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Download: HTC IME Keyboard v19

There have been numerous updates to the HTC IME keyboard which was ported over to the Motorola Droid, but most of the changes were so minor that they weren’t post-worthy.  Now on version 19, I thought it was probably time to let you all know that you can upgrade to a version that is incredibly polished.  In fact, the options for customization with this new version are pretty extensive and should give you one of the best keyboard experiences yet.  If you are not familiar with the HTC IME keyboard, trust me when I say that you need to get this right now.

(This is for both non-rooted and rooted users.)


Keyboard file:  HTC IME.apk (alt link)  (alt link2)  (alt link3)

Calibration file:  Clicker.apk (alt link)  (alt link2)  (alt link3)

Instructions for installation…

1.  Download both files.
2.  Install both files.
3.  Go into Settings>Language and Keyboard.
4.  Check the box next to “Touch Input” to activate.
5.  Go into a text box, long press, and select “Input method”.
6.  Choose “Touch Input” as your keyboard.

Files have also been added to our downloads page.

  • totally freakin' sweet…rocking the old houston oilers (RIP)

  • dean2359

    i like it but how do i turn off the touch feedback?

    • jazzbassNick

      Scanning the comments might help.

      this didn't solve it?
      Touch Input>Text Input>Vibrate when typing

      • dean2359

        that sounds right where is that?

        • dean2359

          found it thanks jazz

    • jeesung

      Settings->Language & keyboard-> Touch Input settings ->Text Input ->Vibrate when typing

  • Much Better than Droid KB..

  • LTD10

    Are there another skins for this keyboard? If so can someone point me in the right direction??

  • magicuser

    will this work on any android phone?

  • leo7747

    i am using the keyboard and ebuddy as well, i am getting two alike responses everytime when i am talking to people!? is this a glitch with the program?

  • stevedroid

    How do I get rid of the haptic feedback? Already tried settings, sound & display.

  • stevedroid

    I like this keyboard app compared to the stock one. However, how can I get rid of the haptic feedback. Already tried Settings, sound & display.

  • shcommish

    What is with the warning that it collects information such as credit card numbers and passwords?

    • saimin

      Any kind of keyboard replacement can potentially steal your credit card numbers and passwords. You have to decide if you trust them enough (or else don't install it).

  • shriker

    I hated swype's autocorrect blocking the screen. This is much better in that area

  • jonny6pak

    Anyone else having problems with the candidate bar? The candidate bar is less than half height and the suggested words overlap the top row of keys. The suggested words overlap regardless of whether the candidate bar is enabled or not. It's kind of a pain.

    • PGD

      Click and hold on that bar then drag it anywhere you want to put it 🙂

      • jonny6pak

        Of course it's that obvious 🙂 Thanks… it works great now.

    • Halcyone

      yeah actually im having issues with this. I didnt before. I dunno why all of a sudden i am now. but it sucks

  • Chris

    I see the new version did away with the hide keyboard button in the lower left corner. I read that you are supposed to be able to swype down to hide the keyboard. It did not work for me. Is it working for others?

    • PGD

      When you do any swiping it has to be in the text area. Also in the settings make sure that swipe to hide keyboard is selected. Swipe left to erase a word and also swipe down to hide keyboard does work but you need to make sure when you swipe you are in the keyboard area and dont start your swipe from the top where you see the words as you type. Hope that helps 🙂

      • Chris

        Thanks! That helps!

    • bj in RI

      You have to check off “Swipe to hide” in the settings.

  • zerolozen

    How can I tell if I have successfully installed the new one? I followed the download and install procedure, but I can't tell any difference. Should I have uninstalled the pervious version first?

  • durangojim

    Thanks for posting this! Is there anyway to change the color of the keys to black, so it goes along with the ultimate droid theme?

  • LTD10

    Thanks so much for this.. and the step by step for all of us that are tech. challenged. I love it so far!
    Keep it up Kellex!!

  • Luiz

    the best keyboard ever. Thanks

  • Heafer40

    anyone know where to get a working version of SWYPE…I use this keyboard and had originally DL SWYPE but now it just says expired?

    • kellex

      Our downloads page.

      • Heafer40

        Thanks I will give it another shot…last time i downloaded from the DL page it said the same thing about expired…only let me enter by tapping

        • Heafer40

          Indeed it does…Graci'

  • pdash

    does the predictions have to cover what your typing when typing vertically?

    • You can move the predictions by long pressing on it and dragging to where you want it. Can go just about anywhere.

  • whowland

    Hate it…

  • DroidDrool

    Nice! Definitely a more comfortable keyboard with a lot more customization! I'm keeping this one. 🙂

  • SpartyDoesIt10

    I downloaded this and absolutely love it…. but how do i eliminate the vibrate while texting?

    • jazzbassNick

      this didn't solve it?
      Touch Input>Text Input>Vibrate when typing

  • shcommish

    Forced closed 3 times in a row! Uninstalled.

  • dannydarko

    head over to XDA forums gIMpSTa thats where the HTC IME mods for keyboards are at, I gave not full info earlier although there is a link at the blackdroid post

  • monstergamer

    I have to say I really enjoy this keyboard more then the stock and I could never get the hang of swype, so I am going to stick with this for a while to really test it out. As far as a non rooted person, I enjoy the speech to text

  • Hep

    It's pretty responsive and nice, big keys… but I'm not of fan of the “word select” area while you're typing. The words get in the way of the top row when you're typing vertically.

    • pdash

      i'm having the same problem, just when the text box is at the bottom

  • flyinion

    enjoying this keyboard so far, but can't figure out how to turn off what I assume is haptic feedback everytime I touch a key.

    • jazzbassNick

      Touch Input>Text Input>Vibrate when typing

  • dannydarko

    Go to Droid Forums.net to the Rom section search Blackdroid and scroll down you will see 7 or 8 HTC IME apks and update .zips for keyboard Mods they have some pretty sweet variations so get to Droiders…….Droooooiiid!

  • alright so i wanted to start using swype and i have installed it from droidlife but whn i swype anything or anywhere nothing shows up

    • kellex

      You have to actually enable the keyboard. Follow the instructions above, but insert Swype where it says “Touch”.

      • i went into lang and keyboard, then checked swype..then i went into messages and held down the text box and clicked input method and seleted swype…still doesnt work…i coud swype things and the blue light around the keyboard lights up but still doesnt write any words in the text box

        • I have the same problem and it happens every time I restart my phone. You have to long press on a text field, swype will be selected but click on android keyboard. Then long press again and this time choose swype. That does the trick for me.

      • Nevermind i figured it out…you have to uninstall and install…i got the apk from droidforums.net

  • Bladedancer12

    I love this keyboard so much better then the original one. on my opinion swype not the best i couldn't get the hang of it 🙁

  • BRIM

    WOW…. I just gave it another try and realized it has an option for predictive/candidate text on the hard keyboard (physical keyboard ). Love how the text selection pops up on the screen. Now I'm really torn between SWYPE & this one

    • terpie

      how were u able to get the predictive text to work with the physical keyboard? I've tried several different settings, but I still don't know how to get it to work. Thanks.

      • jeesung

        i don't know the logic, but it works in some apps and not others. the predictive works in my email app (K-9), but not in the search box or messaging.

        • mgalgs

          You have to tap into the text field to activate it.

  • machinegun68

    Way more options with this version than the last..holy..wow…almost too many.

  • clark

    bandwith limit exceeded?

    • RealGame22

      Do the 'alt link' when ever it says that

  • I've been looking around for some of the HTC's widgets ported over to the droid but my findings are very limited. Can you guys point me in the right direction? Looking for things like the bookmarks widget, photo frame, fb, twitter… etc…

  • ssminnow

    This keyboard is awesome! Thanks for posting!

  • I absolutely love this keyboard. It is so much easier for me to type on and really customizable. Check out this forum link to get all the nitty gritty details on all the mods. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?… After I read this and used some of the mods I have never gone back to the standard keyboard.

    • Kevin

      I downloaded the version from forum.xda… The keyboard was real narrow for some reason. The link in the original post took the full width of the screen.

  • Yes this is a far better version than the previous one. Much faster and also easier to use. Re-installed and will now be my new touch keyboard. I have never once, besides when I first purchased used the hard keyboard on my droid. I do everything touch screen.

  • I like this very much. Very responsive and easy to use.

  • its nice. ill stick with the stock 2.1 keyboard on cyanogen though.

    • ajavgeek

      I am with ya!

    • zerolozen

      me too

  • Jeff

    If we have v18 installed, should that be uninstalled first before this version is installed? Or will it just update?

    • RealGame22

      Mine did it as a update. I just installed it on top of v18

    • kellex

      Try it. 😛 It might update, but you will likely have to uninstall the old one first.

  • saimin

    This is my favorite keyboard for my Droid. I'm not interested in any keyboards that don't have a voice input feature.

  • Ace Z.

    Hey Kellex off topic here, what kind of ROM are you currently using now? Basing on the screen shots, I've noticed you switch on and off from Ultimate Droid to Cyanogen…I personally still think DroidMod is the best, but will like to know your input.

    • kellex

      I've been switching back and forth between Cyanogen 5053 and Ultimate Droid 863 over the last couple of days. Both good, can't complain about either one. Although the new Ultimate Droid runs so much cooler than Cyanogen. In fact, my Droid turned off today as far as I can tell from heat with Cyanogen installed.

      • gonzo319

        kellex there is a new version update on Cyanogen maybe that took care of it. Rom Manager

  • kulz

    Using this new keyboard to type this msg. It's not lagging as the previous one. Everything seems pretty smooth. This vs. Swipe……hmmm

  • Greedy

    Yeah I tried this for a while, and it is pretty good. But I still wound up going back to Swype. I'm just wondering if the 2.1 OS update will bring Voice Input to Swype?

  • I think I will stick with swype…

  • sundawg

    Haha I'm using it to type this comment and it is pretty freaken cool I recommend you get it and thanks kellex for telling us about it.

  • sr_erick

    I will have to give this one a try. I wasn't too terribly impressed with the last version I downloaded…seemed to lag a little for me and cause grief. I've since switched over to Swype and have been practicing as much as I can on it and I really, really do like it a lot…so much so that I think it will remain my primary keyboard.

  • Do you think this is better than the “ThickButtons” app that I've heard good reviews about?

    • shane0790

      I didn't like Thick Buttons. My fingers get a certain muscle memory when I'm texting, so the constant change of the buttons just made me make more errors.

  • Anthony

    No escape key, no use for me…

  • tor

    hi. I downloaded both of these files but I don't know how to “install” them. Can you help me please. Thanks.

    • gonzo319

      if they are in your root of the sd card, meaning you save them to your card. Use astro app if installed look for both files and install from there. Make sure you do this for both files

    • cammur

      Go to Browser…(menu)more…downloads. Assuming your download was successful, you should find the two files in your Downloads list. Click on one and it should install; then click on the other. Then go to #3 in Kellex's instructions.

      If you get an “Install blocked” message, you need to press settings and click on the Unknown Sources box. (When you are finished with everything, remember to return to Settings to uncheck this box.)

      • saimin

        No need to use Astro. Just download from the browser. The files show up in your notification bar and you can install from there.

  • What are some of the things that make it superior, in your opinion? As a devout Swype user, it will take a lot for me to switch. Any input on what makes it so good?

    • kellex

      Lets just say everyone should replace this with their stock keyboard. Swype is still my favorite as well, but if I ever need to switch back to a regular keyboard, this is it.

      • Fair enough. Thanks for the reply!

        • sundawg

          I tried swype and i didnt like it much i perfer this keyboard

          • It's not for everyone, and it DEFINITELY has a learning curve, but I find I'm much faster with it than with any other keyboard.

          • variety is the something something something life, and stuff

      • BRIM

        I've always been envious of Hero's keyboard so I love this. I will keep it as my “backup” because SWYPE is my numero uno!

        Thanks Kellex