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Google Voice Receives Major Update

When I say major, I don’t necessarily mean that they’ve gone through a complete overhaul.  What I do mean, is they’ve added 2 new features which will make Google Voice users a heck of a lot happier.  So what did Google do?

  1. Added “Synchronize Inbox” feature: This allows Google Voice to to notify you immediately if you should receive a new message or voicemail.  In the past, this could take up to 15 minutes after receiving a call.
  2. Contact Options: They added the ability to tap on a contact’s picture which brings up options to allow for easy communication. (Picture above)

I have yet to receive a voicemail since the update so I can’t comment on how fast it really is, but the previous delay in notification was very frustrating.  Any notice a significant difference?

(Google Voice Blog)

  • zerolozen

    I could really use an invite please. I can't even request one, and I need it for work. Otherwise I am going to have to pay my company 20 extra dollars for a company phone, and carry around a second device. Neither of which I want to do. I don't need my customers knowing my personal phone number. Any invite would be great. Thanks.


    • zerolozen

      nevermind…got one from my friend over the weekend

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/75KNMKMSG6MGTR5VOUN3VTEY64 Steve S

    I too have been waiting for over 3 months. Please provide an invite. Thanks.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/75KNMKMSG6MGTR5VOUN3VTEY64 Steve S

    If anyone has an extra invite, I'd appreciate it. I've been waiting for 3 months. Thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Clay-Carroll/504641609 Clay Carroll

    Been waiting on an invite from anyone since NOVEMBER! Can anyone out there help me out?

  • Juli

    This home ehalth nurse would love an invite….It would make my job soooo much easier…..


  • ZombieBrains

    So who wants to be my bestest buddy and shoot me an invite for google voice since google isn't in a sharing mood?

  • zathos45

    I asked Google for an invite almost 5 months ago and still nothing. Anyone have an extra invite? I would really appreciate it. thinkdeep42@gmail.com

  • black44hawk

    I'm in the same boat as most, if anyone has an extra invite it would be greatly appreciated, I've been trying since October with no luck…..UGH….Thanks in advance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Supercowcanfly Seweryn Nehring

    been waiting for google voice for 4 months now, still no email :( this thing would make my life so much easier between work and school. if anyone has extra invites and is generous enough to spare one it would be greatly appreciated, I can pay with e-hugs. Supercowcanfly@gmail.com

  • Lantandroid

    I have been trying to get on google voice since November. depressing considering VZW VVM is not very good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/owen.friedrich Owen Friedrich

    A great update to Google Voice but they really need to make it a true “data” call. Currently it still uses minutes when you call with verizon. I have set up my google voice number as a “top ten” so that all incoming calls are free. (Make sure you set up your google voice settings to just show your google voice number and not the actual number of who is calling). If google can find a way to do a true data call with google voice I could really drop down my minutes to barely anything.

  • chop74

    I wish I could use it, haven't got my invite yet either :) Anyone have spare invite for me??? Please?? jmthomas74@gmail.com

  • http://twitter.com/Heynewgirl Katherine

    I have had GM since the beginning and have never received invites. I would surely give them to Droid-life, so they could give them out in a comp perhaps? DROID-LIFE is the best site,

  • Jonno0105

    If anyone has an extra invite I would love to try this out. Jwwods0105@gmail.com. Thanks.

    • Jonno0105

      thanks for the invite

  • http://www.facebook.com/yelrihsdivad David Shirley

    send me one man!!…..i have been trying to use voice since i got my droid back in november to no avail

  • asamuelson

    I have a google voice account left over from when it was Grand Central. I rarely used it on my computer and am now confused why I should use it on my phone. I currently pay Verizon for unlimited voice and data. If I use Google Voice for all my calls I assume I will be able to shift to a less expensive minute package. I cannot remember whether my unlimited minutes also involves international calls, which would be a reason to use Google Voice. But then again, Verizon is about to launch Skype which would also mean being able to cut down on minutes.
    To use GV I will also have to tell everyone my new number. Will I still be able to receive and make calls through the Verizon number?
    So, do I need GV?
    Skype vs GV

    • http://www.facebook.com/dustin.mccutcheon Dustin McCutcheon

      I think that if your going to be talking to a lot of people over seas then skype is the way to go, but if that is not the main reason for using it and just to have an extra number then go with GV. I personally haven't used GV yet but from what I can tell from the reviews and user interface screen caps i would say GV would be the most convenient to use on a day to day basis. I've been waiting for quite a few months myself, i'm actualy in the cell phone buisness and have been wanting it to give out to customers rather then one of my other numbers for personal convenience (gets quite annoying having random people call your cell phone for dumb questions that I would rather just call them back on and not feel obligated to answer right away LOL)

      That being said if somone else has an invite I would also love one. D.mccut@gmail.com

  • vonbane

    I've been waiting for Google Voice for almost 4 months now, also have not gotten an invite.

  • jradcapp

    I sent in a request for an invite about a month ago.. Still nothing :-(

  • Michael

    I've also waited for months…If the list gets to me and there's still an invite burning a hole someone's digital pocket. I'll happily put it to use. mjt.nr6r at gmail. Many thanks in advance! Keeping my fingers crossed…

  • duckphan

    I would also Love to be invited as I too have been waiting for months. ryro2343@gmail.com
    thanks a TON!

  • http://toddblog.net/ Todd

    I'm having difficulty getting the update to work with my phone. I download it, open it up, and it just Force Closes. I'm running the Cyanogen Mod, so I wonder if it's incompatible?

    • kellex

      I'm running Cyanogen as well and mine works. Maybe just try removing GV completely and then reinstalling.

      • http://toddblog.net/ Todd

        I removed the update and reinstalled it and it seems to be working now. Interesting.

  • davidhodge

    I would also love a invite to google voice if anyone has an extra one…

  • saimin

    Aren't they giving out Google Voice accounts to anyone who buys a Nexus One?

  • garbagedick

    i love the update since i use gv as my only number. now i dont have to autoforward texts and voicemail to clog my inbox. does anyone else have an issue where it wont vibrate when you get a message?

  • jacksonutes

    I've also been waiting for an invite for awhile now. Haven't been waiting 6 months, however it has been 2 or 3 months.

  • Jack

    Yes. Pretty quick. Sending SMS from Google Voice on my wife's droid to mine was about 6-8 seconds, but that included the “sending…” time on her Droid. The reply went back just as quickly.

    I'm just wondering how the “synchronize inbox” compares with “push” with regards to what it actually does. Why not just call it “push”?

  • Nick

    I don't know about “immediately.” Maybe quicker than 15 min, but definitely not immediately. I'm also assuming this was based off the update that happened a few days ago.

    • Jack

      Happened yesterday (3/23) as far as I know.

  • sr_erick

    I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting get get into the Google Voice program. Anyone have an invite? Or do they not do that??

    • kellex

      Its sounding more and more like they have stopped handing out invites. I've heard of people that have been waiting for up to 6 months now…maybe it's time for a poll asking about Google Voice? :)

      • scuzzullbutt

        I have been waiting about 4 months now.;( I am dying for an invite!

      • http://twitter.com/JStandiford21 Jason Standiford

        what is your main reason for using google voice?

        • kellex

          The fact that I can listen to voicemail without calling a number. Plus I can listen to voicemail via email.

          • http://twitter.com/JStandiford21 Jason Standiford

            Cool, just trying to get an idea of why people use it. I see it being very useful, just haven't used it all that much, so just curious.

        • sr_erick

          Well, now thanks to your invite I have mine set up. I didn't want to get a new Google phone number so I used the number I already have, even though it will limit some of what I can do. Eventually it would be nice to be able to port my phone number over to Google and just fly from there with a different number from Verizon…or whoever.

          Anyways, I'm using it for voicemail now mainly. I was using Visual Voicemail on Verizon before, but that costs $3 a month and lately I haven't been even getting notifications of new messages coming in so it's been very inconvenient. This is better than that setup anyways, as I can customize greetings on a per person/group basis right online using my existing contacts. I can also get and see new messages online if I want.

          So, for me it's about saving that $3 a month, which isn't a huge deal. I was hoping for more in terms of VOIP, but now since I've researched exactly what Google Voice is, they don't do much with that. I have seen they did buy a VOIP company in November though, so I'm hoping they will start integrating some of that stuff into the whole Google Voice setup.

      • http://www.facebook.com/yelrihsdivad David Shirley

        i have been waiting since november since i got off my boat

    • http://twitter.com/JStandiford21 Jason Standiford

      I have a few invites available if you would like one.

      • sr_erick

        Sure Jason, would love one if you have one to spare – erickh@gmail.com

        • duckphan

          I would also Love to be invited as I too have been waiting for months. ryro2343@gmail.com
          thanks a TON!

          • littlemac48

            i would love an invite to please i have been waiting forever. smcbent@aol.com

        • Juli

          Please send me an invite……..I could be your nurse one day and you will need the favor to call in…..


      • dantespeak

        I would love one as well if you have another one to spare. Dantespeak@gmail.com

        • http://twitter.com/JStandiford21 Jason Standiford


      • jacksonutes

        I wouldn't want to use up all your invites, at the same time I would be interested also.

        • http://twitter.com/JStandiford21 Jason Standiford

          Sorry man, I'm down to just one and would like to save that one. It would be nice if they did like they did with Wave and gradually gave out more invites. The two people I just gave invites to might have invites right off the bat, I”m not sure.

          • jacksonutes

            No problem Jason, I appreciate you replying back to me. Hopefully google voice will open up some invites in the near future. Thanks again.

      • black44hawk

        If anyone has an invite they'd like to share, I would greatly appreciate it……I've been waiting since October, UGH……thanks in advance…..

  • http://twitter.com/jbernard703 Jeffrey Bernard

    Love this update. I used my girlfriends phone last night to check out the notification time and it was between 5seconds and 1minute for text messages. I have no got a voicemail yet so can't say on that. It also fixed that checking settings bug where it would just sit there when trying to set up Google voicemail. You still need to disable SMS notifications from the website or you will get duplicate texts. Can't wait for Gizmo5 to be spun in then Google voice will be amazing.