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Droid Loses Touch Screen Test, Wins Pretty Test

Doesn’t it seems a little odd that people are still performing touch screen tests on the iPhone, Droid and Nexus One?  I mean, none of these phones are really “new” anymore, are they?  Well I guess someone deemed it a reasonable and necessary task.  Unfortunately for our beloved Motorola Droid, the results on the touchscreen test were not amazing…

And the video action…

At least after that test was performed, some other group decided to do a “pretty” test which left the Motorola Droid topping the charts…

1.  Motorola Droid
2.  Palm Pre Plus
3.  Apple iPhone 3GS
4.  HTC Nexus One by Google
5.  Samsung Behold II

Nothing can keep us down!

(Touch Screen test by MOTO)

  • Hannasmilez

    Are all droids touch screen?

  • NutsandBolts

    This test was bogus. The test looks to a robotic finger. Read what Moto says about our touch screen.

    Here are some things to keep in mind regarding your touch screen:

    Your phone has a capacitive touch screen which requires your skin to touch the screen. If you are using a screen protector your screen may not work as designed.
    Changing the sensitivity of the screen is not currently supported.
    To activate / deactive your screen press the Power Key located on the top of the phone.
    Your phone has a proximity sensor that disables the touch screen during a call (while near your face), or while in a pocket or case.

  • Nölff, esq.

    You might find the answer “soon”

  • droidman

    What a bull test. My Droid works perfect. I dont believe half of the crap out there. To the highest bidder goes the win.

    • Tom

      You probably did it too fast, because as much as i hate to admit it, I didn't get straight lines… HOWEVER there is also the fact that glass is a better conductor than the polymer that is used for the Droid. We don't get as good tracking….. But our screens are much much more durable. I've seen iPhones cracked before, but I have seen the Nexus and Droid hit hard, and not even a scratch.

  • Scott

    That Droid must have been dropped – just used the Paint mode in NoteEverything and I did the same cross-hatch pattern (human mode) and it looked like the iPhone's results.

  • androfan

    If they had factored in multitouch ability, the results might have been very different:


  • catherine

    is very good

  • WTH2.1

    interesting test but it doesn't change how I feel about my droid. I love it and this isn't enough to change my view of it. If firmware or software can fix that, great, if not, that's cool too (unless a really cool app requiring such presice accuracy shows up). The only thing I don't like about my droid is the small keyboard (not landscape, the other one whose name escapes me now). I can't seem to type with it but since I haven't seen people complaining about it, it just may be my fingers with the prob and not my droid.

    • Tom

      Portrait my good man (or fair lady, not sure of your gender), portrait. Think art gallery… Portraits are done vertically to capture the person, and landscape is done horizontally to capture… well… more of the landscape.

      • WTH2.1

        Hehe, thanks Tom. It's “man” btw. I can never seem to remember that “portrait”. Funny though because I see a lot of people use the portrait keyboard and not have any problems with it. I don't think I'm a mutant or have oversized hands or anything but I can never get it to work for me.

  • kulz

    DROID DOES!!! enough said! personally, i never had a problem with my touchscreen…

  • Michael

    I agree that it's a pretty screen, and I've never had a problem with the touch screen. Of course, it seems the report failed to mention on other factor. If we have a problem with the touch screen (e.g. typing) we can always slide out our keyboard! How many of the other phone owners can do that?

    • Tom

      I agree and it is the reason why I bought the Droid in the first place, and not any of the other phones. Nor will buy any of the other phones.

      So what if a super light to medium touch doesn't register? Clearly, when they did the finger test it was pretty accurate, with some discrepancy in the middle, mainly an outward arch that looked like it was making a bubble. But honestly, so long as it works and is accurate enough with my finger [again, the inaccuracies were there though not large enough to make any real difference] it doesn't matter. Really… when am I going to have some machine draw straight lines on my Droid? I think NEVER.

      Droid is still #1 in my humble opinion.

    • True that! I love my droid, never had a problem with its screen… 😉

  • jduro923

    Droid still rules. I never had a problem with the accuracy from the touch screen.

  • I noticed something the other day. If the droid is set on a flat surface its touch screen performance is horrible but if I have it at an angle it performs exactly to my request. Test – Google Calendar and trying to go from March to October and back to March using the swipe up for next month and swipe down for previous month (index finger) – Laying flat the result was at times it would go to previous month while certain times it would flick from month to month. While at an angle the result is exactly what I requested. Weird Huh. Someone else please try this and let me know if I am just a dork or if its just my droid

    • stlbryson

      You;re not a dork. I noticed the same issue on mine.

    • adamrk17

      agreed when I try to unlock my phone (using the swipe code) and it is laying flat it hardly ever registers it

    • My Droid works just fine on a flat surface. I don't see why it wouldn't. I tried the calender thing and I worked perfectly.

  • digipimp

    So is this a software/firmware issue or a result of the screen's design/manufacturing specs?

    • rals

      That's a very good point. I wonder if the 2.1 makes the it more responsive.

    • kellex

      Great question that I wish I had the answer to. 🙁

  • Paradisimo

    Why would I want it to be ultra-responsive when I barely touch it? Sounds like a great way for it do random things in my pocket if I don't turn the screen off.

  • RealGame22

    'Cnet' had did a screen test of the phones. The Moto Droid had Won, its on the site now. Droid had the best colors

  • Jack

    It works when I touch it. I don't see a problem, really.