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Beautiful Widgets Live Wallpaper Released

Beautiful Widgets was updated today and included a special prize if you ventured into the app’s settings.  The developer behind one of the most successful apps ever, created a live wallpaper to compliment BW called Beautiful Live Weather.

This new live wallpaper pulls up your local weather and streams it across the background.  Pretty cool right?  Oh, and it works even better if you have Beautiful Widgets installed.

*Side Note* – I know that many of you are reporting that you cannot see the app in the market.  Try our direct link below from your phone’s browser.  There is also word from the dev that they will be posting the apk tomorrow.  It’s free so I’d think about posting it, but I’m not sure everyone involved would be that excited about that.


Download Link

  • slackerjoe

    Thank you! =)

  • aarynk

    For some reason BW messes with my phone… ran horrible after installing LW and BW widgets. uninstalled right away. Wanted to like it but couldn't live with how slow my phone was afterwards even OC'd

  • Steve Z

    Looks nice. On another note……what's that camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen?

    Any chance that's something that will improve the miserable pictures my Droid takes?

    • fred114

      That's the drocap2 app. It allows you to take screen shots of your droid. Rooted users only.

  • fred114

    Need a little help. I bought Beautiful Widgets before I rooted. Guess I really didn't know what I was doing. After rooting, still had BW through back up. But it is not recongized through the market that I have it. So I do not get updates. If I try to download it again from market, wants to charge me. Is there any way to fix this.?

    thanks for the help

  • Johnny

    Even better after the update–I like the “CPU hog” feature. I've been playing around with this a lot, and even though it definitely uses up battery, it's not as significant as I would have expected.

    BTW, it's raining right now in San Francisco… you can set that as your location if you want to see what rain looks like in the LWP.

  • It’s a pity it’s not like the weather app you could put on the Blackberry that gave you the current conditions on the screen in addition to the sun/moon/clouds. That is one thing I miss about my Storm 2. It also alerted you on warnings/watches.

  • matt

    bricked up my phone. took an hour to delete it.

  • JayferX

    I tried this, seemed to make my phone have an issue going into landscape mode, so I switched back over to my fave live wallpaper nexusmod 2.0.

    I tried out JRummy Red, it was pretty good. Read the review on here about BuglessBeast and switched over to that, WOW, BB is awesome, been running that ever since. I have switched between the different versions and running the SmokedGlass theme now. Changed from HelixLauncher (1) to LauncherPro and another WOW, now with BB and LauncherPro my phone runs awesome.

    I wish there was a way Kellex could setup like a ROM rating chart on here somehow, where people could try different ROMs and then give it 1-5 stars or something, that way you could try out the better ones and not waste your time with the sucky ones.

  • slackerjoe

    Hey guys, this looks cool but I can't find the “settings” for BW. =/ Could someone tell me where to find it please? Thanks!!

    • Thomas Iansiti

      Long press on the screen, select Beautiful Home and it will bring up the setting screen.

      • slackerjoe

        Thank you! =)

  • Thomas Iansiti

    Works really well on my Moto Droid. Look even better with the 'Dirty Paper' skins applied to the main and weather widgets.

    Oh, yea, and I would totally dig an Ezestand:-)

  • brandonmee

    This would look really good on those eze stands you are giving away today. ha

  • Mrpicolas

    Well quirks or not it is a very cool step forward for lwp in general the more interactive these become the more uses will be found

  • Astrid

    Does any one knows how can I make my Droid Eris look like the Motorola Droid while on a call. The Motorola shows like 4 icons while you are on a call.

  • rjholla2003

    It's pretty…but NO WAY! Left it on my charger overnight and woke up to see that it drained my battery down to 40% (it was at 80% prior to install), and my Droid was so hot you could fry an egg. If it wasn't so ABSURDLY intense, I would love it.

    • digipimp

      Same here – murdered my battery overnight on the charger. It is really nice other than that though…

  • trav

    If you don't want the double moons, go into the BW settings and go to the option near the bottom callled “weather icon pack” and choose the skin named “none just the background” apply this setting and Wala, no more double moons/suns.

    • DrPooper

      I don't see that option in BW. Is this something on a newer version?

      • DrPooper

        Never mind, I had to update to 2.998 to see it.

        • Colin

          How do I update to 2.998?

          • pyroholtz

            The market currently has version 2.998 available. As long as you've paid for BW just go to your download section within the market app and it'll show an update for BW exists.

          • Colin

            Thanks for the tip, Pyro… I updated and still don't see “none just the background” option. Help anyone?

          • pyroholtz

            When adding the “beautiful home widget”, the app prompts you to select a number of settings for the home widget. At the bottom of the settings page, there is an option for “weather icon pack” its a gray button. Select that and it will take you to a skin selection. More than likely you'll need to download The skin since it doesn't come with more than one by default. At the top, you can select, “download skins” and the 'None' skin is at the bottom by Drew. That's all you need to do to remove the second, sun/moon when using the live wall paper. I hope this tutorial helped. Good luck Colin.

    • scorpion77

      where is that ?? in the skins? or in the configure because i don't see it .. what version are you running ??

      • trav

        Update to the latest version of BW then you should see the option near the bottom called “weather icon pack” and its the skin named “none just the background” apply and should work now.

    • Keith

      Sorry, I have to correct you because it made me laugh. It's not “wala” it's “voilà”


  • mathewdev

    launcher pro update get on it!! custom permanent apps!!

  • Alas, my love affair with the live wallpapers has come to an end. Looks pretty and all but I like my phone faster.

    Before any of you ask: rooted, overclocked to 1Ghz, JRummy's Remix (Red Version).


  • Can amyone else see the face in the clouds on this pucture look right beside the number 58 to the right.

  • Can amyone else see the face in the clouds on this pucture look right beside the number 58 to the right.