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Create Your Own Custom HTC_IME Keyboard

Our favorite non-Swype style keyboard just keeps getting better.  As of today, you can work through a step-by-step process and actually create your own customized HTC_IME keyboard.  We are now on version 24 and one of the developers behind this ported version has released his beta customization method.  Check it out…

*This is for non-rooted and rooted users. Everyone!*

1.  Visit this site and register for an account.
2.  Choose “Create a custom keyboard skin from scratch.”
3.  Choose your keyboard version.  (v24 is the newest.)
4.  Follow the next few steps, choosing your color scheme.
5.  Click “Generate Keyboard.”
6.  Download your keyboard and install it.  (Installation instructions here.)

Update: It appears that you do need the Clicker file for calibration.  Download here.

With this new v24, it appears that the Clicker.apk for calibration is no longer needed and the settings for the keyboard have become much more polished.  There are even a few new features which you’ll enjoy.

If you want the keyboard from above that I’ve created, you can download it here.  (alt link)

Let me know if you have any issues.

Source: XDA Forums

Cheers Joandy!

  • AnitaB123

    So I have the droid X. Now, when you talk about the “keyboard version” how do I know which one I am supposed to use? Ex. v27, v26, v24, v23?????? 

  • Alky

    I get a Parse Error. There is a problem parsing the package. HELP

  • Alky

    I get a Parse Error. There is a problem parsing the package. HELP

  • Dbowtwin2

    when i try to use the keyboard it force closes it

  • Clange103

    i have 2.2 on my dx and the download keeps failing!

  • Lovely

    LovelyVirtue here,

    I am Unrooted…Signed up for the account, created skins, downloaded files, unzipped, installed but the keyboard is not working. I selected input method HTC_IME Mod but non of the files are working. No keyboard pop up on when I touch the typing field. I downloaded the Clicker zip that still did not work. The skins I created are hi v25…not sure if this have something to do with the keyboard skins not working. Please help.

    Thank you,


  • julitor1970

    Can we use the custom keyboard on the HTC Incredible?

  • jbrezi2

    is it possible to make an QWERTZ keyboard?

  • chtoya22

    I'm very happy that I found this. But I'm having a major problem when it comes to keeping my settings. I have the droid and when I'm using the hard keyboard it doesn't auto cap “I” anymore or put ' where they need go if someone could help me with that would be great THANKS

  • jbstutes

    best keyboard yet. thanks a bunch

  • ViggS

    After installing my phone kept rebooting every time i tried to type fast…

  • ViggS

    After installing my phone kept rebooting every time i tried to type fast…

  • ubenzapped

    sorry if the pic doesnt show. tryin to figure out how to post pics

  • ubenzapped

    here is a pic of my keyboard. I matched it with the jrummy cyan theme. I appreciate all the hard work ya'll put in to this!!http://lh5.ggpht.com/_ait_lFHtv0E/S9Nn8QHw95I/AAAAAAAAABY/4OAPxrGbKLs/s128/CAP201004240727.jpg

  • ubenzapped

    picture of my custom cyan keyboard to match the jrummy theme http://lh5.ggpht.com/_ait_lFHtv0E/S9Nn8QHw95I/A

  • ubenzapped

    sorry if the pic doesnt show. tryin to figure out how to post pics

    • josh1980

      How do you get the image the size I need to make my own space bar image, on the htc keyboard?

  • ubenzapped

    here is a pic of my keyboard. I matched it with the jrummy cyan theme. I appreciate all the hard work ya'll put in to this!!http://lh5.ggpht.com/_ait_lFHtv0E/S9Nn8QHw95I/AAAAAAAAABY/4OAPxrGbKLs/s128/CAP201004240727.jpg

  • ubenzapped

    picture of my custom cyan keyboard to match the jrummy theme http://lh5.ggpht.com/_ait_lFHtv0E/S9Nn8QHw95I/A

  • disturbedny

    Kellex, Thanks as always for posting this.

    gIMPSTa, great site/script!!! Definitely will donate to keep up the great work!

    • And thanks to everyone here (and on xda) for hammering the living hell out of this. I've already fixed a few bugs, added a couple of requests, and have like 10+ requests (just from last night!) that I will be adding some time tonight after work.

      At the time of writing this, 757 users have created 1467 custom skins, in exactly a day and a half! I am just blown away by these numbers!

  • palomosan

    Hey guys is this free, I already have Keyboard pro (paid) and it does a pretty good job, thanks.

  • 1barlog17

    So I'm a little confused do I need to download the original files from the first post with v.19 then download this new stuff. I downloaded this keyboard when it first was posted and liked it but within the first hour it started sending random texts to my contacts. Is this new version more reliable?

  • RealGame22

    Looking for a themed stock android keyboard? Currently have the htc 'white on black'

  • is it possible to get this with swype?

  • Ryan

    Warning: fopen(/var/chroot/home/content/33/5642933/html/themer/users/rdclark_2003/HTC_IME/jonasl/ime/Res.smali) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/33/5642933/html/themer/makeclasses.php on line 51
    Can't open file

    • Probably just a temporary bug (hopefully anyways), my server has kinda been hammered today 🙂

  • I have made like 10 of these. This is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So this is where the rush of users came from! Thanks for hammering the hell out of my server, I'm going through logs right now to see if there were any blatantly obvious errors I can fix.

    I just added the ability to upload custom spacebar images, I've tested it myself but it's possible it will break for you. This is still very beta (I posted it like less then 24 hours ago!)

    Suggestions, comments, complaints, stop by the XDA thread and let me know!

    • Okay, there was minor problem in the upload code, think it's all set now.

      *crosses fingers*

    • I want to donate, but I don't have paypal, any other way to donate?

      • Not currently, I can look into setting up an alternate method tho. Thanks!

        • Yea I won't be able to get paypal until july, so I was hoping there was a way to do a credit card, but if not that fine, I will donate for sure when I get paypal because this is one of my favorite features now for my droid.

    • josh1980

      How do u get the png file to the size to up load it?

  • berto79

    Went to the site to create a new keyboard…at the very end to create, nothing happens. I know it says to give it a few minutes but I noticed on my status bar it says done error. Anybody else having the same problem??? Please Help I want IN! LoL

  • lee

    this is sick. used to have the htc keyboard but swype is way to awesome to go away from.

  • LowLos

    SWEET! love the one you made Kellix! ill stick with it, God I love black and red! Droid life 4 LIFE! DRRRROOOOOOIIIIDDDDD!!

  • droidmaddnss

    This customized HTC_IME keyboard is sickkkk !!!!
    kellex,you rock mannn !!!! DL ROCKS !!!! keep up the AWESOMENESS !!

  • mathewdev

    You still need the clicker in order to calibrate the keyboard, but I guess it runs fine without calibrating.

  • K hears a nube question so be gentle. Where can I find v24? Still running v19 and the options I saw were for v20-v24. Help is appreciated. 🙂

    • NewDroidOrder

      All u gotta do is just get rid of your old one, and install the new one. v19 was pretty good, untill i used v20 and up. there have been a lot of improvements made. well hope this helped.

      • Thanks that did it. Should have thought of that. 🙂

      • Holy settings Batman. Yeah I'd say they made some improvements since v19.

  • Ray

    is there anyway to get this customization on the swype keyboard because thats the only 1 i use. Im sort of a expert!

    • Cameronesi

      I was thinking the same thing, like the red keyboard kellex has, but on a swype style, would be so disguisting. not sure how one would do it, but i know someone changed the look of swype before because kellex posted it for all to see. So maybe kellex will read this one?

  • does gimpsta take image requests?? i”d really like a houston texans image

    • kellex

      I think he does actually. Hit him up at that XDA forum link.

      • I think once you have the ability to make it any image, this will truly be unbeatable 😛

    • joandy

      He is trying to add the option so ppl can add the images. There are a couple of post about it on the forums

  • ISUVetMed

    Does this allow for you to add an image to the space bar like some of the themes I have seen? If not any idea how to do that?

  • Fawzi94

    I just rooted from stock 2.1 and downloaded a kernal from rom manager to overclock and my droid is stuck at the boot screen with the M…….help?!?!!?!

    • Fawzi94

      HELP GUYSS!!! Did i brick it?

      • nkhex19

        Try to boot into recovery and install your latest nandroid backup. Its doing that because it didn't like the kernel you selected. Try a different kernel and see if that works. hold down the x and power button and see if you can get into recovery. Remember as long as you can get to the M logo you are not bricked. Bricked is your phone wont turn on no matter what you do.

        • Fawzi94

          How to i install a nandroid backup?

          • No backup? Uh-oh…

          • nkhex19

            were you able to get out of the M logo and into Clockworkrecovery?

          • Fawzi94

            I got it i did a battery pull then booted into recovery –> nandroid —> restore, and i had a backup

            it's restoring now….which is the best kernel to overclock?

          • nkhex19

            Glad you got it to work, Depends on what ROM i'm using. I am running the new JRummy cyan theme v0.7 and I just stick to the stock 1.1ghz low voltage kernel it comes with. what kernel did you try to install?

          • Fawzi94

            I'm stock rooted…no rom

            I'm trying the 5 slot 800mhz

          • arf24

            im running same setup. i use chevys 1.0 ghz kernel without a problem. try it out. good luck.

          • nkhex19

            if you can get to the clockwork recovery screen go down to where it says nandroid and select that, then select advanced restore, then it should list all your backups you've created and then just choose a backup and then install it. here is a link to help you out. http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/04/16/complet

  • nolabob

    Is this for rooted only?

  • ViggS

    Anyone else get the message, “This input method may be able to collect the text you type…” when checking HTC_IME mod v24?

    • nkhex19

      I think it says that with any keyboard you download that isn't the stock keyboard.

    • Yep, they all do that 🙂

      • ViggS

        Thanks guys, just didn't remember that happen for swype or v20 of the HTC one.

  • kenny78

    That is Sweet… Thanks Kellex.. I love Swype but i have to give it a try…

  • goose50

    And this is another reason I'm glad I chose Droid over waiting for the elusive VZW iphone.

  • Paul

    I've downloaded it (the red one, as I'm also running JRummy's Red theme) twice, and then long-press in Messaging and it doesn't show Touch Input as an option, like it did with my last one. Any ideas? Do I need to move it on the SD card somewhere? It doesn't seem to be recognizing it as an option for a keyboard. Thanks in advance.

    • Did you go into settings, then language and keyboard and check Touch Input?

      • Paul

        That was the problem. It had been a while since I'd updated to the original one, so I'd forgotten I had to do that. Thanks!

    • kellex

      This one is not “Touch Input”. You have to go into keyboard settings and its called HTC_IME_Mod.

      • yep youre right. my bad 😛 Thanks Kellex

  • fred114

    I can't seem to get a custom keyboard generated. Go through all the steps, but when I hit generate, nothing happens. And I get a “done with errors” message in the bottom left corner of the browser. Anyone else having any problems like this?

    • joandy

      Do it from your phone. It's a lot easier!!!

      • fred114

        Thanks, that was the ticket. Anyone having issues on the computer, do it on the phone. I should have known better. 🙂

        • There was a bug that affected only IE in the javascript on the last page. Fixed as soon as it was pointed out 🙂

  • machinegun68

    Get through the whole process and hit generate and just gives a general page errror.

  • pdash

    I downloaded one of these keyboards here and loved it, but ran into some problems after getting 2.1. They had an option to have the auto corrector go on a bar over the keyboard like on the standard android keyboard (so that the corrections don't cover what your writing) but that no longer works. I have completely converted to swype but I liked the htc as my backup and for speech to text, anyone run into the same issue?

    • joandy

      You can change that behavior on the keyboard settings.
      Under Language & Keyboard: HTC_IME mod settings ->User Interface->Show candidates bar.

      Only down side that every time you install a new keyboard you lose your settings. So, I recommend to make the keyboard you love and then set the settings!

      • Paul

        Actually going in there helped me, too! I had to turn it “on”, which I'd forgotten since the last one I had. Thanks!

      • pdash

        right, that was extremely helpful when i got the keyboard originally (which i know couldn't have been more then a month ago) but after the 2.1 update the candidates bar shrunk and now the corrector is taller (and there fore covering text again). The stock candidates bar is simply different in 2.1 so that hack in v19 (i think thats right) isn't compatible anymore.

  • Mrpicolas

    cant believe i waited so long to root on 2.1

  • shane0790

    the site seems to be down for maintenance *sigh*

    • kellex

      Really? Maybe we crashed it heh.

      • shane0790

        The root website is down, but i got it to work. now to install it

  • rneal_ra

    Can I get a copy of the keyboard you've created above? I love it with the Jrummy red theme. I tried to create it, but when I click on it in Astro and tell it to open in App manager, it is just blank and does not give me the option to install. I do have unknown sources checked.

    • kellex

      Yeah let me upload it. I'll add a link to the post.

  • LTD10

    Wow… cool.. now if we could change them more easily so we could fit our mood for the day!

  • shari

    Still no pink….*sigh*

    GO GIANTS!!!!

  • Nice!

  • Really nice. I'm gonna work on that tonight. Thanks for the info Kellex!