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Tip: How to Bypass Android Activation Screen on Motorola Droid

A reader just sent over this tip and I’ve got to say, this is amazing.  I had heard of this maybe once or twice before, but completely forgot about it and also assumed it did not work.  Apparently I was wrong!

So here’s the tip…

If you are ever stuck at your activation screen and want to bypass it, you can press the 4 corners of the screen in a clockwork fashion and your device will jump straight to your desktop.  Amazing right?

And why is this useful?

Well it’s useful to anyone that doesn’t want to actually activate a Droid through Verizon.  There are developers out there who work on devices like the Droid but don’t use it as their main line.  I’ve also run into a situation where after flashing a new ROM, I was unable to re-activate because of an issue with Verizon’s activation service.  With a trick like this, at least you can get back into your phone to use wifi, play with apps, check email, etc.

Source: OReilly Answers

Cheers @tbaybe02!

  • Brilliant! Thank you

  • La-Chelle

    ooooooh heavens thank you so much droid life for the activation bypass …God bless you tremendously. 🙂

  • Bobby

    This works!!!!

  • Shaunkiz


  • Danielle B.

    Glad I found this. Had a freshly formatted Droid that I wanted to load with free games for my son to play with but couldn’t get past the activation. Once I did this it was all better, got him some games and he’s a happy camper now!

  • Droiddefunked

    i have a Droid Razr xt912, i dont get the green android guy on any of my startup screens,
    i have no sim card, and i want to get into my phone again.
    i am stuck on the “WELCOME”..select language screen…
    is there a way to bypass this and get back into my phone…remember its a xt912,,,
    no green droid guy…
    no corners to tap…
    help me…

  • Gritz

    Really cool information, I am now able to use wifi, play with apps, check email, etc.
    Best of all i am able to use my un activated Motorola Verizon’s Droid X in making phone call’s from any
    wifi, Like at home or Mc Donald’s or Star Bucks or even at work, Using Google G-Mail and a down load from the Google play store on your Droid X Called “Talkatone” and you won’t be asked for a Phone Number instead you will receive a phone number” Sweet “

  • keh’ nasz

    I wish i would have found this like 5 hours ago. I feel I’m 13 again learning how to use 98…:P

  • daniel

    LMAO°!!! this really worked! ahahahahahha so cheap and simple it’s just the simple life….

  • AirBiscuit

    It worked for me!! thanks

  • Andrea Clark

    Hi, I have a Droid Razr the bypass tip was awesome, but how do I complete the user activation screen for Pageplus????? Pageplus doesnt know what to type in for IMSI, it’s a 2 digit #. I have tried everything, but it won’t allow me to click done to finish my programming.

  • MSGT Frantz


  • Lewis

    This worked perfectly but had to tap the sides not slide it!!! Thanks so much I feel like jumping

  • Suzie L

    Holly crap, thank you that helped!!! I switched, unfortunately, to a different carrier and a new phone. I wanted to give my old phone to my 1 and 3 year old to play with. When I factory reset it, i could not get pass the active screen. This is EXACTLY what i needed. Thank you again. Ur awesome.

  • Jeff
  • karlee

    mine wont work! help please. 🙁

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  • Pvr

    thanks guys you saved my ass

  • Nicole1ash2rh

    i had a patter lock on my phone and i put it in to manny times my phones locked and i dont know how to unlock it please help

  • Debbie Johnson

    It Work It!!!!!!!!! Thank you guys. I could not get around it then I thought you guys or maybe a sister site would know. Love my Droid :)~

  • Analee Christensen

    HOORAY!!! Thank you – I was so depressed until NOW 🙂

  • Lala Alex

    this is true ive restatred my phone like 100s of times and it workss fine and that its noit connecetd anymore

  • WONDERFUL tip. You saved me!!!!!!!

  • Frhonda


  • Malingss


  • Thankuu

    thaaaaank uuuuuuuu

  • Admral

    after i did it can i still activate it with verizon cause i only wanted to check the phone out for a little bit

  • Cctg5

    hahahaha awesome. Thank u very much!!!! 

  • Lranger

    Great. But you have to tap the corners individually, not drag like you would for an unlock pattern.

  • Macey Callender

    how can i get my mototorola android blur by verizon to bypass the activation screen

  • very helpful!  Thanks!

  • Officer343

    Thank you very much, very helpful, I didnt know how to bypass droid activation with Verizon.

  • Sugarmhs

    I tried it . it worked =] 

  • it worked!!!! THANKS!!!!!! IT TOOK ME HOURS!!!! THANKS !!!!

  • Gera_casg


  • Besoscolombianos

    omg saved my life

  • Tatrap123

    AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!