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Qualcomm Announces Dual-CPU Snapdragon

The introduction of a 1.2Ghz dual-core Snapdragon process is a pretty nice way to start the month of June, right?  That’s exactly what Qualcomm blessed us with this morning…

Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of wireless technologies, products and services, today announced the Company has sampled its first dual-CPU Snapdragon™ chipsets. The Mobile Station Modem™ (MSM™) MSM8260™ and MSM8660™ solutions integrate two of the Company’s enhanced cores running at up to 1.2GHz. Targeted at enabling high-end smartphones, the MSM8x60 solutions are third-generation chipsets from the Company’s expanded Snapdragon platform, which has been powering smartphones, tablets and smartbook devices in markets around the world.

Their current lineup of chipsets…

  • First-generation products: QSD8x50™ with 1GHz enhanced core
  • Second-generation products: MSM8x55™ and QSD8x50A™ with 1GHz enhanced core, including multimedia optimizations and 1.3GHz enhanced core, respectively
  • Third-generation products: MSM8260, MSM8660 and QSD8672 with dual-CPU architecture featuring enhanced cores running at up to 1.2GHz and 1.5GHz, respectively

No news as to if or when we would see one of these in a device, but I can’t imagine it being too far off.

Source: Qualcomm

Cheers Mark!

  • Hi! I like your works very much! nice post.

  • Ron

    every single droid 2 engineer that just succesfuly installed the snapdragon is probably so pissed right now

    droid 3 anyone?

  • This is the weirdest thing that as happened to me in a while. I was reading this post while I was up at University of Illinois and I was like I never really heard of this company. About 10 min later a find my self right infront of their building. It was crazy!

  • This is the weirdest thing that as happened to me in a while. I was reading this post while I was up at University of Illinois and I was like I never really heard of this company. About 10 min later a find my self right infront of their building. It was crazy!

  • droidroks

    Shouldn't Qualcomm look into making a little fan or cooling agent for the processors? All computers and laptops have a fan to cool the interior. I imagine these chips would get real hot. Think about how hot our phone gets already.

  • EggoEspada

    I'd like Ti OMAP3640 or Terga 2.

  • briderx

    Another $200 and some duct tape and I can show you a dual-core Droid.. You'd also get two screens, two keyboards and 14 homescreens.

    • Austin

      what battery issue… I get 24 hours with moderate usage.. all I can ask for a superphone

      • briderx

        I don't see how people say that and do. My phone has been unplugged since about 7:00am. I will let it go all day and will report how fast it dies. I will literally let it go. Maybe I charge it too much thinking it's going to die.. I don't know. anyways.. I will report.

        • jstell

          The battery life on these Droids is very strange. I forgot to plug mine in last night and still have 30 percent left, and I even played Donkey Kong Country yesterday for 15 min on an emulator. My dad's Droid will only last until about 3pm with an overnight charge. Battery life just seems to be all over the place.

          • Austin

            I unplug at 7am every day… right now at 8:53 it is at 100%… so far I have sent 5 texts, upgraded 5 apps, and added some calender events, display has been on for 10 minutes

            by 11pm tonight my battery will be at about 30-40%

            each day I surf the net for about 30 minutes, send about 50-100 text messages, read about 30 emails and reply to a very small portion… rarely use wifi or gps.. my display usage in minutes by the end of the day usually hits 2 hours.. I have lots of syncing, fb, etc enabled as well

          • Austin

            I'm going to ask kellex if I can do a writeup about battery, I had enormous battery issues when I first got the droid so I spent literally weeks discovering and learning about the different processes that will eat battery. The end result was email killing my battery. Instead of using the email program I forward everything to gmail now… not only do I get emails instantaneously but my battery was increased my at least 7 hours… I still have all of my 3 email accounts setup in the email program if I want to send an email using that specific account (so it doesn't show it is from my gmail) it just doesn't go out searching for emails

          • briderx

            I typically use internet for about an hour a day. I send/receive around 20 texts. Emails throughout the day. Have NEVER turned my GPS off (it's off now) and wifi is on for about 6 hours a day. I mean.. I'm not totally dissatisfied with the battery. I know it's asking a LOT from such a small phone.. But, I wish the battery technology would catch up with the phone technology. A phone is only good if you can use it. Can't wait to count my usage in DAYS – Wishful Thinking…

            Anyone tried the extended battery? I am REALLY curious about the battery life on that. I had a LG Env Touch with extended battery – Friends (2) had it without.. They got less than a day, I got 3 days. Curious if the extended on the droid is anywhere near that difference. I would sacrifice a thicker phone for more battery.

        • I get all day (7:30 AM to Midnight) moderate use from mine, although on work days I do get a 20 minute charge to and from work via my car charger. I'm usually at about 40% when it goes on the cradle at night. I don't get many phone calls, maybe 10 minutes worth per day – perhaps that's the difference?

      • briderx

        Well, I officially let my Droid die.. Died @ 10:00pm with moderate usage. So, 7:00am – 10:00pm. That's actually not as bad as I thought. Once my phone hit 20%, it went another 3 hours. SOO.. I will eat my words, because that's pretty damn good.

    • towelie420

      Get an extra battery and a charger cradle for it. Total order from vzw.com was about $63.00. Problem solved. No more tears.

  • Only if they could put this in my droid now 🙁 lol

  • kulz

    sexy indeed…BUT…if the ARM processor on the Droid can be pushed to 1ghz+, can these be pushed go 3ghz+? that would be the shiiiiiit~! 😀

    • That's not exactly how a dual core processor works. What it would be like is if you could somehow wire two droids running 1.2ghz together, and had them work in tandem to run one system. Not saying you can't overclock this, but it's not like you can double the standard ARM processor because there's another core.

      • kulz

        i know that multiple core(s) processors are better power efficient, takes up less real estate under the hood but 1.2ghz = 1.2ghz (dual core or not) no?

        • Eric

          Per core. Two 1Ghz cores is not the same as one 2Ghz core. In certain circumstances the overall processing power of the system can be close to twice as much when doubling the cores, but each core has to work on a separate process, so if there is only on process running, only one core is being used, so you still just get 1Ghz.