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Download: New MMS.apk With Custom Settings

Many of you seem to always be looking for a new MMS app which will allow for more customization including different LED lights and notification settings.  Sure there are apps like Handcent out there, but what if there was a way to simply make the stock MMS app more amazing?  Well, now there is thanks to Koush.  (Of course.)

In this newly polished MMS.apk, you can change LED lights, how fast they blink, set vibrate patterns, and even decide whether or not you like the black background.  Pretty cool right?

*ROOTED USERS ONLY* (Sorry!)  2.1 rooting instructions here and here.

*Note 1* – There is a pretty good chance that this is already included in most Cyanogen ROMs.  So before going through with this process, check out your MMS Settings.

Instructions using Root Explorer…

1.  Download this file to the root of your SD card: MMS.apk (alt link)
2.  Place it on the root of your SD Card.
3.  Using Root Explorer navigate to /sdcard/ and locate Mms.apk.
4.  Long press on Mms.apk and select “copy.”
5.  Press “back” once and tap on /system/app/
6.  Click the “Mount R/W” button up top.  (It will switch to “Mount R/O”)
7.  Long press on Mms.apk and rename to Mms.apk.bak for safe keeping.
8.  Click the “Paste” button at the bottom.
9.  Long press on your new Mms.apk and tap “Permissions”.  Set as:

User:  Check “Read and Write”
Group:  Check “Read”
Others:  Check “Read”
UNCHECK everything else.
Tap “OK”

10.  Click the “Mount R/O” button.
11.  Reboot your phone and you are done.  Enjoy your new MMS settings!

Instructions using Terminal Emulator…

*Note 2* – Before doing this, it’s a good idea to make a copy of your original Mms.apk.  Find it in /system/app and place a copy on your PC or in another folder on your SD card.

1.  Download this file to the root of your SD card: MMS.apk (alt link)
2.  Open Terminal Emulator and type the following:

#mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system
#cp /sdcard/Mms.apk /system/app
#mount -o remount,ro -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system

3.  Your phone will reboot and you are done.  Enjoy your new MMS settings!

*Note 3* – This process will NOT delete all of your MMS messages.  If you are worried that it might, try a program like Sprite Backup to save them.

Questions/comments?  Thanks again to Koush.

Source:  DroidForums

  • chucksaysblah

    I know I am late here but thank god this was still here. Reverted back to 2.2 rom on a motorola triumph . Sharp 2.2 ROM to be exact and hated the white mms theme this worked like a charm.

  • Rim

    Sorry, i used terminal emulator and when i tape cp/sdcard… it says cp not found. I am sure the Mms.apk file exists on my sdcard 🙁

  • UWWgirl2010

    when i do this it says app not installed why?

  • Simas V.

    not working on DHD android 2.3.3
    unexecpted error..

  • tantei4869

    It keeps force closing on me. I removed the MMS.odex file and it finally opened, but wouldn’t let me send or receive pic messages. how can I fix this?

  • guest

    it keeps on saying force close

  • Jake Tripoli

    it like crashes when i try to open a pic message

  • Yah

    Thank you!!! my mms is clear and not blurry anymore. On the messaging screen i get a black background with white stripes for my contacts help please

  • Nate

    Has anyone had a problem going from this back to the 2.2 Sapphire 0.8.4 messaging app? I can't seem to send MMS's… 🙁

  • Nate

    Has anyone had a problem going from this back to the 2.2 Sapphire 0.8.4 messaging app? I can't seem to send MMS's… 🙁

  • DigiK

    FC on BB v.4. Proceed with caution and have a backup Mms.apk ready.

  • scorpion77

    They need to do with with th Froyo mms because it's a little Weak …. anyone tried this with 2.2???

  • krysti

    Hoow do yu do tbhis?? I reallly want to get this.
    But do I do it off my phone or computerr??

  • krysti

    Hoow do yu do tbhis?? I reallly want to get this.
    But do I do it off my phone or computerr??

  • chris
  • chris

    he whats up hit me back…and ill help

  • for not rooted users… there is a similar app, “missed call” you can change lots of settings, for “general” or individual callers/text. I like it

  • for not rooted users… there is a similar app, “missed call” you can change lots of settings, for “general” or individual callers/text. I like it

  • andrew401

    it sends two notifications like i have two message apps running but there is only one on my phone. this is driving me INSANE!

    • andrew401

      i just figured it out it was beautiful widgets pack 2 doing it

  • andrew401

    anyone else been getting double notifications with this? i can't figure out how to get rid of them because there is only one messaging app on my phone.

  • andrew401

    thanks to koush and thanks to kellex for putting it out there. once again kellex you come through hard for us. your the mannnnnn

  • arf24

    hey there i just tryed to install this and all it does is force close. any body else have this issue. i am running stoc 2.1 rooted with chevys 5 slot 1000mhz ernel i think. not sure if my configuration doesnt like it or what but looks like im not gonna be able to use this.

  • aczm1988

    I like most was always afraid to root. But i watched the video on youtube on how to use rsd lite and to install droidmod 1.0 with dmupdater (may sound confusing but a caveman could do it.) Now i have a rooted 2.0.1 rom with all the features of 2.1. Which by the way sucks. Droidmod is sooooooo much faster and has 5 home screens and the ability to go into landscape without opening external keyboard. It was so dam easy. Btw this new messaging app is great got a new custom color (blue) for notifications and have a new vibrate setting which i can actually feel in my pocket lol.

  • phillip818

    i cant mount r/w in astro file manager. my original messenger will not work with cyanogenmod with the buuf theme installed. i had to install handcent mms to have a messenger. am i doing something wrong? or is anyone else having this problem too?

  • Dontneedaname

    It's pretty cool, just dont like the fact that they didnt add the enter button on the virtual keyboard and that when you do get a text the screen turns on which is good but it stays on! I think I'll stay with handcent for now.

  • Batfan

    Looks pretty nice. Definately some features I would use. I'm not willing to Root though. You should definately make this an app.

  • Will

    The absolute best part about this MMS app is that it allows you to send sound clips. I don't know why Verizon left that out of the original (probably so you couldn't send ringtones), but I was using Handcent just to get that feature back.

  • Jason

    is there a way to add someone from your contacts to the massage ?? i don't see how to that ..

  • scorpion77

    does this have a way off adding from your contacts ?? i don't see a button

  • jdon285

    Does anyone know of a way to remove or change the Verizon banner on the front lock screen? Not a biggie, just seems kind of a basic thing to be able to do and I can't find a setting for it.


  • gonzo319

    hey guys where can I find the new settings for this Mms.apk file. I downloaded using terminal emulator and it worked I guess typed in everything.

  • This came preinstalled on cyanogenmod, but the black background didn't work. The solution was to uncheck the box, leave, come back, and recheck it. Now my txt messages have black backgrounds!

  • Just a quick warning for those f you who update to 5.0.6:

    I was running Cyan with smoked glass-esque theme (rooted 2.1) with setcpu w/ 1ghz kernal running @ 650/250mhz profile. I installed 5.0.6 and lost not only my theme but also all wifi. Not sure if it was b/c I still had my rooted update.zip file on my sd card the whole time but I am in process of restoring my previous settings w/

    Upon installing 5.0.6 i DID NOT wipe data and cache (as that is a pain in the a**) perhaps I was supposed to?

    • l_sloan

      Anytime you update cyanogen you are going to lose your theme. The same goes for your kernel.

    • l_sloan

      Also, just read that the wifi problem is due to the kernel in the update. You can switch to a new one, or just wait for the update.

      • IMA_210

        There is now an update to the broken wifi issue in ROM Manager, d/l'ing it now. Will let you know how it goes. I dont plan to wipe data and cache will see how that goes.

        • IMA_210

          It looks like is stable, the wifi issues are fixed. I did not wipe cache or clear data. My widgets did not come across but all my icons did. Easy enough fix. This kernel is not over clocked, runs at 600MHZ so hopefully bekit updates his kernels soon for this release. I haven't had much time to see what else is new here in the newly released code. I will update if I find anything interesting.

  • gonzo319

    I have something called muter.muter.apk is that it

  • gonzo319

    and my phone is mounted. should it be mounted to my pc or should i look for it using astro

  • gonzo319

    Hey guys I can't find my original Mms.apk file. should I have a system folder on the root of my sd card?

  • topherleh

    damn, i set my LED color to another other than the green default and i still get the default color… can anybody help with this?

    • topherleh

      nvm, it randomly fixed itself lol.

  • cpeter753

    if you want the LED color changing capability without rooting you can download Missed Call. it lets you change the LED color for calls, texts, and a few other things. It also gives you a number count for the total texts you've received in the notification bar. its pretty nifty i must say

    • that was one of the first apps I ever downloaded. It also has a backup option to save all of your settings to the SD card for those of us that are constantly switching roms. It's pretty sweet.

  • gsxr750

    It is in the cyanogen, but you dont get the option to how many times and how fast you want it to blink! You just get the color option.

    • kellex

      Sweet thanks for looking.

      • Actually it is under settings as the LED for trackball. So it is on there.

        • gsxr750

          it is but not the speed of the blink. The mms.akp has how fast and how many blinks

          • You r right, but you can choose how fas in the stock mms in cyanogen, but good call

          • Royal2000H

            I'm on koush's Cyanogenmod and it looks just like the screenshots.
            Go to the messaging app. Menu -> Settings -> Notification settings.

            I just wish there was a way to notify on mms but not sms.

          • gsxr750

            again it doesnt have the BLINK RATE it has the color change unless you download this! You change the color on just go to spare parts and led/trackball settings. You can change the color for your email, messaging, voicemail, missed call, and alarm

          • Royal2000H

            I'm looking at my phone right now…
            “LED Blink rate”
            then I click it and it says:
            “2 (Fast)
            4 (Medium)
            6 (Slow)”

            And I did not download and install this apk…..

          • gsxr750

            Are you running a theme. Im running jrumm cyan If your just the and see my bad bro i didnt think jrummy would change it, but then again the icons are different. Has everything else but the speed. Did ya try spare parts setting. Led/trackball

          • Royal2000H

            Ya I have koush's from rom manager

          • Royal2000H

            Also to change the universal LED color, yo go to Sound & Display in Settings, not through spare parts.

          • don

            Yes i know this but more options are in spare parts

          • Royal2000H

            Really? My spare parts doesn't have that many options… and none for the LED.

            I'm starting to think there's multiple roms names the same thing lol

          • gsxr750

            Cyan just came out with a 5.0.6 in rom bro gonna try it now

      • Hey kellex where r u from?

        • phenom

          In all of his screen shots, the weather widget shows 'Portland.' Also, I believe he mentioned that he's a huge Portland Trailblazers fan.. So, I'd guess Portland. 🙂

          • I thought so that's cool I'm from portland too:) go blazers!

  • Ace Z.

    Pretty cool…I still like Handcent a lot though.

    • handcent for the win

    • phenom


  • ANgel

    And yes…It IS included with the current version of Cyanogenmod

  • Flyinion

    What I really want is a good IM app to handle msn, yahoo, and aol. With the GF and I both having smartphones now, we're trying to avoid text messaging and use IM instead to save some money by downgrading our text plans. Meebo and Ebuddy work but have issues, but as far as I can tell there doesn't look like anything better is around 🙁 I'm getting tempted to say the heck with it and just keep texting.

    • ANgel

      I also had issues with meebo and ebuddy, a lot of random fc's. I use the official AIM now, it has FB chat so i usually chat through that instead of AIM. Other than that Id suggest you and you girl stick to the G Talk app!!

      • Flyinion

        Yeah I'll have to make sure she has access to it, she's on an iPhone 3G

    • Phase3d

      Have you tried Palringo?

  • Winterfresh

    I'm pretty positive that this is included in koush's ROMs so if your running cyanogen you don't need this.

    • kellex

      This could very well be. 🙂


    Sounds reasonable? 😛

    • I want this 🙁

      • kellex

        If you follow our video on flashing the SPRecovery SBF and then the video on installing a custom ROM, you will be rooted with 2.1.

        • Dayvidk

          Call me a wimp but I am still on the edge of rooting. I've gone over these two steps and it doesn't seem that difficult. Still have a few questions. Once or before I complete them is there something I should do to backup my phone so if needed I can return it to stock? How would you return your phone back to stock? After I am rooted with 2.1 what are the steps for overclocking and how do I know what all is compatible with this root method? Sorry I sound like a second grader but in my head I just cant visualize what I am doing to my phone. I have read so many things about rooting, and now with this method you just listed I am confused. Thank you for this site. I know as soon as I root I will see how easy and simple this really is. Until now I am a deer in the headlights.

          • earz

            hey guys..im such a total noob at computers.. cellphones etc. didnt really know much about the whole rooting game….. but if you follow the steps they discuss on this website… youll be rooted in no time. i did lastnight with no hassle at all.

          • joandy

            I've been meaning to root but I was lazy to do it. Two nights ago I got mad and decided to do it… one of those moments where you dont care about anything :P. Anyways, this is what I used and it took me all of 20 mins.
            1: back up your apps using Astro File Manager. (Menu->Tools->Application Manager/Backup)
            – To save SMS you can use Sprite I believe. Your pics are in your SD card.
            2: Go to phones settings and have some of your settings saved. From the home screen (Menu->Settings->Privacy then check back up my settings)
            3: Do what it says on this video http://www.droid-life.com/2010/04/13/video-flas
            4: Follow this video http://www.droid-life.com/2010/04/14/video-inst
            – I downloaded Jrummys Cyan and its nice indeed.
            5: For setCPU go here: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/03/26/video-upgr… and start watching after 6:05
            6: You are done…..

            Download Astro File Manager and doing same as STEP 1 but instead of backing up apps you want to restore them… And you have all your apps back.

            Hope this helps!!!

          • Dayvidk

            I just wanted to say thank you very much for this post! I needed something like this that labeled step by step with links to the videos. I really appreciate you posting this. I followed each step and I am rooted with no issues.

          • joandy

            no problem, Im glad I can help! As a friend of mine said…. Welcome to the dark side 😛

        • Avery42

          I think the confusion on some parts is that some people (including me till i tooled around enough) is how to work rsd lite ie..i didnt know how to set admin rites till i tooled around. i almost gave up because my phone wasnt showing up in rsd. just saying this in trying to help..ntw you ROCK Kellex 🙂

        • OK Kellex……I'll watch them AGAIN 🙂

        • Krystii

          idk if my droid is rooterd or not but ii really wana download this for my motorola droid.
          is is possible? if yes how?

    • i just rooted mine, and i am in the bay area. dont know how much more i can teach you than this website though. thats how i did mine

    • chris

      he whats up hit me back…and ill help

    • chris
  • gonzo319

    Koush is the MAN!!!