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Download: NFL Mobile on Verizon Now

I know it was just a few minutes ago that we posted the news about NFL Mobile launching on Verizon this Monday, but you all need to know that we’ve got the file for you.  Yep, that’s right.  If you want your NFL Mobile action a few days early, here you go…

Download Link: vzwnfl-prod-release.apk (alt link)  (alt link2)

You’re welcome.

Cheers VZW insiders.

  • Footballfreak

    OK.. ITS SAYING ERROR ONLY FOR VERIZON USERS..  anyone have a suggestion to get it to work??


    hell yes!! THANK YOU !!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  • Yes! This appeared on my Storm also and the delete menu is disabled. Is this a virus? How to get this garbage off the device?

  • This is a good solution but those icons will always reappear should you need
    to resend your service books.

    Hiding is the best solution. I would say put the icons you don’t want in a
    folder and hide the folder.

  • The nexusmod live wallpaper on the market is fixed now.It works great on stock 2.1 droid luv it go get it. But make sure its the paid version thats the one that works on 2.1 droid.

  • The nexusmod live wallpaper on the market is fixed now.It works great on stock 2.1 droid luv it go get it. But make sure its the paid version thats the one that works on 2.1 droid.

  • The Moto Droid and works great on my non-rooted stock 2.1 ROM. Lookin' forward to a DL Forum…Thanks!This information made my study easier.

  • Well The ended up grabbing the Nexus Mod 2.0 Live Wallpaper and its working flawlessly on my Stock 2.1 Droid.Was worth the $.99 to me.Love it!Thanks for the information on blog.

  • rod

    how can I get the app to work on my blackberry tour? Is some type of conversion required?

  • Phil

    Kellex, found a fix that worked for me. I was running CyanogenMod with a Buff theme applied. NFL app would not recognize Verizon Network. Pull down said “Roaming Indicator Off” same with Network in “About Phone/Status” page. switched to UD 9.8.0 and saw that pull down was blank and Network on status page said “unknown”. I tried pull down editor on both roms using update.zip method and didn't work either time. went into eri.xml file to see if it changed back to verizon wireless and it did infact change, however no change to pull down or NFL app working.

    Finally I decided to try one last thing. I called the *228 number to program/activate the phone, let it do its thing and BAM, network says verizon wireless again, and NFL app works. SUCCESS! Thought there might be others in this situation and figured it was worth a shot to share / try.

  • Papawiskas

    So, the big question is…WHAT IS THE FIX for us Verizon users that cant get it to work?
    I was orginally an Alltel customer, not sure what that would have to do with it though.
    Pull Down Editor does not work on latest JRummy MOD.
    This so sucks!!!!

    • SteveoC

      if you get metamorph and pull down editor, you should be able to do it. I had just pull down editor and it didn't work…got metamorph and voila!

  • Michael_NM

    If you'd like to remove the opening screen (data usage warning), download the app from the market, and it's no longer there. Otherwise, it's the same.

  • Rachel

    Downloaded NFL and it works wonderfully…Also ended up grabbing the Nexus Mod 2.0 Live Wallpaper and its working flawlessly on my Stock 2.1 Droid.Was worth the $.99 to me.Love it!

  • cisco5679

    Cool app, also for those of you that like the nexus one colofull live wallpaper, check out the nexusmod live wallpaper it was fixed to work on stock 2.1 droid. But make sure you get the paid version thats the one that works on stock droid 2.1.

    • Exodus615

      I heard that app was buggy was so stoked for it the dev should have came out with a free one first then charge the dollar after the response how you gonna charge for something that was buggy with the update then come back out then charge for it? hell i wanna see if it works first and hopefully it got that red and black cyanogenmod theme

  • Michael_NM

    Off topic, but very interesting show on CNBC right now: Planet of the Apps: A Hand-Held Revolution!

    Just finished a story about NewBer: $500K developing an iPhon't app that hasn't been approved for over year. Verizon and Droid after coming up…

  • cisco

    This is a great app, also for those of you wanting the colorfull nexus one live wallpaper aka neural network red on droid. The nexusmod live wallpaper on the market is fixed now.It works great on stock 2.1 droid luv it go get it. But make sure its the paid version thats the one that works on 2.1 droid.

    • nkhex19

      Thanks a lot for that heads up. A lot of Droid owners were waiting for him to make it compatible with the Droid.

  • yoda

    I have the Bd 9.8 rom on my droid and i get the “you have to be a verizon customer “also. I downloaded pull down editor but for some reason i cant getto work. Can you make a step by step video for those with a 2.1 rom using the pull down editor mod to get this app running properly?

    • hmmm, i have bd 9.8 rom also and it downloaded fine for me.

    • Phil

      Found a fix that worked for me, posted at bottom of thread.

  • Mike

    Hey Kellex, I have a question: If we install this will we still get the updates the same as if we install from the market upon release?

    • Michael_NM

      With Kellex in control, we'll probably get them before they're on the market!

  • nice… very nice. now lets go get some NASCAR!

    • Michael_NM

      Check this out: http://www.verizonchampionshipracing.com/defaul

      First thing to pop up is a Droid! Maybe some apps will follow. I wouldn't expect to much for NASCAR though. It is, after all, the Sprint Cup. Verizon can't even appear on a cup car.

      • kellex

        Yeah I don't see why not.

  • timarnette

    How do I down load this NLF. I am new at this and I am not sure. Please help!!!!


    • Phaise

      The easiest way would be to download the apk file to your phones sd card. It doesnt have to be in any folder, then just download and install the app “Apps installer” from the android market (free) and using that install nfl mobile to your phone

      • timarnette

        Thank you very much. I have it now.

      • timarnette

        Thanks a lot. I have it now. You are the best.


      • timarnette
  • JDrive

    Like a lot of other posters I appreciate all that Kellex is doing for 'droid users everywhere. This app is another killer addition to my Moto Droid and works great on my non-rooted stock 2.1 ROM. Lookin' forward to a DL Forum…Thanks!

    • tneison2

      How do u have a custom rom on a unrooted phone??

  • Exodus615

    Hey Kellex, got ahold of a bug fix for us “non-verizon customers that purchased the Droid from Verizon” should we just wait til tomorrow when it officially comes out?

  • jhietter

    I figured out the “only for Verizon customers” bug, for me anyway. I had a custom name via pulldown editor. On a hunch, I opened up pulldown editor and changed that back to Verizon Wireless, applied, rebooted and sure enough, NFL worked.
    If you have Ultimate Droid, you'll have to do the same thing, to change it from “Ultimate Droid” to “Verizon Wireless”.
    This sucks, because I really liked having my name in there rather than Verizon's branding. Hopefully someone will think up a work-around

    • Exodus615

      im confused what you mean by pull down editor i guess this bug fix is only for rooted users?

      • jhietter

        When you pull down your notification bar, does it say “Verizon Wireless”?

        • Exodus615

          actually it doesnt and never did where is it supposed to say it at? next to the clear button? anyway there is no verizon wireless anywhere

          • jhietter

            Looks like you got ahold of a bug fix? I also heard that it's not working for Alltel customers.

          • Exodus615

            no i didnt that was a typo i was asking kellex if he had got one – a bug fix – and there should be an (or) after the end quotation

          • jhietter

            Unfortunately, if you're not rooted and it's not working, it looks like you'll have to wait on Verizon. There are some other folks in your shoes too (read on another forum) that don't have the typical service banner. I would wait for the official release & then get on the phone with them to make it work.

          • Exodus615

            thanks fellow droid-lifer for your assistance ill just wait patiently for the release tomorrow i really wanted to be apart of the vip club tho lol

          • Phil

            Found a fix that worked for me. Don't need to be rooted to do it. Posted details at bottom of thread. Basically I called *228 to reprogram / activate phone. Network now says Verizon Wireless and NFL app works now.

          • I'm not rooted and it works fine…

    • SteveoC

      did you use metamorph?

      • jhietter

        No – I always use the update.zip option.

  • AntDroid

    Obviously it can't be said enough, Kellex YOU ARE THE MAN!!! I feel like I can speak for most everybody who is a regular to this sight as well as any noobs that continue to find this sight on seemingly a daily basis. DL is the SH*T!!! I practically check this site, at a minimum, 5 – 10 times a day just to see what new & exciting things that you found for all of us Droid Fanatics. And you never disappoint.

    Keep it up Bro!!!

    On a side note: As a USC fan I was disappointed to see Pete go but as a Niner fan I can't wait to kick his butt all over the division this year!!! Portland is going down against the Almighty Lakers today… (fyi i'll see y'all at the Colesium this year for the Championship celebration!) And the Angels will win the West again… gonna make the Spankees regret giving up on Godzirra.. =D

  • Hoagie

    So far looks nice but it needs better video quality. S

  • Its pretty good I got a guestion the nfl network is that live?

  • Beta

    any word on the NHL Verizon app coming to android? isnt it already on the blackberry app world?

    • AntDroid

      For NHL scores and highlights… move to Canada. lmao! =D

  • OMG! This is going to be one of the single greatest things for Android. This has got me very excited. Now all I need is Madden NFL and my life will be complete! Thanks so much Kellex, you the man!

  • shane0790

    Too bad you can't follow a specific player into the draft. I'd really like to see where Colt McCoy goes without having to continually search for him.

  • Jamie

    FN AWESOME. me and my dad couldnt wait for this one. now we have it! thanks kellex

  • benn

    this is off topic but someone please help me
    my droid has been draining battery for some odd reason…i have it unplugged for about 5 hours and only used it for about an hour…its already down to 60%
    i kill all the tasks everytime im done using it. I only have WiFi on and nothing else…
    any ideas?

    • majorpayne1

      WIFI eats the shit out of battery bro lol.

    • RealGame22

      Are you running a Custom ROM?

  • jasongrier

    I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! haha Thanks Kellex!

  • majorpayne1

    Sucks that it thinks im not a Big Red customer lol

    • Phil

      Found a fix that worked for me. Posted at bottom of thread. Basically dialed the *228 and reprogramed / activated phone.

  • amosk

    The 12th man thanks you Kellex! This is so badass!

    • kellex

      Seahawks baby! Petey Carroll!

      • Michael_NM

        Go Seahawks! As an Angel's fan, that uh.. hat in all your videos had me wondering about you. I'm better now. 🙂

        • kellex

          Grew up a Braves fan in Montana cuz that's all we had. But I'm NW at heart. 🙂

  • David

    Here is a video I made on NFL Mobile for some who couldn't get it to work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzGMIpHRDkk

  • syntakk

    You're* 😉

    Great job getting this up early!

  • RealGame22

    Android gets better day by day…To the TOP we go.

  • Thanks Big K!

  • This is completely awesome. Thanks for the heads up.

  • fireproof1905

    Big red's gonna have big shoes to fill if they do an app like mlb 10 or nba 10 cuz those are the best sports apps i've seen.. nothing like having live audio to listen to wehn i'm at work and can't get to a tv… also video highlights…

  • yay thanks kellex

  • jedijesus95

    Works fine on my Cyanogen

  • Thanks Kellex! We can always count on you with the droid love. Works great on my stock 2.1 updated Droid.

  • Mike

    It won't work on my stock 2.1 either….says it's for verizon customers. Argggghhh!

  • loooney2ns

    How about MLB?

    • Hoagie

      Hell yah

  • moosc

    running Cyanogenmod For Droid V5.0.5.7 and it doesnt load on my droid.

  • PsychoticPenguin

    Worked just fine on my stock 2.1

  • timmy

    They posted this on androidcentral.com and linked it to this site.

  • BAM3

    wont work on my droid either. Stock 2.1

  • Michael_NM

    Freakin' Sweet!!!

    Kellex, you're bad to the bone man!

  • exaybachay01

    For some reason won't let me download from any of the links

  • Exodus615

    omg why isnt it working on my Droid

    • drewbe70

      You have to go to Application settigns and check the box for allow unknown sources so this will install.

      • Exodus615

        I always have this box checked i guess ill just wait til tomorrow

  • works great! thanks kellex! go niners!

    running stock 2.1

  • Texans vs Saints super bowl!!

  • droid4life

    so money….gonna be stoked to watch this while at work lol….

    keep up the good work!

  • Phaise

    how did you do it 😀

    thank you so much


  • This is a nice app for football fans. Thanks for bringing it to us early

  • Jay

    This app is so clutch. I just wish some of the video quality was better. (running Cyanogen

  • Marc PEtrick

    Works great on my Moto Droid 2.1 Stock. Thanks Droid-Life!

  • Octotron

    This is seriously so freaking cool.

  • Jimbo

    Live NFL network! Bad ass!!!

  • david6184

    haha im talking about them super bowl champion saints!!! WHO DAT???

    • Exodus615

      omg smh at saints fans

  • Works…stock 2.1 thanks again…keep up the good work.

  • chops5648

    nice looking app just downloaded it

  • Timothy

    I hope Tebow doesn't go to the Saints. He needs to go to the Vikings so he can reunite with Percey Harvin. 😀

  • david6184

    kellex it works man im not rooted and works like a charm! stationed in california and get to watch and read all information about my beloved New Orleans Saints!!

    • Exodus615

      You talking bout them Saints the slipped away from the Vikings that really shouldnt have won against the purple and gold the same Saints that the Dolphins had in a chokehold them Saints!?!?!?!?! boy stop

      • DavidB

        He's talking about the same Saints that retired a hall of fame quaterback and destroyed the colts in the superbowl. Favre choked and the Saints won.

        • Exodus615

          oh those lucky plz let me win Saints

          • DavidB

            We could fight all day about this but the fact is we won. AND I guarantee you have never been to a party like there was on Bourbon St. after the superbowl and the weeks following it. WHO DAT!

          • Dracul

            I WAS!!! I WAS!!! lol

      • Dracul

        Yes those Saints that WON THE SUPERBOWL!!!!! but Y do u think they should've won? it was a fair game..lol

  • m3commish

    Just download, save then drag it into my folders with the phone connected? Sorry for sounding like such a newb. :/

    • Exodus615

      just download it from droid-life's mobile site

      • m3commish

        Thanks! Works like a champ! Great job!

  • Levi D.

    It is awesome, thanks!

  • Exodus615

    My Droid isnt rooted and i wonder why its not working it kinda rubs me the wrong way that this is a Verizon app and the Motorola Droid is a Verizon device and its denying me access

    • My Droid is not rooted either, had no problem downloading and running it. Downloaded from Droid life on my phone.

  • Marie

    Woooo Hooooo! Thanks so much!

  • david6184

    it works…but so far only has stuff about the draft

  • Exodus615

    this app says its only for verizon users and kicks me out IM ON MY DROID YOU SILLY NFL APP kellex know what i should do?

    • Cavemanb

      Same here, does it not like my Modded Droid??

      • kellex

        You both on 2.1 or a 2.1 ROM?

        • Exodus615

          official 2.1 update

        • WalesGroup

          i'm on 2.1 no mods… just plain jane 2.1 and its telling me gotta be a verizon customer… last time i checked i paid them way more than i would've liked last month… any ideas?

      • shane0790

        If you're on UD skype won't recognize you as being verizon (UD changes the carrier name to theirs)

      • Nash

        By chance are you a Alltel customer?

    • nash

      By chance are you a Alltel customer?

  • the nfl won't come after me will they?? 🙂