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New Launcher: LauncherPro Beta

Another launcher, another one you seriously need to consider.  The LauncherPro Beta is the newest home replacement to actually hit the Android Market and is free for all users (both non-rooted and rooted).  This thing, as the kiddies say, “flies!”

(Click photos for gallery view)

A list of features:

  • Up to 7 home screens.
  • Ability to set which screen is your default.
  • SenseUI-styled previews by pressing “home.”
  • 3D app drawer without lag.  Seriously, zero lag.
  • 4 shortcuts to phone, contacts, MMS, and browser.

Only negative I can see at this point are the locked down app shortcuts in the tray; you cannot change them, but the rest of the features could outweigh that negative.

Let me know your thoughts!


Download Link

Cheers Robert!

  • Wow such a great feature.The launcher pro beta has 7 screens and we can set default screen by our own requirement… great and even 4 instant shortcut also to get fast…

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  • Massena

    Why is it that it ask permission for “services that cost you money” and make direct calls? Will it incur me cost?

  • I just downloaded this and I can change the APP SHORTCUTS by long pressing the icons in the tray. There's a bit of lag waiting for the menu to come up, but I changed all of mine out to the ones I most use.

  • Chente

    I love this App!!!! very impressed!

  • djenks24

    Very fast and clean, looks like I'm gonna miss my slide out docks in PandaHome2.

  • Matt

    I think it is very fast..however going back to helix launcher (the first one) because I like having the ability to create my own short cuts in the dock. I am hoping with a update it will fix that!! Very cool though!! A definite home to keep but will be glad when upgraded!

  • mkregs

    Dev released another update…some good stuff! Here's a msg on his website:

    LauncherPro Beta v0.2.0 Released!
    MAY 19TH
    Posted by Federico in Updates 13 comments
    Alright, so I’ve been working all day on LauncherPro, fixing bugs and adding features. It’s late and I’m tired, but didn’t want to go to bed before publishing the update, so please bear with me.

    What’s new in 0.2.0:

    Fixed missing highlights when navigating app drawer with trackball/dpad.
    Fixed bug where some widgets would sometimes get dragged when doing a pinch gesture.
    Fixed force close problems when pressing a shortcut on some devices. (Haven’t been able to test this since I can’t reproduce the bug, but it should work)
    New: Added a button on the app drawer to go back to the home screens.
    New: Added options for 4 and 6 home screens. Now you can choose anywhere from 3 to 7 screens.
    New: Option to auto-rotate the launcher to landscape mode when the device is rotated.
    New: Option to have the Home key on your device take you to your default home screen instead of showing the previews. If you’re already on the default screen, it will bring up the previews.
    That’s it for now. I think I came up with a pretty nice way to handle the shortcut dock customization. If there are no big bugs in the current release I should be able to start working on it tomorrow, though it probably won’t be ready until next week (going to New Zealand for the weekend).

    Thanks again for all the comments, suggestions, and bug reports. Keep ‘em coming!

    PS: I’ve been swamped with emails about LauncherPro in the past two days and haven’t had time to reply to most of them yet. Please bear with me and know that your emails aren’t being ignored.

    • Drummer62

      This is the best launcher so far, great work!! If I could mention one thing though….When rotating the fixed icons move from their current location instead of just rotating. Can that be fixed where they stay in their exact same location but just only rotate instead?

  • disturbedny

    Looks like the update they just released fixed the landscape/shortcut issue. Still blazing fast!

  • z32589

    Here's the thing with replacement launchers. I have tried every single one and can't find one that doesn't lag – if not immediately, they all seem to lag over a period of time. There is something to be said for just the plain, old, drawer-style launcher. To be honest, I really like the stock launcher on Bugless Beast v1.0 with the Smoked Glass Theme. Every time I try a replacement launcher, I think it's cool for about 2 days, and then I always breathe a sigh of relief when I return to the “stock.” Just my opinion, but it comes from experience.

  • MG.

    This is how the phone should run with 7 screens. Anyone who uses your phone would never know it was a add on. No lag and the home button works every time. Helix is good but this one is way better. My brother in law has the Samsung Moment. This works great for his phone to. Helix was taking to much resources for his phone.

  • John

    Very Impressive!! By far the most responsive launcher I have tried. Sure it could use the customizable shortcut icons, continuous scrolling, and a few other features. For me though, the good highly outweighs the bad.

  • DiGz76

    Super fast but shortcuts are locked and no landscape without sliding your phone. Big Minus!

  • Adam

    AWESOME launcher, SO fast!!!

    Need to be able to customize the four icons on the home screen. A Google Voice user, I never use messaging. Never 😀

  • timarnette

    WOW, This is very fast. Love this Launcher!!!!!!

  • illagod

    is it me or did this launcher stop the 360 degree screen orientation?

  • versusxiii

    This doesn't switch to landscape mode when I tilt the phone. Kind of annoying — only when I slide the keyboard out.

  • This really is an incredible app! Goes perfect with BuglessBeast v 1.0! HelixLauncher 1.4b crashed a lot, but this is smooth as silk.

  • dannyyang524

    Just an awesome launcher. The only part where it fails is the customization. In helix launcher, you can change the 4 shortcuts. 😛 Pretty much the only thing different in terms of customization. The part that bothers me is how the “3-D launcher” does show the apps on the top, when you scroll down. But I have to say. This is a hell of a launcher.

  • OutlawTruth

    Is there a way to get a cool custom lockscreen clock (like the one in the picture) without rooting? A free working NexusMod and nicer looking lockscreen would make my stock Droid that much more awesome.

  • mikeranucci

    I strongly recommend this if you're sick of the stock app drawer or if you want something faster than the Helix Launcher. I've been using the Helix Launcher2 ever since i got my Droid and this is a pleasant change. Only sacrifices you'd have to make from the Helix Launcher would be no customizing the locked apps at the bottom and the 3D app drawer but it's worth it in my opinion. Download.

  • mikeranucci

    Defiantly a launcher worth having if you're sick of the stock or want something faster than the Helix Launcher. I've been using HelixLauncher2 for the entire time I've had my droid and i must say this one is nicer. i can live without the 3D app drawer. Speed is worth the sacrifice. still looks really nice. Very quick and snappy. Download.

  • rockymtnhigh

    Downloaded it, and it runs fast, but there does not seem to be a 3D app drawer; just a normal 2D. Is there some setting I am not seeing?

  • Seriously best launcher period and its only a beta ..its so smooth

  • Mrpicolas

    This will be my launcher of choice till we see tat home released

  • fredo

    when i click on the download link it says error? help?

    • fredo

      nvm got it. thanks

      • Let me know what ya think

    • Just download it from the market. Don't use a live wallpaper and be ready its amazing

  • jajajay

    umm so i downloaded the adw launcher and like a couple days after my DROID started lagging on homescreen after i unlock phone but the notifications bar works. i even went back to helixlauncher 1 and still didnt help. so i downloaded this launcher and i loves it.lol. BUT……..still getting the lag at times. i dont know what the problem is. can anyone help please? im running rooted 2.1 bb v1.0

  • Rodeojones000

    I'm in love! So fast that words can't describe it well enough. I'm running NexBeast (based off of Bugless Beast V1.0) with a P3Droid 1.2Ghz kernel and when I flicked the screen it moved so fast I thought it might shoot straight out of my phone. I can live with the pre-determined docked apps for now as long as this doesn't suddenly become laggy (like Helix 2 would do). Dev, if you are reading this blog, you are a genius!

  • p0k3y

    Same question here as well. ADW is very fast on my phone, plus it has 6 configurable quick launch buttons. Much better than Helix 2. Any rooted user can give us an objective comp?

  • pretty cool but I think I will stick with ADW until I can customize launcher pro in more ways.

  • James

    dxtop is still my favorite cuz you can customize your app droor, and it scrolls in a diamond rather than side to side

  • Aki

    Wonderful home screen replacement… I used Helix 1 and 2 but I think I'll be sticking with this from now on. I don't mind the shortcuts because I had those there already, albeit in a different order, but the ability to customize those would be nice. I'd also like to remove the status bar from the default screen

  • I've been using Helix and switched to the beta. Ever since seems to drag more and more of late.

    Then bam this one is released and runs like a charm.

    Granted both are in beta, but this on seems to be a bit further along and no lag at all. Great job, I'll be using this for a bit.

  • braydenn

    you can also view the SenseUI-styled previews by pinch-zooming-out on any home page!!! i love this

    • Sacchin

      Don't you mean Pinch-Zooming In lol?

      • braydenn


  • Josh

    Hmmm when you add more screens, they expand to the right. Instead of the default home which expands left and right. Not a big deal, but keep it in mind when you are setting up your screens.

    • Lee

      You can choose which screen is your start screen. Example: If you have 5 screens, choose the 3rd one so you have two on each side. I like that you have the option to choose which screen you want to be the starting point.

  • Mrpicolas

    Dev has stared on his site he is working on custom shortcuts for the bottom bar

  • dannydarko

    This is very laggy on Droid rooted Succulent Desire 4.5 . I am actually using an old beta 2.0.7 helix launcher haven't had a force close yet.

  • droiddadi

    This one rocks. Thanks kellex

  • fralogan

    I love everything about this launcher, even the grayish shortcut icons makes the screen less busy looking. My favorite feature is launching home and selecting a screen. Great Job!

  • sonicboomin

    this is the sh!t

  • tehckotek

    i believe that i dont have any word in my “english” vocabulary to explain how exited and fascinated i feel with this launcher…. even in spanish!

    • alphabets

      id like to c the home button take u back to the main screen and not have the mini screens pop up.

      • tehckotek

        as soon as you start playing with it, you'll know when to hit the home button… that happened to me and i was getting frustrated, 'til i found the way to work with!

      • Dick Wiggles

        there is an option in settings that will do this

  • BeeJay

    Props to the dev of this wonderful app! I love the smoothness. Does anyone know a good (still) background to use with this launcher? I don't really like the default one.

    • jdon285

      I got National Geographic Wallpaper app from the market, all kinds of great wallpaper in there. 🙂

    • Erin

      I use the flikie app for wallpapers. They have tons of images you can use, and you can set it to auto-change your wallpaper every so often (every 30 minutes, 1, 3, 6, or 12 hours, or once a day).

  • I love it, works fast and is crisp and clean.
    sorry if i double posted guys but i wanted to know if anyone has had issues with the invisishield? I got it on my droid at BestB and it messed up my phone. within seconds my screen was going crazy so BestB replaced my droid with another droid and this second droid has the invisishield too but isnt messing up “as much” only little things like my sd card notifications out of no where and fake notifications in the middle of the night. any one else have issues?

    • matt

      I installed invisishield on my droid and have had no problems at all. It is important to leave your device off for 24 hours after installation.

      • I didnt know you had to leave it off, the peeps at bbuy told me to use it but not put it in my pocket. Im having second thought about even keeping the shield on.

  • jesusfreak1

    also its multi touch if you wanna go to the sense ui part! just pinch out!

  • BrandyC

    Just got it. I had helix launcher 1 and then 2, i liked helix 1 better, but now this is nice. Really nice speed. No FC yet. Clean crisp feel to it. I love it.
    sorry for getting off subject guys i just have a questions. I got the invisishield on my droid and it messed it up my screen went nuts right after the installation, i got it at BestB so they replaced my droid with another one. This new droid is good with the shield on it, but its doing little things like fake notifications and my sd card notification comes on in the middle on the night. N e one else had experiences like these?

    • loonie01

      sounds like you just need a hard reset. It might fix the problem.

      • Well its been a couple of days now and im using this launcher on it. it works great and i havent had issues. Im running my phone stock but im curious if id like it more rooted? since im just learning what to do or what upgrades i can do to it, im scared to do it alone. but im glad my phone isnt screwing up.

  • mathewdev

    damn good launcher!! I was running Bugless Beast with smoked glass and speed is the same.. Really wish I can change the apps!! I'd pay for that!

  • nick177th

    I likes. But, like everyone else, I would like customization of the 4 shortcuts. Jeez, I didn't realize how slow I was moving until I d/l'd this launcher.

  • dpu328

    I don't see the drawer being 3d either

  • cnpalmer

    Wicked fast launcher comapred to most…
    Here's a list of features that would make a launcher like this over the top (devs you listening?):
    – Customize the shortcut icons in the tray
    – Customize the app drawer icon itself
    – Customize the row/column count
    – Allow for transition customizations (2D/3D drawer appearence, app/icon fly-in/fly-out
    – Allow for continuous scrolling or end-to-end scrolling

    • Drew

      If they could customize row/column count and take out the app names it would be awesome.

  • scorpion77

    am i the only one who doesn't see a 3d app drawer? what am i doing throw here ?? Like th launcher they did a nice job on it fast , Good set up so far .. would like to see some movable short cuts but besides that nice job ..

  • hawgpapa

    Awesome launcher…the upside definitely outweighs any of the things that have been left out…landscape and the unchangeable dock. Speed and stability are absolutely awesome! Waiting for the next version that addresses any of the downside! I use Home Switcher to easily switch to the other launchers to compare. Great app, too…

  • hjoconor

    This is by far the best home replacement I have seen. Not being able to change the icons at the bottom is a bummer but it is by far the fastes.

  • Holly crap I just put a regular wallpaper as a background and it is amazing

  • JAStark87

    hey kellex would u choose this over helix launcher?

  • joeferb

    pretty sweet. i definitely like it alot, but its also not something that i am too overly impressed with. fast for sure though and has great features

  • JimmyD

    WOW…. I'm loving LauncherPro! I formerly used Home++, then Helix Launcher, then most recently, Helix Launcher 2. LauncherPro provides MUCH smoother scrolling and live wallpaper rendering. 🙂

    Like others have said though, it really needs to have the option to change the four tray icons.

  • eroldan

    Its seems like its not finding it on my phone. I've scanned it and i've tried searching for it. Is this for just phone running 2.1? I have a G1, so i'm not sure if it'll work. It didn't specify what type of Version its for. Any suggestions or ideas?

  • Ray

    This thing is nice helix launcher see ya later.

  • Mike

    THE ONLY DOWNS for me, that keeps me from using it is that the preview screens with Helix open by quick tapping the screen (1 hand usability)…
    Screen previews with THIS launcher is a pinch deal…(requires 2 hands)
    (and the customizable shortcuts on bottom)
    Other than that it is GREAT Speed, and it is SOOO smooth..

    • name

      all you have to do is hit the home button while on your home page and it will come up with the preview

    • Mrpicolas

      Tap home button and it will bring them up as well

  • Travis

    I am not even going to install it until it allows custom applications next to the app launcher like helix does. I understand it may look cool, but forcing the applications we have after we have had whatever we want kindof stinks. If this was the first to market that offered this, then absolutely, but helixlauncher 1 is still really fast for me. I had to uninstall 2 because it kept lagging my phone bad. Sounds like a great application, but allow whatever apps we want in the tray and I will install and even pay if it is that good!

  • Adam

    Ugh, I'm sorry, but how on earth do you set xScope as the default browser so I can use it with the quick launch icon? I set it as default in the xScope settings itself and it just launches the stock browser every time!

  • darkcomartist

    OMG this thing is crazy fast!! I've used other launchers but this is the 1st launcher I set as my default (afraid of force close loops in previous ones). This thing is awesome!!!!! Easily one of, if not my favorite, app!!! I was running at 1k ghz but scaled it down to 900 mhz to see if it was still just as fast and sure enough, its speeds through it like nobody's business.

  • Drew

    Working well for me. App drawer is sooo fast. Liking the pinch zoom. My only problem is that my live wallpaper (popsquares) is getting screwed up. And no auto-orient landscape on my end.

  • xFenixKnightx

    BEST! LAUNCHER! EVAH! With Live wallpapers off, I feel like Im running over 1Ghz, NO LIE!

  • schmaltzy

    Hmmm,……just downloaded….it didn't give me a 3D app drawer…suggestions? (running Bugless Beast 1.0)

  • aarynk

    Nice launcher… I still like ADW better right now on my phone. will keep to check out the future updates though. Was pretty fast

  • aczm1988

    Found a good home app in the market for free. Its called “Zeam” its still being update but so far you got landscape, no auto rotate as of yet but its got the “sense like” launche with dedicated phone button and another customizable button. Not to much options for the second button yet but this program is still new. Also you can have 9, thats right, 9 home screens. No lag at all so far its def worth checking out.

  • Keith

    WOW. So fast. Sorry to say goodbye to helix launcher, but I can live with out auto landscape and customized icons for the speed.

  • Really nice and snappy. Definitely working its way to being the best home launcher. A few things still need to be worked out though:
    – Being able to change the tray icons. Right now, this is the biggest issue. Having GV and Gmail on there would be ideal for me. This would probably change the icons away from just being an outline though, which is unfortunate. They look really cool.
    – 3D scrolling through the app drawer (similar to HelixLauncher2). Right now it's only 3D animations in/out, which is really nice looking, but it feels fairly flat once you get in the app drawer.
    – Endless scrolling would be a nice option. With 5 screens, I like the ability to scroll right from screen 5 to screen 1 or vice versa.

  • scrizzo

    Wow, this is the fastest launcher i've used so far. I don't have a problem with the current tray icons (phone, contacts, messages, Browser) since i have those set in anyways. It's not the 3d launcher in the sense that it doesn't scroll up or down like the launcher but the icons do “fly-in” when the launcher button is pressed which i find is better trade-off since the icons dont have to adjust after scrolling up or down. I'm going to keep it for a while but my intial reaction is that its better than helix1, if not then its def. faster 🙂

  • Sad Panda

    Is this better than ADW? Don't feel like reconfiguring my phone to find out.

  • I see many saying you can set Dolphin or another browser to open when you hit browser but mine does not. When I hit the browser shortcut, it just opens the regular browser even though Dolphin is my set default. Can anyone direct me to get Dolphin to open when I hit the shortcut?

    • Scratch that, figured it out, just go into settings for Dolphin and check make default. This sets it as default for everything, apparently i still had a few unchosen defaults that was screwing it up.

  • Now that's a high quality beta!

    this is the only home I've used to replace my actual default home that came with Droid.

    BB V1 Google classic theme.

  • rmurray3

    nice launcher,also wish you can change the locked down apps in the tray.

  • rals

    Sweet I will check this out later. I just did screen shots of my current layout, and adding in the icons to the new launcher should be relatively easy now that I can reference on what I put on last.

  • Wow it's loads faster from Helix 2! I love it! I'm def waiting for more customization, but the speed just sold me in so many ways…

  • bill1253

    No 3d app drawer on my droid. Looks more like launcher1/helix1 version- just flat and full screen.
    Rooted with UD new era- oc @1.2GHz

  • wow! Its so Fast!!! Speed is way more important that the custom shortcuts (that would just be a plus!)

  • josh1980

    Hey Kellex

    Are you running the dark edge theme? If so are you using the nexus mod live wallpaper to change the colors of the wallpaper or something else? I saw this launcher last night and grabbed it and it is awesome!

  • Wow this thing flies! Switching from Helix, but yeah a pain to set everything back up, but also cool to start fresh 🙂

  • Lee

    This is the best launcher I've seen to date! Very FAST and snappy! Awesome is all I can say!

  • Eric

    App draw is not 3d. Does not support HTC widgets on Incredible. Otherwise not bad at all

    • kellex

      It is the 3D drawer. 😛

      • Eric

        ok it don't scroll 3d then 😛

        • EVIL


  • jstell

    I have tried quite a few launchers (5+), this one is probably the launcher I have ever seen. It's so fast! How did the dev do it? I just switched from Helix2 to ADW on Friday, I just uninstalled both, and now this will be the only launcher I use.

    • jstell

      correction: “this one is probably the *best launcher I have ever seen”

  • cjportmann

    This may not seem like much, but I like that the App drawer returns to the last view you used. Very quick response. I like it.

    • kellex

      Good point. Something I should have mentioned in the post. The SenseUI app drawer on the Incredible does the same thing and is a great feature.

    • xFenixKnightx

      I also like that.

  • Joeschmo

    Quality launcher. Even though I've already donated to Ruqqq, I like how smooth this is as well (also fullscreen 3d app window is winrar)

  • sholtkamp

    how do i get to the configure screen?

    • Hit the menu button on the home screen and then press Preferences.

  • Pinch the screen and it will give you previews also

    • kellex

      Mine doesn't do that. Give me proof! 🙂

      • kimsj756

        He is right.. if you pinch, it will give you the previews like HTC incredible.
        This launcher is great!

        • Told ya!

          • If you pinch the screen you get a preview, if you pinch the preview it goes full screen…mine doesn't have a 3D drawer either…

      • It works, I just tried it. Neat stuff.

      • Read the developers website he states it in there… works really smooth just like on htc maybe evne better.

    • xFenixKnightx

      Yup! Just like 2.1 Sense, pinch for the previews

  • I like it. Incredibly fast, looks fantastic, and has the Sense previews. All of this, and it's still in Beta. I hope they add the option to customize the shortcuts, but other than that it seems like the best launcher around. Switching to it from Helix2.

  • John

    No landscape support. Home screens scroll very smoothly, but they 'bounce' back into place.. I find this annoying. App drawer isn't 3D for me when running BB V1.0.

    • John

      Ok, I guess the app drawer is HALF 3d.. the icons fly into place like the 3d launcher, but they do not scroll like it

    • Napes

      There is landscape support actually.

      • John

        How so? Turn your phone to the side while at Home, and it doesn't switch.. and there is no option to turn it on.

        • It does support landscape, BUT it does not support auto rotating landscape. In order to get landscape you have to slide the keyboard open (just like you have to do it on the stock launcher). Secondly the “Auto Orientation” setting only applies to applications like the browser if I'm not mistaken.

          • mo

            no, it does support landscape with the phone closed. If not go to settings and enable auto rotation.

      • jake

        I too cannot get landscape to work. I have to open my keyboard to get it to switch to landscape. I have the “Auto-Orient” checked in my preferences for the phone but it still will not work. Any ideas?

        • John

          It works with the keyboard out, but that isn't true support IMO.. stock home works that way but I wouldn't say it supports landscape mode.

  • replicant

    yeah this is a solid launcher; by far the best one thus far, and since it uses your defaults you already hvae setup (for the 4 shortcuts) it seems pretty usable.

  • terry

    gezz, it is fast. No lagging any where. I hate lag! This screams of use me!

  • keithsmith22

    After checking out the website for this app, the developer is definitely planning on customizable shortcuts at the bottom. When that happens, I am switching. He is also working on a landscape mode. When those two are done, I am switching. Helix1 is good but slows me down sometimes. This thing flies.

    • kellex

      Landscape mode actually works pretty well on mine.

      • keithsmith22

        I am using a DROID and it only goes to landscape with keyboard open. HMMMMMMMMM??????

  • I like it! if they can make the short cuts customizable…this would def be better than Helix IMO.

  • duckphan

    This is great. BUT, I'm not very happy that you can't select which 4 “home” apps for the bottom. I don't use “contacts” or the stock “messaging” apps.

    • duckphan

      Nevermind, I see that I can choose a default messaging app. I'm a moron. Still wish I could switch out the contacts and browser though.

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    amazing. it's quick and the locked down apps in the tray isn't bad because those are what i use in the tray anyway. and when you click on messaging or browser it go to whatever you have as that default action, mine went straight to handcent sms. and dolphin browser. this is the best so far. big ups!!!!

  • codash

    When he adds more customization, I'm in. Need to be able to put Handcent and dolphin brower on the quick launch.
    Anyone running Bugless Beast having any problems? I haven't really looked around on different forums yet, but my facebook pictures will not sync with my contacts. Some will, but most won't. Its wierd. Also, Im running Helix1 and I have been getting some FC's lately, usually coming out of a game.

    • jonny6pak

      Same here. I want Handcent and Google Voice in my quick launch. I like the icon style, but I need the customization.

    • kellex

      You can set the MMS and Browser apps to default to Handcent and Dolphin. 😛

      • Jack

        Can you set the MMS one to default to Google Voice?

      • JAStark87

        hey helix would u choose this over helix? i like both but having a tough time deciding so looking for your input

    • codash

      All the good reviews, so I had to try it out. IT IS FAST! I like it. And I did set Handcent and Dolphin as defaults so no problems there. I was always running 6 screens. And on this launcher there is 3, 5, or 7. So I guess I need some great widgets to fill up this new screen.

      Anyone have any suggestions on some cool widgets?

    • Nathan622

      i have been having a problem out of my gallery. it keeps FC when i try to open it. have to go thru camara botton to get to pict. then i can't get to my downloaded ones.

  • jizzoizzm

    Yaaay something for the unrooted!!!!

    • xFenixKnightx

      Yeah, finally! =)

    • Kova

      I know how you feel! Give us unrooted people more fun stuff!

  • I will stick with Helix. should Launcher Pro let us change the shortcuts in the tray I may switch. I like the customization with Helix Launcher and Helix runs smooth for me.

    • Gotta agree there. I need to swap out those icons to make the home screen as usable as possible…but it *is* nice and speedy as all get out.

    • Jack

      Agreed. I don't use MMS. I could deal with the other three, but I'd rather have Voice there than MMS.

  • I love all the options that are coming out for the launchers but dang… I'm getting tired of replacing all my icons and widgets! 5 pages worth adds up! (We need an app to transfer home screens, I think!)

    • kellex

      Seriously, you make that app and you'll be a bajillionaire. 😛

  • corydunbar

    this is better than helix in my opinion because of the speed and the leap feature. I prefer customizing the shortcuts and the look of helix's shortcut glass floor. But maybe the devs could borrow ideas.

  • RealGame22

    If you ask me….I feel like this is the best Home Launcher out rite now.

    • kellex

      Tough to argue with that.