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Installing CyanogenMod v5.0.5 for Motorola DROID

Back on the 13th, we ran through a video tutorial for users looking to check out the CyanogenMod which has essentially been ported over to the Motorola Droid.  While that process seemed to create issues on various levels, the newly released v5.0.5 comes packed full of easiness.  So if you are sick of waiting for Android 2.1 from Verizon and are in the mood to check out what we believe is the best custom ROM on the planet, then let’s do this!

*Warning* – As always, you are performing these tasks at your own risk.  We are not recommending that you do ANY of these, but simply providing information to you.  There is a chance you could brick your phone, do other permanent damage and this will more than likely void your warranty. Please do as much research as you can beforehand.  We are not liable for any of your actions.

*Note 1* – Before performing this you may want to create a backup of settings and apps which we covered at this post.

Instructions if coming from stock…

1.  Root your phone using DM Updater.  If you want a backup created, fully install DroidMod 1.0.
2.  Download ROM Manager from the market:  Download Link
3.  Open ROM Manager and tap “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery” and confirm model as Motorola DROID.
4.  When prompted for access, check “remember” and then tap “allow”.
5.  If it appears to freeze during this process, just hit the “home” key and re-open ROM Manager.
6.  Tap “Download ROM”. (Should download in 3 parts.)
7.  Tap “CyanogenMod 5.0.5”.
8.  Check both options for Google Apps and Modules and then hit “OK”.
9.  The ROM will now be downloaded.
10.  When it finishes, you will be prompted to install the ROM with options “Backup Existing ROM” and “Wipe Data and Cache”.  Choose both as you can now choose the backup option and the Clockwork recovery will not freeze.  Tap “OK”.
11.  Let the phone boot into recovery and watch it work backup/ROM magic.
12.  Your phone will boot back up once finished.  Log in to your Google account and you are done.

*Note 2* – Response I received in regards to exactly what the Google Apps add-on is:  “The ROM is built on the separation of Android from it’s dependency on Google apps. So you have the ability to install the ROM with no Google apps. However, you won’t be able to log in to the market or setup your main account.”

Instructions if coming from Cyanogen

  • Open ROM Manager, perform a backup, download the new version through ROM Manager and then install it.  You also should not have to “wipe data and cache”.
  • If you are currently running 7 screens, you may get  some force close issues after installing as 5.0.5 defaults to 5 screens.  Think about switching to 5 screens before loading this new ROM.  Try going back to the stock 3 screen launcher plus removing all widgets before upgrading.

For the newest release details and support, check out the CyanogenMod forums.

A couple of things you can expect:

  • The delay after pressing “home” while being in the browser has been eliminated in this version.
  • You can now utilize the Google Latitude live wallpaper which I’ve capped above.
  • The HelixLauncher is also incredibly fast now.
  • Can still be overclocked to 1000Mhz.
  • If you want to return to stock, you can do so at this post.

As always, if you decide to go this route, please let me know how it all works out!

  • Yagermeister

    Have a rooted 2.1 Droid. Downloaded Setcpu and ROM Manager. Flashed the latest version of Clockwork Backed up current ROM Downloaded Cyanogen and bekit Kernels 0.8.3 from ROM Manager. Tried to install cyanogenmod four times and it backs everything up claims the install is complete and then reboots but freezes on the Motorola logo for 10 – 15 minutes and then I give up, yank the battery, reboot holding down X and then restore properly to my current ROM without issue. Any ideas Droid-lifers??!!

    • Yagermeister

      Let's just say that I am not sure what is different but it worked this time…the fifth time! I guess persistence rules the day! Case closed!


  • ihateemobands

    I keep getting an “Installation aborted” message while trying to install the update from the android system recovery screen.

    It says
    “E:EOCD marker occurs after start of EOCD
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.”

    I do have android 2.1 installed so I was wondering if that's the problem?

  • nickmears

    If switching to the newest version of any ROM is it necessary to first install the first version or can i skip?

  • 340cams

    Hey Kellex…I have had my Droid for about 1.5 months now…have rooted the update.zip way loved the smoked.glass look to the phone…then learned about the Droidroot pro…Loved that also. Now the evolution to DMupdater and ROM Manager has taken the need to know how to root out of the individuals hands and basically point and click…that simple and cool…the writers of these apps have done great work…

    My question…I am running CyanogenMod Haxzamatic xROM_v1.0.1…I love the black sleek look to this and want to keep this feel…is there a way to update to and keep the look and feel of the Haxzamatic xROM_v1.0.1?
    Thanks…wish I had your expertise…

  • Mike

    Ok just installed cyanogen 5.0.5 for my droid and now none of my apps are on my phone. They all show up in the market (both paid and non-paid apps)…is there an easier way to put them back on my phone besides clicking and manually installing each individual app? Wasnt a backup part of this rom…and i guess I dont know how to utilize it haha. Thanks guys, you're videos are incredibly easy

    • 340cams

      Hey man…cool you rooted and installed Cyanogen..What you needed to do prior to installing Cyanogen was to use Astro File manager and backup your apps by going to Menu…Tools ….Application Manager/Backup. Once Up and running in your new Cyanogenmod, reinstall Astro from the Market and return to Manager Backup and install all backed up Apps.
      Have fun.

  • anonymous in TX

    Yesterday I just installed Cyanogen Every time I add a wifi network (that being mine with WPA2_PSK) i get the error “unable to connect to the network”. Any ideas? I posted this on CyanogenMod forums as well; and still no fix available. 2-3 others have chimed in on CyanogenMod forums with the same problem. Yes my WAP is running in 802.11N (b/g compatible mode). This is so weird, I go down the street to Buffalo Wild Wings; and Cyanogen connects up to that open hot spot no problem!

    • anonymous in TX

      Well, I fixed the problem myself. I'll just post it here if it might help others. I had my SSID broadcast shut off. I enable SSID broadcast, and now Cyanogen connects fine no problem. I then turned off SSID broadcast (better wireless security to stay quit); and Cyanogen refused to play. So for now while I stay on Cyanogen (WHAT A GREAT ROM); I will just have to live with broadcasting my SSID. Just for reference; when I was running Stock 2.0.1; wifi worked fine with broadcast turned off! Cheers. Kellex, Kudos to your fantastic site and informative videos. They are great, thanks so much.

  • dwhang

    hey how can i overclock after ive done this ROM? help anyone? and thanks this is one amazing ROM and im a noob with customizing phones haha so yea.. thanks a bunch for the step-by-step and videos

    • jazzbassNick

      SetCPU ($1 in Market) is what most seem to prefer. I was using the free Overclock Widget, but it was kinda funky, so I went to SetCPU

  • brain550

    Newbie Here with a quick question.

    I am trying to install CyanogenMod using the above instructions and get stuck after I perform Step 10. After I check both backup and wipe data and cache and hit ok, my phone reboots into recovery mode and then it states “There may not be enough free space to complete backup… continuing… Backing up boot… Error while dumping boot image!” what can I do from here, I was assuming the backup would be going on my SD card, which has more than enough space on it.

    • videoguy1

      I am also having an issue with upgrading to CyanogenMod from, I get and a launcher error that will not go away I went into safe mode and rebooted and was oK into getting into GDE home screen, not launcher, I tried to use ROM manager but it is now giving me an error “an error occurred while attempting to run privilege commands” I uninstalled and re-installed Rom manager but no go. I cannot get bact to the launcher no matter what I do, I originally went from 7 screens to five, got rid of my widgets and that's when launcher issues started. Now things are worse. HELP!

  • Corey

    so when i launched the launcher. It is just black and the wallpaper will pop up for a second and go black again whats wrong. i did everything signed back in through google?

    • Corey

      Any suggestions on what i should do?

      • Corey

        Nevermind just got it working! How do i get my apps back? I did a backup and everything

  • I've got Nandroid installed, and rom manager. When I go to install the cyanogen rom from rom manager it restarts and then goes into what i'm assuming is nandroid (its where i installed simply stunning and smoked glass) but i can't seem to figure out how to install cyanogen. Any idea what to do?

    • BMaz

      I just rooted and installed this ROM… first time doing any of this but was sick of waiting for 2.1 OTA… am blown away by how simple it was with the great videos on this site and am loving the slick new features. Not a single problem or bug so far!

      • BMaz

        Quick follow-up to my comment a few minutes ago. I noticed that my apps (backed up and reinstalled post-root via My Backup Pro aren't linked to my account in the app store anymore (running fine, just worried I won't get updates when new versions come out, etc).

        Do I need to do a permissions repair with Rom Manager? If so… to get that option do I need to flash ClockworkMod Recovery in Rom Manager?… will this mess with CyanogenMod? I did this step when rooting per the above instructions (made a DroidMod 1.0 backup to be as safe as possible) but it seems to not know that I did it as it needs me to do it again to unlock the fix permissions utility. Any help is much appreciated!!