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Report: 2.1 Update Delayed?

Bad news everyone.  News breaking from Boy Genius Report that there is a delay in the update.  “A new date will be communicated as soon as possible.”

Stay tuned…

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  • Johnny

    this is the reason why verizon sucks..always some kind of issue with them..nothing ever goes smoothly according to plan..and they never have exact information on anything they say or sell…retards…if there is a way to manually update my droid ill do it no questions asked…

    • redspotcat

      All I want is to be able to do voice to text in various applications. I was hoping this upgrade would do that. Do I absolutely need to root the phone just for that one feature?
      I tried downloading an app that was supposed to do that but the only options I have under “language and keyboard settings” is ” android keyboard”, “device keyboard” and “user dictionary”.

      I'm new to the droid. can anyone enlighten me?

  • Aren't they still on point with this? I thought they said they'd have two small test groups get the update first and Saturday would be the mass rollout.

    • leftiphone4droid

      That's the impression I got also

    • JLeo87

      Ya. There was supposed to be a 24hour break, so nobody should have received the OTA on Friday. Hopefully since Verizon supposedly is on track with there update plans, many of us should receive the update sometime today. For some reason though I have a feeling that we'll all be dissapointed once again.

  • Just Curious

    Isn't the update something they could post to their site and let us download and install, or is it mandatory for it to be OTA? Just curious…

  • So, last night I went ahead and rooted my Droid and installed the CyanogenMod running 2.1. I couldn't be happier. I got sick of waiting for those Bozos to get around to releasing 2.1. You may really want to do the same. Cyanogen is slick!

  • aarynk

    Just read this over at androidoperatingsystem.net that it is a server problem and it sounds like it may take a LONG time to fix?!?!?!

    “Apparently we will probably be waiting even longer for the 2.1 update for Droid. According to my source, the need to “ramp up” the distribution application and the network infrastructure that hosts it won’t just happen overnight. Bitfone has allegedly just contracted with a third-party solution consultant to assist with the redesign of the infrastructure My contact did mention that they are moving on this as quickly as possible, but the reality is that it going to take some time. Not sure what Motorola is planning on doing on the PR front…”Anonymous tipster

    First time I have been to that site so not sure what to believe but it sounds like that's what the hold up is…

  • Tony

    According to phonescoop.com, Verizon disclosed that a small group of users did get the update.

  • kris

    jeez when is the update going to come out? I cant wait any longer!!

    • JLeo87

      I know! I can't wait any longer either… I've been waiting and waiting for this to come out ever since I first read about it back in January…. today really made me feel let down,, I couldn't Even fall asleep last nite because I was soooo excited for this update

  • leftiphone4droid

    Just to go along with my other post about Verizon releasing the update to that select few. This article states that some Verizon Employees did in fact receive the update. Which goes along with my previous post that maybe the update was released to Motorola and/or Verizon Testers (Employees) first. And if that's the case, then these specific employees that did receive the update MUST keep silent about and not relay any information about it to anyone.

    “Some Verizon employees have already received their updates, so the problem is not with them, but rather with the company that takes care of distributing the update over-the-air. We’ll get you more information as soon as we hear anything new.”


  • chevyman

    All these delays are making RIM look better. At least when RIM promised a Blackberry update they followed through with that promise. Never had any problems when an update on my BlackBerry. THis could spell trouble for Motorola in the long run.
    Who ever handles the accounts with VZ and this so called update company needs to get there head out of thier a@@ and get to work.

  • tpipher

    I went to Cyanogen two days ago and have not looked back since! I was very intimidated about rooting my phone but it was SO freaking easy! Stop waiting on excuses, move on and be happy!

    • SDI

      Exactly! What did we all want from this update? live wallpapers,,,, 3D launcher (which is not included in the Verizon update) voice to text,,,,,,pinch to zoom in browsers,,,3D gallery,,,,and the list goes on,,,,cyanogen has all of these. Some are worried about cell standby issues that affect the battery, I believe that has been taken care of or is erroneous data reporting, either way Koush has said he will take care or it.

    • paligap

      Can you do that to a Droid Eris – if so can I get some linkage on how u did it – I am considering it…

      • ajavgeek

        Yes, you can get 2.1 on Eris. I followed the tutorial on Youtube


        Works great, and there is ADOBE FLASH PLUGIN !!!! and IT WORKS !!!

        I wish, Droid should get it.

        Go for it, enjoy

        • KaOs17

          Actually can you put 2.1 sense on the Moto Droid?

          • ajavgeek

            Hmmm, not sure about that!

  • athosian


    3 Hours ago, VZWNETWORK on Twitter replied to a tweet with:

    “No delay– starting with select test group first to avoid problems on upcoming rollout. More to come, stay tuned.”

    • Brendan

      Are you serious or are you playing

      • athosian

        I'm not playing. I posted the link along with my comment. It was in response to someone's twitter account named @benwoodall. Check it out for yourself.

  • Stephan

    Awesome news everyone!!!!!!!!!!! Verizon has not delayed the launch of Android 2.1 check out this Twitter feed from Verizon Wireless.


    I wish I was one of those lucky people!

  • jason w.s.

    The guys over at DROIDMOD have posted a pretty interesting blog over at their site today pertaining to the lack of any DROIDMOD updates. I tell ya, those guys are a class act over there, and i mean that, no jokin around. Much desrved props to the DROIDMOD team.

  • shon


  • robinfriday2

    to be perfectly honest the 2.1 update is basically useless to me if there is no flash support…every other thing it offers is either meaningless, or all ready available via the market without even having to root your phone…so zzzzzzzzzzz

    • Flash has nothing to do with Google, Motorola or Verizon… it's Adobe that hasn't released flash yet.

  • leftiphone4droid

    I just read this from phonescoop.com, ” In response to reports that Verizon Wireless had suddenly delayed its planned roll-out of the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid, Verizon reached out to Phone Scoop. Spokesperson Thomas Pica said in an email, “The Android 2.1 upgrade for the Droid by Motorola was deployed to a small number of Verizon Wireless test users as scheduled. It is expected the broader phased rollout to all Droid by Motorola users will take place, but not just yet. No date scheduled yet.” This message is essentially the same as the one provided yesterday by Verizon Wireless. Users should not expect their devices to update today or at any time during the next several days.

    from Verizon Wireless


    Makes me wonder

    • SDI

      Who were the “small number” of users that received the updateI I find that extremely hard to believe as much as the Droid community has been anticipating this release that NO ONE has reported getting it on any sites? What were they sworn to secrecy LOL,,,threatened with harm if they told? Sounds like a ploy to keep customers from freaking out, like those that did to AT&T back in Dec when they threatened to bring down their net bandwidth because of lousy customer service?

      • leftiphone4droid

        I'm not gonna get all upset just yet. I'm gonna wait and see if any updates are distributed over the weekend first. I mean, they probably (and that's a big PROBABLY) did distribute the update but only to certain specific people. Those people could be on Motorola/Verizon testing team or whatever and because of Motorola / Verizon they cannot provide any details about the update itself via forums, emails etc. Just someone posted above, first release of the update was suppose to make sure everything goes smooth and if it doesn't then they'll have to work on it. So like I said earlier, I'm looking for this weekend.

        • SDI

          I would believe that if this were prior to the posted public release. No company posts a update announcement without fully testing their product (well I guess no one but Verizon)? If they did release it to a small number of employees (doubtful) there is no way that they would post anything saying it will released just yet. With all the crap that they have had to take over not honoring past release dates, the last thing I think they would do is release this to just employees for testing and make it seem as if it were going to a small number of customers? When someone steps forward with proof that it was released I will recant. All we have to go on is a internally released document that states that it is held up for whatever reason.

  • rabidcitizen

    Okay, couple salient points, at least for me.

    1) I would probably be content and doing something else, potting plants, jetskiing, firing a bushmaster on full auto, etc. *IF* verizon hadn't publicly said this update was rolling out today after several delays

    2) Sounds like verizon phone reps are giving different info to different people. The one I talked to said no delay, just a staggered release, suggested I start driving around to various verizon stores and ask if they have it for download

    3) I've got this guy around me constantly who has got a nexus 1 and will not stop giving me shit about my droid and laughs at my big thumbs that need a hardware keyboard

    I don't have multiple phones, can't really do the custom rom option, droid was a big purchase, very happy with it, but dammit verizon, don't waste my time, don't toy with my emotions, and don't make me the butt of jokes coming from this prick with an N1!!!

    • I am repeating myself here but:

      1. The deployment to a small number of testers actually DID happen, just as Verizon had said it would:
      “In response to reports that Verizon Wireless had suddenly delayed its planned roll-out of the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid, Verizon reached out to Phone Scoop. Spokesperson Thomas Pica said in an email, “The Android 2.1 upgrade for the Droid by Motorola was deployed to a small number of Verizon Wireless test users as scheduled. It is expected the broader phased rollout to all Droid by Motorola users will take place, but not just yet. No date scheduled yet.” This message is essentially the same as the one provided yesterday by Verizon Wireless. Users should not expect their devices to update today or at any time during the next several days.”.

      2. Verizon reps don't know anything. My son was a Verizon rep, and he was not the “Official” PR arm of Verizon. Unfortunately, reps tend to try to assuage the customers' concerns so they sometimes say things they shouldn't. I agree with you on this point.

      3. My big thumbs can't type on that damned keyboard anyway, so I could have done without it, but at least it is there if you need it. It doesn't take away from the phone; it's just an added feature he doesn't have. He sounds jealous! Oh, and he can't make calls on the Verizon network, only on the crappy T-Mobile network. Say what you wat, but Verizon has invested more than double the money per customer on infrastructure than any other network and that's why us Verizon customers can make phone calls when the guy with T-Mobile can't get a signal.

      so the next time your out and about and your buddy can't get a signal, just hand him your Droid an say, “Yeah, I have a keybord… and I have 4 bars!”.

  • SDI

    What's that???? That's the sound of another Droid being rooted, and saying to hell with Verizon/Motorola!

  • CRJ700

    Well I for one am back to DM 1. It's better than what there giving us anyways IMO.

  • Studlychris

    I have just officially gone back to Cyangenmod and am not going to update to the OTA for 2 weeks. Besides, I have my doubts that the official update will be better than Cyangenmod.

  • Presumably the reason they were doing a test run today was to check for problems. It seems they did find a problem and now they are fixing it. No big deal really, life goes on.

  • Droid does lie about the Android 2.1 updates, Droid does(not) respect deadlines, Droid does like to keep people waiting…

  • idk wats taking so long .. i mean if developers that made all these awesome roms can do it then why cant a huge company like verizon get this right i mean really the rom developers will probably release the flash before the ota one is released ….pitiful

    • SDI

      Agreed, how is it that a crap load of dev's can make this rom stable even with 3D launcher, and a huge corporation like Verizon/Motorola can't? Cyanogen can seem to do it? Sticking with that rom, it is the best out now. I WILL NOT unroot until the update is out and verified. If everyone else is smart they will do the same. Don't give Verizon/Motorola the satisfaction!

  • this is….. rediculous verizon..looks like im goin back to my rom and staying there until flash comes out . cuz waiting for this is a joke

  • I think they just wanted to see how many users “Unrooted” in anticipation.

    I can hear the Verizon Managers saying “Heck, they are all rooted anyways. Let's just leak stuff out every now and then and let them handle it for us. Then when they brick the phone, we can sell them something else.”

    • Ron

      I have to agree with you on that…

  • Alright now they need to add 3D Application launcher since there's a delay now. No excuse!

    • kweckstrom

      Has it even been confirmed that the 3d app launcher *won't* be there? From everything I've read it hasn't been said one way or the other…

      • nkhex19

        From the information I have been able to gather on various sights and forums is there will not be a 3D launcher in the 2.1 OTA update. I have heard that there has been many issues with it working with landscape mode but I cannot 100% confirm this. Motorola did confirm on their facebook that there will only be 3 homescreens in the update. “Motorola @Ron – While there will only be 3 screens with this update, there are apps you can download for add'l screens.”
        4 hours ago

        • kweckstrom

          Cyanogenmod just keeps looking better and better…….

      • Michael C.

        yeah according to PC World, 3D app launcher will not be available on Droid.


  • Ace Z.


  • Jordan Neill

    Anyone else notice the differences in the wording that describes the update between this page and the official system update page on the Verizon website? In addition. this page mentions the preloaded Goggles application, which was never mentioned in the offical Verizon documents. Fake document? Maybe just wishful thinking…

  • lee

    wow verizon, thats an at&t move right there.

    • I disagree. AT&T would have let it go out all screwed up. They've done it before. Or, where Steve Jobs is concerned, you would have been told to shut up, and he will let you have what he wants you to have when he damn well feels like it on his walled up, no customization having, never getting Flash, iWannaPhone.

  • Max

    I emailed Motorola directly to inquire about ota, and in the response email they asked me to “please call them”. when I called they, long story short unofficially verified their fu** up. They told me ” we can't verify or deny an update, but u should check ur phone for updates later on starting today” now I'm not giving anyone false hopes. I'm just forwarding what I have been told. I honestly don't believe em anymore. Again I'm not saying they told me that its on its way today but I can't stress I don't believe. I also have a nexus one and a rooted droid (my first love) and I don't see a big dif at all between a droid rooted with a 2.1 custom (Bugless ofcourse) and a “factory” 2.1 os. So to all I say stick with ur rooted phones if u have them and know how to update ur customs. Because in all honesty motorolas developers can't fu** with ours. To those that don't know what root is or what custom roms are. I say don't be afraid to explore the custom universes which are so vast. Search all these forums and you'll learn what u have to learn fast.

  • Mathew

    I'm on Cyanogen again and this time I'm sticking to it. Only when the official release of the ota update.

  • Oh my god what a bunch of friggin crybabies. Seriously? People are really getting this upset over an update to their phone? Ridiculous.

    Look people, none of you bought the Droid because you hoped it would have an update soon. You bought it because it is kewl as hell. It was kewl when you bought it… that hasn't changed.

    So what if the update doesn't come out today. That just means that despite KNOWING that a huge number of crybabies were going to go crazy not having their update, Motorola or Verizon or both felt that there was an issue more important than pushing out a messed up update.

    Good for them! They care more about the product being RIGHT than getting flamed on every friggin board and blog from here to Timbuktu!

    Now quit yer bitchin'!

    • zerolozen

      Agreed…I'm as addicted to my phone as much as the other guy…but if bothers everyone this much then there is a huge problem with the overall picture…as nice as it will be to have an update…just wait…and go do something else while you wait.

    • KaOs17

      Well then they shouldn't be announcing things they can't keep. No one would be upset if there wasn't a date specified, but since there was, we'd expect one of the biggest names (like Verizon) to f-ing hold themselves to it.

      • When so many phones and thus customers are at stake, I think caution is the best approach. By the way, can you point me to the statement by Verizon that promises the 2.1 update to be released today? I must have missed that.

        • Octotron



          Yes. You did miss that.

          I was unaware that complaining about people complaining was some sort of high ground to stand on.
          People spent a lot of money on this device and have every right to be upset by improper support.

          • WTH2.1

            Well said Octotron. I didn't find my droid as a prize in a cereal box, this thing costs money and expect at the very least to be up to par with what's rapidly becoming a standar. Google earth requires it (unless you're rooted which I'm not) and as far as I understand it more apps are being designed to work on 2.1 only.

          • SDI

            Def! I paid over 300 for my phone months ago, plus not to mention over 287 a month on all the phone my family has! I think that deserves them to at least honor their word. As I said before how can individual dev's get it right and stable and not a company I pay a shitload of money to every month?

          • Both of those posts come from “anonymous tipsters”. I asked where the “official” promise form Verizon to its customers that actually promised you would all have you update TODAY!

            Here's what Verizon has actually said:
            1. “The Android 2.1 upgrade for the Droid by Motorola is being deployed to a small number of Verizon Wireless test users tomorrow afternoon. It is expected the broader phased rollout to all Droid by Motorola users will begin shortly thereafter—we will keep you posted.”

            The deployment to a small number of testers actually did happen:
            “In response to reports that Verizon Wireless had suddenly delayed its planned roll-out of the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid, Verizon reached out to Phone Scoop. Spokesperson Thomas Pica said in an email, “The Android 2.1 upgrade for the Droid by Motorola was deployed to a small number of Verizon Wireless test users as scheduled. It is expected the broader phased rollout to all Droid by Motorola users will take place, but not just yet. No date scheduled yet.” This message is essentially the same as the one provided yesterday by Verizon Wireless. Users should not expect their devices to update today or at any time during the next several days.”

            So, it looks like Verizon has done exactly what they said they were doing. No more, no less.

            My point is that there is ALOT of unofficial news and “anonymous tipsters” who say lots of things that very oftern turn out to be wrong, and people get all up-in-arms over rumors rather than actually finding out what is truly happening.

          • Octotron

            You know… I do not think that anyone expected the update, TODAY. I do not think a single poster here was expecting to receive it. What we were expecting was a confirmation that someone had received it in a test group, which is what was stated.

            No one on the internet apparently received that update.

            Now I know you are going to post something about NDA's and whatever, but that has never stopped anyone from leaking information or files. The simple fact is, we do not know, and since we do not know, we cannot confirm that it even happened.

            What do you do sound like is an apologist, which is just as bad as a detractor.

            Nothing would have gotten this far if it were not meant to be released starting tonight. Large media conveyances such as Engadget and others have about 1 billion times more credibility than Richard Moulton of Droid-Life commentary. I am more apt to believe them.

          • KaOs17

            Exactly. I don't think that even a few people got that update.

        • WTH2.1

          Not to mention the numerous reports of people being told by VERIZON REPS about the release today. Way to keep up on current events.

          • Again, people say lots of things. Look, I am not some Verizon fanboy or something, but I just get tired of the contstant griping about what is otherwise a great phone. i bought mine too, I have 4 lines and I pay my monthly bill, but my Droid did not magically transform into a useless rock the minute I found out there was an update that I don't have.

            The reason it bothers so many people so much is that we live in a world where everyone wants everything and they want it 5 minutes ago. And that's a completely unreasonable way to act, but they do it anyway. Maybe I am showing my age, but I can remember when dialing a phone meant putting your finger in a numbered hole and “dialing” it around. But I've also been programming things since I was 8, starting with my pong game. I've used punch cards and terminal servers. So maybe I have a little more patience than most, but the constant whining gets on my damn nerves! :p LOL

  • kulz

    i was one of the ppl staying stock until the OTA….BUT~!!!!….Cyanogen, HERE I COME!

  • nkhex19

    this was posted 8 mins ago on Motorola's facebook “Motorola: Thanks for your continued patience. We aim to answer each and every question; if your post isn't answered immediately, please know that we're looking into your question so that we can provide the most up-to-date information as possible.”

    • PGD

      And yet they didn't address one of them. Way to go Motorola….keep on ducking!!!

      • I think this is their way of saying “Yes we know there's an issue with the update. We'll try to get back to you guys when we know something”. Grant it, they already made a statement like that, a few min before. But I'm sure they were getting a ton of questions and had to post another update.

  • Hep

    Well, at least there's a Maps update with a Latitude widget now. HAHAHAHAHA! I hate big business…