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Motorola Launching 2GHz Android Phone in 2010?

We already knew that Motorola had plans to release 2-4 new Android smartphones by the end of the year, but what we didn’t know is that they are hoping to make one of those the most ridiculously powerful devices ever.  Moto CEO Sanjay Jha, snuck in the gem of all gems yesterday in his speech at the Executives Club of Chicago, by announcing a 2GHz powered Android smartphone which should be released before the end of 2010.  Wow.

Another Moto big wig also chimed in with a few more of the device’s details…

…this new phone is intended to incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today. It will be based on Android, and include, like the iPhone 4, a gyroscope and add an Nvidia Tegra-based graphics processor with full Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration…

Anyone else speechless?

Via: Know Your Cell,  Conceivably Tech

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  • y8

    good information, thanks

  • I dont.. I like not having a physical keyboard. IMO, it feels awkward to actually press the physical keys now.

  • i like it, thanks

  • HEDX2580

    Look who doesn’t have a 2GHz Android Phone and its already August of 2011 

  • Ctb0320

    guys….its a droid….who needs a keyboard…. just tell it what to text.

  • Ctb0320

    guys….its a droid….who needs a keyboard…. just tell it what to text.

  • KMoney

    This will be their 4g phone. Verizon is launching 4g in November and Tampa is getting it first!!!!! YEAH!!!!!( and yeah i even asked the people that work there i always get early news)

  • KMoney

    This will be their 4g phone. Verizon is launching 4g in November and Tampa is getting it first!!!!! YEAH!!!!!( and yeah i even asked the people that work there i always get early news)

  • Heeloliver

    Hopefully before christmas!!!

  • Vic

    Hosana….Sing Hosana

    Couple this with nickel batteries Moto is developing and we have ourselves the next in a long upcoming line of great Android phones. Hopefully that beast of a 2GHz phone will also have AMOLED from Sammy to help out the battery. I bet it has a 4″+ screen and enough fiya powa to burn a phoenix

    • Nickel batteries? please explain, will these increase battery life?

  • Thegoldendroid

    I dont give a damn if the battery lasts ten minutes this is going to be a beast. With phones like these coming out its getting easier and easier to wait out that two year contract.. especially with updates that make my phone just as current as new models and my 7 month old phone still killing new models on benchmark tests.! Thank you Android fro making me one of the cool Kids!

  • Next year, in AUGUST! When I'm eligible for upgrade, I'm sure we'll be on Android 3.0+, be running new 25nm CPUs running at 4GHz, with GPUs that run at 100fps! I'll wait… Until then, Droid just keeps getting better. Running 2.2 (Froyo), this phone is now faster than the Nexus 1, and the graphics are miles and away better than anything HTC has come up with. It's either Moto or Samsung for me from now on.

  • Ragib

    Ahh I've managed to save up enough money to get my first smartphone like 6 weeks ago and I was going to get the Droid, and then I heard about the Droid Xtreme and I was holding out for that, and now I heard about THIS and I want to hold out for THIS =[

    How much of the original price would I typically be able to sell the Droid Xtreme for after say, 4 months of use?

  • the_omega_man

    It is a sad thought that your mobile phone may one day be faster, and more useful than your laptop/netbook!

    • Thegoldendroid

      one day??? try the day Froyo came out!

  • Hope they'll also add USB webcam support for competition with Windows-based mobile netbooks (with USB camera glasses). Need a head-mounted camera for augmented reality applications.

  • Anilraj420

    well i have the droid so i cant get a new phone untill next year so by then they should have 2ghz with front carmera

    • GeeDee82


  • 1bad69z28

    Will have to hold off till the 2 GHZ comes out.

  • 1bad69z28

    Grat news and Good Job Kellex!! I just wish the DROID 2 was getting all of those new goodies.

  • magdroid

    Dear Motorola, please leave BLUR off of this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heeloliver


  • Anonymous-x

    Then I guess the Samsung S is dead.

  • Urzas

    ill buy 2

  • Capo745

    Moto, you had me at 2ghz!

  • dhinged

    The new Droid Melt and Droid Explode

  • ajavgeek

    I wish Droid 2 is a world ready phone, will be very useful

  • Kineo

    Its the Droidpro we have a thread at droid forums
    Here's the op
    Not much is known BUT somebody fired a shot over the bow and bill23 Originally Posted by Amu I am just going to put this here cus it's just speculation XD:
    -4.3″ FWVGA
    -12MP camera
    -720p recording
    -1GB RAM -QSD 8×72
    -Android Gingerbread w/out Moto Blur
    -Not the Nexus Two
    -Front-facing camera
    bill23: Your pretty close….Droid pro and DroidW are the same unit to bad it is disguised extremely well in a old device housing.
    -As far as the keyboard. A member asked if the device would have a keyboard
    bill23: ^ YES^ A very improved keypad at that i must say. I wonder who picked it out or suggested it.

    • NorCalGuy

      i really hope you are right

  • Storm34x

    hopefully it comes to verizon

  • Go Motorola, go!

  • he says “look what i found behind my ears!! NEW DROIDS!! LMAO..

  • dr0id

    2GHZ gonna be blazing fast! and very powerful!

  • Vasra

    What the whole world wants to know is:

    CDMA or UMTS?

  • mouzz

    start building the wii emulator 😀

  • I got 2 questions what's a gyroscope, nd lte?

    • Eduardo.. gyroscope gives the capability to use ur phone for interactive games like tilting the phone to steer ur car in need for speed or something.. get it? and LTE is “Long Term Evolution” its the technology that Verizon, Vodafone, and ChinaMobile will use for their 4G network. big big speedy network worldwide… :)..

      • oh gotcha thanks man.learning someething everyday:)

  • So how exactly is this suppose to work? Hell 2ghz laptops dont last that long and most have a much larger battery so how is this going to last 1 day? Unless this is going to be/similar to Moorestown where the processor has a burst rather than operating at 2ghz constantly. Though even then with adding a GPU well it just has to be said and well the heat?! Come on….

    Is there going to be a added solar panel? lol I really dont see how its going to work.

    Also from the sounds of it “released before the end of 2010” sound like 2010 Q4 imo.

    Sounds awesome and all but….well..Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
    Also WTB Keyboard!

    • Chris Nimon

      you never know with todays tech. my laptop has 18.5 inch screen, dual hard drives(i have a lot of music and movies on it) and with the Intel I7 chip it does pretty well.

      • Hmm unless its going to be done the way moorestown is being then i doubt it, The I7 chips do something similar with the turbo feature giving a 200mhz or more but in the moorestown case it drops the mhz alot more which makes it feasable.
        Laptop batterys weigh a fair bit.

        For me my contract runs up soon so I will most likely go for Droid 2, i just wish they would confirm which has the keyboard. I use my keyboard on my G1 99% of the time so.

    • yah right on time for my ne2 discount.. gotta love the big V.. instant $100 off purchase price 🙂

    • the_omega_man

      Don't laugh…Apple is seeking a Patent for a see through Solar Power Cell that is embedded into the glass layers of a touchscreen Phone/mobile device! Let the innovations Begin Again!

      “Anything you can do, I can do better……”

  • JRDroid

    I soooo hope this is on Verizon. I'm upgrade eligible in november. I was planning on waiting for LTE devices, but this may be good enough to get me to wait till November 2011 for an LTE phone. (Yay for annual upgrades on the primary line!)

    • EC8CH

      Let's just hope it's not on AT&T. Would be a shame to see such a beast nuddered.

  • Chris Nimon


  • Drew

    Mind = blown. As if the EVO hadn't blown away the iPhone is basically every way…now we have news that within 6 months a new Android phone will literally be doubling the processor speed. With that you could be listening to music, playing a 3d game, switch out to a home screen with the most intensive widgets and live wallpaper, while downloading stuff…and doing anything else I can think of…in the blink of an eye. Wonder if it will come preinstalled with Gingerbread… drool…

  • crichton007

    How long will the battery last, an hour or will it be two?

    • the_omega_man

      Just long enough to get all the things you need to do on the phone, done in 1-2 hours with a 2 GHZ cpu/graphics system! LOL

      The biggest drain on my current Droid phone's battery is the Screen back light not the processing of the apps.

  • kulz

    Nvidia Tegra in a phone? yummy….

  • EC8CH
    • EC8CH

      You see what I did there?

      • Chris Nimon

        Speechless i see.

  • droidroks

    This is so sick! 2.0ghz processor and an nvidia graphics processor with full flash makes it more of a freakin mini laptop.

  • That is a huge jump.. we just skipped up on 1.2, and 1.3, and 1.4..etc…. straight out to 2.0Ghz.. Whats next.. micro video cards for gaming on ur droid phone…lol.. I just hope the new phones have some sort of ability to be 4G compatible with Verizon with an update of some sort..

    • Eric Sorensen

      Good point. If I wait until end the year and skip the Extreme and Droid 2, will the super-fast new phone work with Verizon's LTE upgrade planned for next year???

  • aarynk

    I'll be lining up for this one!!!

  • dominguez619

    It's nuclear powered.

  • picaso86

    Motorola: Gee, Android, what do you want to do tonight?
    Android: The same thing we do every night, Moto- try to take over the world!

    Singers: They're Moto Moto and the Droid Droid Droid Droid Brain!


  • I know what I'm holding out for now.

  • Xxrell1kxx

    hope it comes out for Verizon

  • Cyberdemon

    what does the gyroscope do in the iphone? just curious, what the need for one is?

    • Cyberdemon

      a device that measures orientation, rather than just velocity. Gyroscopes are commonly used in aircraft to measure pitch, roll and yaw

  • JTHawk

    May have to hold off until it's rooted so I can underclock it.

    • sherylroycer


  • Danny Downer Statement Ahead:

    Hope the battery holds up…

  • rdunseith

    Fap, fap, fap! Go Moto!

  • Cyberdemon

    …..just gotta say……. WOW!!!!!!!

  • Skipster

    DAAAAAMMMMMNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mkregs

    Geesh. ..so do you have to carry around a bag with a car battery in it to keep that bad boy powered up?

    • Im buying a radio-flyer wagon to pull my generator…. :-p

    • the_omega_man

      Motorola has found a way to harness the power of the sun in their newer smart phones….you can even feel some of that solar heat on the Droid now! And for the sake of efficiency, they use that captured sun energy to provide the LCD back-lighting! Smart Motorola….just make sure that your Magnetic containment field does not get disrupted. It could get ugly! 😛

  • suddenly, my htc incredible feels inadequate…i wonder if next year's android models will come with 3d

  • picaso86

    Motorola: Gee, Android, what do you want to do tonight?
    Android: The same thing we do every night, Moto- try to take over the world!

    Singers: They're Moto Moto and the Droid Droid Droid Droid Brain!


  • EggoEspada

    How exciting would it be if it was the Droid II that had a 2Ghz processor.
    Also, would this processor be TI's OMAP? I prefer those processors more.. 🙂

  • rals

    Oh hell yeah….I would do that in a heart beat. If they can promise a better touch screen than the current droid, I will be all over it like fat kid in a candy store.

  • Skinnhc

    Droid PRO here I come 🙂

  • Egonzalez593

    How exciting would it be if it was the Droid II that had a 2Ghz processor.
    Also, would this processor be TI's OMAP? I prefer those processors more.. 🙂

  • acarback

    talk about mobile computing. damn.

  • dylan84

    2GHz would be great…but I'd be worried about the battery life.

    • and the burn scars on my leg

      • nkhex19

        Ha ha +1

  • John

    what is an “eye phone?”

  • ajavgeek

    Awesome, I guess my next phone is calling me now, 🙂

  • Mrpicolas

    Me likey me want wife will kill me oh well 🙂

    • darkseider

      Just get it. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is for permission.

      • Mrpicolas

        Oh I know that's what I ment by that lol… I have phone issues

    • scribbles

      and so far uhhh, same here. I have moto droid htc incredible and the Evo from sprint and so far one wife (until she learns about my obsession). Well better than being hooked on crack right 😉

      • Mrpicolas

        Don't know might be cheaper lol…

      • andrew401

        why would you waste your money on the Evo? I would rather buy 2 droids or 2 Dincs then be on Sprints SHITTY service. Now if that phone was on Verizon then it would be totally different

  • OldNuc

    Does 2GHz = DROID-2?

  • brandonmee

    This would be super sweet, but the phone is going to have to be quite heavy to have a battery to support it unless they have plans on using newer battery technology sending the cost through the roof. I will have to admit though droid-life is like coffee for me. I check it as soon as I get up, and while I am on the go and any other free time. I kind of feel like a droid-life stalker since I also follow on twitter, and recommend the site to every new droid owner I run across.

  • droiiidt

    Who wants to bet this will be the REAL droid2? =) Getting it!

  • Eric

    One question, What's the battery life going to be like? I already have to charge my Droid every night to ensure it's alive the whole day. I honestly would not mind a slightly bigger and heavier phone if it meant a couple days of battery life.

  • CoDash

    Hey Kellex, can we get a 'Go Froyo' page set up. Just how you did with 'how to root your motorola droid'. Where on this page you have everything! every step, video tutorials, extras to d/l, etc. This would be much appreciated. I have not made that leap off the fence. Need a push, and your one-stop-shop for how to root helped me start this. Now we need an all-in-one froyo d/l page.

    • CoDash

      I would like to be running 2.2 by this weekend! thanks again!

    • scrizzo

      Once rooted, easiest way to do it would be to go and download rom manager. There they have the latest froyo rom and the basebands. The kernals are available as well i believe but if not then just google: P3droid reline kernals and download them from there. Installation is really easy, even if your not familiar with the process…

      • Thegoldendroid

        Hey I just got onto 2.2 last (damn its fast and im only overclocked at 880) but in Rom manager everything is grey.. do i need to uninstall it and reinstall it or something? It has that stock look (which I hate since Im coming from Bugless beast) I miss my black bar!

  • brando56894

    Im going to estimate the battery life of it is one hour lol

  • Ghostrigger

    Thanks for your wonderful help Kellex.

  • mandroid2010

    The almighty battery killer : ) will be sweet if it pans out.

  • I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALY hope this has a keyboard… I hate the smartphone trend that no physical keyboard is “in”. Nobody admits it but having a qwerty keyboard makes a huge difference. Milestone/droid ftw…

    • lucy

      I dont.. I like not having a physical keyboard. IMO, it feels awkward to actually press the physical keys now.

      • at least give us a choice… release 2 models… 🙁

        • lucy

          That would definitely be cool. At least we have a lot of different devices to choose from.

      • StandAlone

        Lucy has said it perfectly. I actually just sent Moto an e-mail saying just this. But its obvs gonna be ignored lol.

      • Don Sean

        …But unless you’re the Guinness world record holder for swype-texing “the quick brown fox jumps…”, I just don’t see how swype is as effective. Plus with a Qwerty, you don’t even have to look at the screen!
        Physical keyboards are much more natural….EASIER, at least…. than swype, i would think.

    • brando56894

      I have the moto droid and I bought it because it has a physical keyboard, but just like everyone else I barely ever use it, mostly for terminal input and console emulators.

      • typing an sms message without the physical keyboard is a nightmare… and i have tiny fingers btw… tried many onscreen keyboards… nothing compares to the real thing… (plus playing games is AWSOME with the game gripper http://sites.google.com/site/gamegripper/)… I hope this fad wares out soon because i am getting frustrated with all this iphone wannabe trends. But i guess if done correctly it could be useful.. Typing on an iphone is nothing like typing on the milestone… I hate to admin it but they nailed the keyboard…

        • brando56894

          I beg to differ, I love using the virtual keyboard for typing up text messages. I find that I can type so much faster since I dont have to press tiny little buttons, all I have to do is tap the locations, also the autocorrect function for when youre using the virtual keyboard is awesome. In regards to the game gripper thats what I meant, I love the thing and carry it with me in my bag everyday, I think that would be the only reason why I would get another phone with a physical keyboard.

          • well i'm geek so no auto-complete for us. Even though there are keyboards with Greek auto-complete and spelling fixes, the problem lies with the fact that almost all Greeks use Latin characters to type Greek words in their phones for 2 reasons. it's faster and using Greek characters cuts the SMS length in half (Unicode like encoding versus 8 bit Latin characters 😛 )… So mistakes are very common…

        • Are you that guy in the burger king commercials? “I've got these tiny hands.”

          • Wait a minute… U mean my droid has a physical keyboard!!! OMG this phone just gets better and better everyday.. :)..

          • Don Sean


        • AXPWeezy

          SWYPE typing is so easy now days, go try it out, its a lot of fun too. no need to worry about typing! its faster and easier than any push keyboard. no need to worry there

      • I use the physical keyboard all the time. Since November, I've probably used the onscreen keyboard fewer than five times.

      • Jim Davis

        “but just like everyone else”? Speak for yourself. I use the HW keyboard all the time. It's especially good for e-mail.

      • nobody i know that has a droid uses the physical keyboard. (which apparently everyone i know either has a droid or iphone, Some change from iphone to droid) i also bought it because of the qwerty but i dont even use it. it's flat, it's uncomfortable, and it keeps sliding open in my pocket when i move strenuously.i barely open it and the sliding mechanism is…not stiff anymore.personally swype will destroy the keyboard. i can type just as fast as on my computer with swype…

    • Same here I hope it has a keyboard or else not worth buying but I actually use the keyboad I don't mind it

  • Stubbondetailst


  • if they manage to do that by the end of 2010 I would be impressed but if it is not running with the some ablity to use 4g when 4g is ready I think I will pass on it

  • Caz

    that's just naughty…. now can i haz all that in a nice tablet form too?

  • Napes

    Does he come with the phone?


    • kellex

      He is dreamy isn't he. 😛

  • Tats crazy hot ill settle for a DROID with keyboard 1ghz if possible. But this phone gonna be a beast!

  • jxcgunrunna

    Day one buy.

  • G-zus


  • robplatt

    I am 🙂

    Thankfully running 2.2 now. 19 in linpack baby!

  • kellex

    First! hah!

    • Baked14

      Fail… Haha where's tim?

      • Tim is drinking some bomb iced tea at work and eating sun flower seeds while watching AVGN on youtube…
        Pretty much loving my life right now 😛

    • Kellex.. man u sellin the best crack in the biz.. We need that DL fix by the second… lol… Great job man..

    • Michael_NM

      If we're warriors, you're the General!

    • redbar0n11

      Bahahaha, this is epic. The “hah!” just makes it. I can just picture it… “I'll show them! — *post* — *quickly scurries to the comment box*… “What the…”

      Oh btw, to everyone with Froyo using Advanced Task Killer, and it wont kill itself… I talked to the Dev and he said it's fixed now, he will be updating the market in a few weeks, but offered me the apk early to test it out. I'll ask him if he'd like more testing by spreading the DL love.

  • Michael_NM

    Speechless? Yes! Excited? Yes!

    • MotoMods