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How to: WiFi Tether a Motorola Droid to an iPad

It’s OK if you don’t want to admit publicly that you were one of the 300,000 people to purchase an iPad on opening weekend, but here is a tip that will make your $499 worthwhile.  And of course, this tip will also work towards wifi tethering any of your other laptops or mobile devices, but since the iPad needed some help, we thought we’d start there.

Today’s quick app is called Barnacle and is a free wifi tethering app available in the Android Market.  In order to use this little guy, you need to make sure your Droid is rooted which you can do from this post.

Steps to wifi tethering…

1.  Download Barnacle from the market and open it.
2.  Once opened, go into Settings and SSID to name your network.
3.  Then into Wireless Security, enable WEP and choose a password.
4.  Then go into both WAN and LAN and clear out all information.
5.  Hit the back arrow soft key and tap “Start”.
6.  Now on your iPad, open up any app that connects to the internet.
7.  You will be prompted to choose a wireless network.  Find the name of the one you just created.
8.  If your Droid network is not listed, go back to Barnacle and tap the “Associate” button.
9.  Continue to open iPad internet apps and pressing “Associate” until your network pops up.
10.  Once the Droid network appears, tap on it and enter in your previously established password.
11.  Done!  Enjoy your free wifi hotspot!


Download Link

  • woody

    Yes. Is there anyway u can play pandora.
    wireless from droid x to my bluetoof radii
    In. My bmw.

  • Your name


  • Bernadettedacalos

    When I get to wep key it just keep sayin need 5-13 character eve tho I put 13 already.I’m using droid x2 and it’s asking about root so please help mebwith this.thanks

  • How do I get the FM updater?

  • it’s working for all ipad?


  • Matautiavegas

    I did everything but when I want to surf the web, it says “safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet” I have full access to my phone connection.

  • porkchop

    Program does nothing except to tell me to allow root access. As soon as I try to get help, it says the file is not available. What a jewel this POS is. Don’t bother.

  • Tu

    YES! Got my Droid 1 to tether with Ipad2. 

  • Wfrosty11

    It says I need to root for su.. what does this mean?

  • Cerdoguiles77

    How do I get the FM updater?

  • Shewolfh2

    “Once opened, go into Settings and SSID to name your network.” ok, so maybe I’m not the most savvy person when it comes to my HTC hero, but where would one find SSID? because when I open Settings, my options are: Personalize, Wireless and networks, call, sound and display, accounts and sync, location, search, privacy, connect to pc, security, applications, sd and pohone storage, date and time, language and keyboard, accessibility, text to speech, and about phone. nothing about SSID….

  • Khuggart

    Thank you… works like a dream!  Installed Z4 Root with a little scare when it froze, required a battery pull then reran the application and within seconds it was working.  Then installed Barnacle, setup WEP and was able to connect via wireless from iPad… AWESOME!!! Just need to make sure droid x is plugged into battery power as it will drain quickly I can see… Saved me $100 by not having to buy 3G, the price of a mobile hotspot, the monthly fees $20+/month depending on data requirement and $9.99/month for 2 years for an additional line… thanks guys!!!

  • Guest

    I am using easy tether over USB from my droid x to my ipad2 and it works great. No need to root or any of the other complicated things. Just install easy tether, and pair the ipad2 to the droidX.

    • Bmjfarms1

      Can u explain how this is done?

  • Is this possible to do this with the Motorola i1 (the first droid for Boost Mobile and Sprint users)?

  • droid newby

    forgive this ignorant question but re. the following steps:
    2. Once opened, go into Settings and SSID to name your network.
    3. Then into Wireless Security, enable WEP and choose a password.
    do i make one up? if not, where do i find out this info. I made up a network name and password but it’s not working (root error) and clearing the fields whenever i press “start.”

  • Jpdwhiterover97

    I have a droid incredible (rooted) and have barnacle wifi tether running. My iPad (yes I have one) recognizes my phones network and tries to connect. I pressed associate and tried to sync it that way but got nothing. Do I need to enter the iPads ip address. Barnacle doesn’t allow letters when entering Mac address. Any help is appreciated.

  • Oh thanks, i appriciate that!

  • Moukiez71

    Can not clear the WAN field. After hitting the back button, and hitting start, it finds the ppp0 data interface. Gurrrrr! Any helpful hints ?????

  • Ortizchief

    barnacle works with anything ipad ipodtouch and windows loptap

  • Mla2vabeach

    i am having problems, have the Motorola droid with 2.1, keep getting error after hitting start “execu:su:permission denied”

  • Sherigimig

    I have the motorola droid firmware version 2.1-update 1. I have followed all of the instructions as listed above and had no issues; however, when I hit START, I get the message “Unexpeced error occurred! Inspect the log and try the troubleshooting guide” What do I need to do to make this work?

  • hcarmicha

    Link is no longer working. Has this been removed from the market?

  • Meemo4422

    my ipad is not picking up my droid

  • jbrock98

    does barnacle only work with the ipad? or can my laptop and other devices that hook up to wifi connect?

    • Ortizchief

      barnacle works with anything ipad ipodtouch and windows loptap

  • jdawggey

    How did you get a rooted 2.1 update?!?!?!?!?!

  • sundawg

    I have been trying to use barnacle to tether my PSP but so far these instructions don't work would anyone know if it does work or is it only for laptops and ipads? I have a rooted version of the 2.1 update, the most recent videos that kellex posted just fyi…

    • sundawg

      I see it on my laptop but not my psp no matter how many times I associate… Wish it would work cause that'd be fun connecting and doing some multiplayer socom, but not a total waste I can at least take my laptop with me to work and not be restricted by corporate firewalls :o)

    • jdawggey

      How did you get a rooted 2.1 update?!?!?!?!?!

      • sundawg

        You can find it here on droid life its entitled something spf recovery and it was easy. Gotta love droid life

  • jkim

    can you do a video tutorial on how to use PDAnet? i DLed it from the market, and i dont know what to do from there.

  • Wow, it works! What a great tip! I was running stock 2.1 so I had to go back to 2.0 and install root 2.1. It took a couple hours, had to reinstall my apps, but all is well! My iPad talks to the outside world!!


    • dkwizard1

      I am one of those guys that bought an iPad and wanted to do it as cheap as possible. I never did like Apple products mainly because of the price and how they love to control everything. You are stuck in there world. yuck!
      Anyways, I am glad to hear that you got the Droid rooted with the stock 2.1 installed. Could you please post the steps that you took to make this happen? I was just about to do the root after watching the video. Then I read the post that you could not do this if you got the update. So I am a bit confused. Your post makes me believe that it is still possible, but the video doesn't address this (or i missed it). Any information would greatly be appreciated.

  • Jmurr187

    This is awesome, but could this also work with an Ipod touch???
    or is there some other way???

  • Dracul

    is the tethering just 4 the iPad or can it b used for Laptops?

    • zerolozen

      I was able to tether my Mac but not my netbook…dont know why

  • zerolozen

    Working on Mac but not on Toshiba Netbook with Windows 7 Starter. Any help

  • trixmatic.com

    come on! why does it gotta be for rooted phone only CRAP

  • durangojim

    I downloaded the rooted 2.1 that is made by combining the official update and the other one listed on the droid-life homepage, and now I can't get barnacle to work. I've followed all of the directions and it says permission denied, process stopped unexpectedly. Is there something I have to do with superuser? Thanks!

  • Great tip, thanks!

  • Tom

    What about ICD's Tegra 2-powered Gemini??? http://www.engadget.com/tag/tegra2

    I love the comparison… Btw.. I REALLY want that Tablet

  • oh..and Notion Ink Adam = DroidPad…

  • so is there a way to tether via wi fi on a macbook that DOESNT require rooting? i mean, i can tether via bluetooth on my macbook-but then there goes my external mouse.

    • littlemac48

      Use pda net it isn't wireless tethering but it works very well

  • ace87

    Now that Verizon allows palms to do free wifi tethering, hopefully they they will allow the droid to do it too. I don't think it would be that difficult for Google to implement.

    • droid_fanatic

      verizon doesnt allow palms to do “free” wifi tethering just so you know I dont know about modding palms but out of the box the palm plus' cost an additional 40.00 a month on top of your 30.00 data package to do the wifi tether. If you are curious of my source I'm a sales rep. Trust me verizon does offer much for free or I'd be out of work LOL

      • durangojim

        Dude, you said it all. You're a VZW sales rep and don't even know your own policy. http://pocketnow.com/tech-news/verizon-wireless

        Hey, do you have any good rumors for us, like when the Incredible is coming out. Sorry to be a hater but your post is too funny.

        • droid_fanatic

          well dont i look like a dumb ass lol! Reason #1 on why I guess I havent sold any yet. They dont communicate enough about them to us, and I dont care enough about them to find out on my own. The info I stated above came right from their launch package that we receive right before a device comes out. I never seen any communication about this promotion. Now Im going to go question my manager thanks lol. But like the instant rebate this has to tell you these devices are not selling and they are giving stuff away to get them moving. But for me this does nothing bc I dont get paid on 0.00 features and I can sell android devices over a palm and feel more confident the sale will stick. I took a return a couple weeks ago that a rep sold a pixi to a customer coming from a 755p and he didnt even like it. Dont worry about being sorry no one can know everything, or there wouldnt be websites like this out. You can see the sites I spend all my time in are android sites so…Looks like I need to brush up on the palms lol.

          • durangojim

            Hey man, classy post and I apologize for coming off like a jerk. Glad I could bring a little extra info to VZW. Cheers!

          • droid_fanatic

            No probably thank you for your apology too. To your other question about the incredible they havent told us anything. Ive been pressing the inventory managers to find out a little more but they keep most stuff last minute to the store level bc they know we will leak the info lol. But I'm trying.

          • droid_fanatic

            hey look what I found lol Palm – 3G Mobile Hotspot
            effective: 4/1/2010
            The 3G Mobile Hotspot application is pre-loaded on both the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus with webOS 1.4. The 3G Mobile Hotspot provides access up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices, including notebooks, netbooks, MP3 players, cameras, portable gaming systems, etc.
            Activating the Palm Mobile Hotspot application requires a subscription to Verizon Wireless 3G Mobile Hotspot feature, which includes a 5GB monthly allowance. The Palm Mobile Hotspot application that was previously a $40 value will be free! All new activations and upgrades after 4/1/10 will receive this benefit automatically. For existing customers with the Mobile Hotspot feature on their account, customers will receive the new pricing on their next billing statement after 4/1/10.

            Please review the attached Palm 3G Mobile Hotspot Slick, as well as materials within the Equipment Tab > Palm WebOS Devices

            Please note: As this is now a $0.00 feature, no commissions will be paid on the feature.

          • Ricky

            LOL I'm a VZW sales rep as well and I saw the e-mail. I couldn't belive they're offering free wifi with the Palm but after thinking about it Palm is trying to do anything (bogo offer, instant rebates, free tethering) to get those devices to sell. The sad reality is nothing is working. The Android platform has turned from a small brush fire to a full on forest fire. I look for Motorola or Nokia to purchase Palm and use some of their technologies for future PDA's. Since the Jan 25 launch of the Palm devices I have sold ** 1 Pre and 0 Pixi's **. I looked at my Droid sales and have sold over 250 of these devices this year.

  • Jamie

    Awesome, awesome. I now use this with my wii, as its on the other end of the house and doesnt successfully pick up the wifi signal i pay for

  • US_Marine_beta

    Will this work with a ps3?

    • kellex

      More than likely.

      • jdawg5779

        Actually I believe it wont work with anything that cant see an AD-HOC wireless connection. I've already tried with a PS3 and a Zune HD. Neither one can see it. Yet laptops and desktops are just fine.

    • Sacchin

      I tried to do this with my PS3 as well and it didn't read it. But when I looked for my network with my laptop, it showed up.

      • kellex

        PS3 probably cant connect to an ad-hoc network.

  • Low023

    Amazing thank you, I'll admit I bought a iPad I actually like it very much too. This is just another reason you can buy the cheapest non 3G one.
    P.s. I love Netflix on the iPad.

    • little_mac48

      Wow that would be a huge reason to get an ipad netflix is pretty sweet, but i will never, never ,never bye an ipad. WePad all the WAY!!!

  • BK1

    Anybody think that since the 2.1 update really didn't do anything, maybe it was to block the ability to root?

  • wpscompute

    Barnacle app says it requires root access and warns 2.1 users that OTA takes root away.

    • kellex

      Yep it requires root. It's saying that installing 2.1 will remove root. But we've already found ways around that now haven't we. 🙂

      • rmoney

        but that sucks because i dont wanna root nd i wanna tether my ipad…. u got any ideas?

        • Ortizchief

          go to the market and download easy root is free and root your phone with out any issues mine works well and give my ipod touch internet

  • kulz

    iPad owners should use their iPHONES to tether….speaking of tablets….i'm awaiting the Notion Ink Adam tablet as i was the 2.1 OTA (maybe not THAT bad lol)

    • kellex

      The Adam definitely looks money. Swivel camera, custom Android UI. Should be lovely.

    • Nicole

      I would use my iPhone to tether to my iPad, but since AT&T doesn't see the point in actively expanding their 3G network, after a year of fighting with slow data service, as well as dropped calls, I got a droid.

      Anyway, wifi tethering is the only reason I rooted my phone, and this was the easiest to setup, since it was in the market. Works great!

  • ajavgeek

    Another app just like this one…


  • Tom

    Who would actually buy an iPad if they have a Droid?

    • jdawg5779

      Good point Tom. This looks like the same code from Wireless Tether for root users. Any difference?

    • kellex

      No idea, just running with all the buzz heh.

    • ajavgeek

      Well after all, IPad needs Droid to work outside 🙂

    • Dreric1

      teh droid is mine, the iPad is my kids 0 they have a rich uncle!

      • Booboo

        Try to go to netflix on any Android device and let me know how it goes… 🙂
        I’m thinking of getting the wifi ipad just for Netflix.