate” your phone with Verizon after using ROM manager to load Froyo?

    This is a big deal to me. I live in Alaska and don't want to have to mail my phone to the lower 48 to add Froyo.



    • Adamania

      I believe you just call the number and it activates it automatically. I think once your ESN is registered, you're good to go. Anytime I've had to “reactivate” my phone, it just did that and I never had to go into the store once.

      • Lt. Scratchy

        Yeah, steve you are good to go if you want to add froyo on your phone. I'm in southeast alaska right now, and was able to jump to it with no problem. Only thing is make sure you don't upgrade the baseband. In that case you would have to send your phone to the lower 48 to acctivate it. I made that mistake, and it sucked. I had to send it home.

  • Doolidg

    I just bought a Droid for my dad for fathers day at best buy for $90. I couldn't turn it down… the gal doing the activation on the phone did this little trick…it does work

  • I feel special 🙂

  • machinegun68

    Would love to test this out but can't get Recovery to boot anymore, manually or from ROM manager, since my 2.2 update. Any ideas?

    • rdunseith

      Even shutting down and holding “X” and Power button?

      • machinegun68

        Nope. ??

        • rdunseith

          does ROM manager show what recovery yo are running?

          • Yes it does…

          • rdunseith

            uhh, are you with machinegun68?

          • haha thought you were asking a base question….lol
            my bad 😛

          • rdunseith

            No big deal, appreciate you jumping in.

    • This happened to me as well. Using the ROM manager, I flashed the alternate recovery (SPRecovery), then flashed the ClockworkMod Recovery again. That solved it for me.

      Hopefully it works for you as well.

      • machinegun68

        That worked. thanks Eric.

    • Browncoatsd

      I briefly had that problem, go into CM flash alternate SPRecovery reboot into recovery. I was also able to reflash CM and reboot into recovery successfuly

  • Man didn't I tell you about this like 6 months ago? Hmm, maybe not. It's easy to forget that most people don't know a lot of the common little troubleshooting tips we use in tech support… granted there's not a lot when it comes to the Droid 😉

  • Thegoldendroid

    Droid Family I need your help..I tried downloading the stock froyo leak from ROM manager earlier and it didnt go well. When it came up alot of apps were missin and I wasnt impressed with the layout so I went back to my previous ROM (bugless Beast which Ive always loved) Im back on bugless beast now and eevrything seems fine except for the fact that now I cant send out emails from my gmail accounts.. I receive the emails and can reply but when I press send it just keeps saying “sending” and it never goes thru. Can anyone help with this I tried restoring my bugless beast bacup again and that didnt help so does anyone have a tip?

    • kris64

      So what I was trying to say above, but was foiled by the phone is…..What worked for me when this happened was to go to “settings”-“applications”-“manage applications” choose “filter” and show all. Find “Gmail” and if you have it “Gmail Storage” (I had it at the time, but I just checked, and it is no longer in my application list.) Click on one or both of the above and select “clear data”. After I did this, I was able to send emails again. Hope this helps.

  • dr0id

    i have known of this bypass activation screen method for a while. To get back on the activation screen, you turn off your phone then turn it back on. I use my Motorola Droid only on wi-fi networks and its great. Fast web browsing, app, music, and video downloads at no additional cost. Kellex i could have told you about this method if i would have known you didnt know it.

  • Jose Martinez

    Worked like a charm, pretty cool! Thx

  • Jorian85

    I did a wipe of my droid while it was still stock and couldnt activate it because it was already activated, after an hour and a half on the phone with a verizon tech this is what they had me do. Glad to see this info out for everyone to see.

  • Memnoch

    This is just to bypass the screen to get to other functions right?? You will still have to activate to use it as a phone right?? If so how do you get back to the activation screen?? Reboot??

  • DeeMat


  • Chuck

    lol very helpful…if only this was up last night i could of went to bed a few hours earlier then staying up most of the night trying to activate mine and my girlfriends phone, after switching to BB!! but always help for the futre thanks for the tip!!

  • kulz


  • Does this work on other Android devices? Would've been a quick and nice way to circumvent the hours of time I spent last summer when I won a G1. Well, at least I learned how to use ADB because of it.

    • There are ways to get out of most activation screens. I can even deactivate BLUR from the start up. Each one is a little different.

      • Macey Callender

        did u figure out becuz i cant

  • Or you can just keep hitting “activate” and the back button over and over again until the activation app crashes (yes, this actually works)

    • kellex

      That is hilarious.

      • 123fakeaddress

        That is hillariouZZZ!

        Dude Von Dudenstein

    • Alvinancheta

      will this work on htc eris droid phone?

    • Alvinancheta

      will this work on htc eris droid phone?

    • Lawes

      Thank you for the crashing idea. Worked great LOL

    • yoly

      you are a genius…it really did work

    • Lala Alex

      thanks for thiss information

    • Leon_fang

      That was Awesome!!! Thanks..lol