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Friday Android 2.1 ESE53 Custom ROM-day

After the releases of Android 2.1 ERE25 and ERE53 there have been a boatload of custom ROM’s flying around the developer world.  In fact, most of these guys almost seem to be competing to see who can release the next, most polished version.  They have also all moved on from the ERE25 build to the ESE53 build which includes live wallpapers meaning it’s time for those of you interested in checking out a custom ROM to do so.

Below are links to all of the files you’ll need plus links to the actual forum posts that the developers have dedicated to their ROM’s.  Instructions for each can be found at the “post” link and if for some reason one of the download links is broken, I suggest you cruise over to the specific post to check on an updated link.

If you are new to the rooting and custom ROM game, we have you covered.  Check out the series of videos we’ve done to help you through the process:

Video:  How to Root/Unroot your Droid with DroidMod Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.
VideoHow to Install a custom ROM.

Blackdroid’s Ultimate Droid v.7 (Post)


Pete’s Bugless Beast v0.8 (Post)


AdamZ’s Smoked Glass (Post)

TGZ file (download the newest)

ChevyNo1’s Simply Stunning 2.0.2 (Post)


I don’t necessarily have a recommendation as to which one you’ll like, but I can assure you that they are all very well made.  AdamZ’s is a TGZ file that works similar to DroidMod which many of you will find completely user friendly, but I should warn you that he is still working through his testing stage.

There has also been the underground battle between Blackdroid and Pete, so choosing one of their ROM’s could have some extra meaning behind it.  And lastly, everyone raves about Chevy’s kernels, so you know you can’t go wrong with Simply Stunning.

Anyone running any of these new ROM’s?  If so, feel free to express which one and how it’s running?  I’d love to get feedback on your adventures through ROM-ing and I’m sure those sitting on the fence would as well.

  • Side question.. I've tried a few of these mods and they all have pros and cons – I'm looking for opinions on which people think are the fastest / most stable / with the most features.

    I have my own opinion but would like insight from other users as well.

  • So I did the Ultimate Droid v.7 upgrade from v.5 on my Droid and as a result SetCPU wouldn't clock over 550 Mhz even when using the auto detect. So I went back to v.5 and SetCPU worked fine again.

    I was wondering if anyone can confirm this as well.


  • I started with Sholes, then shortly after made the transition with DroidMod and I had a lot of heat issues with it. Then I tried the Koush's cyanogen and it was sweet but too buggy for my liking. I transfered all of my apps and some data from my Titanium backups, so that might have messed things up?

    But now I've settled on Pete's Buggles Beast V0.8 with AdamZ Smoked Glass Boot ESE53 low voltage 1000MHz Kernel with overclock ranges of (250, 400, 600, 800, 1000.) This has been by far the best ROM build I've used. It is the smoothest, fastest and most stable ROM on my Droid w/ zero FC's to date.

    To complete it, I've installed the HelixLauncher which is extremely stable and smooth on my Droid. Lovin' it! Thanks for this site.

  • lefty77

    Went from droidmod v1 to balck droid 6.3. Both ran flawless but i liked the interactive live wallpapers on blackdroid. Then installed chevys simply stunning 2.02. Great rom works flawless as well no fcs. I have to say that I like simply stunning droidmod and blackdroid for now. They all have kernels included to 1.2 ghz so no need to add a different kernel. Running chevys right now really cool

    • tpags

      I have had every rom he listed and by far I like ultimate droid v7.5. How can I get some customized icons on the staus bar. And also different app logos?

  • droidk

    I tried to do the Blackdroid 5.0 but it did not work out. I got the Error code 28, which according to the site the ROM is corrupted. I think this may have happened with the extracting process or something. I am doing this on a MAC and I don't know if this is the problem or not. When I downloaded the folder I got a Data.tar and a System.tar zipped files plus boot.img and nandroid.md5. I used stuffit expander and dropped the zipped files into it. Then got two new folders. I then put the whole folder Ultimatedroid5 onto the SD card of the Droid. Went step by step with the Custom ROM video and in the middle got the Status Error 28. I rebooted to the recovery stock I think? Then went back a did the DroidMOD V1.0. Keep in mid I am a total noob, only been doing this for couple of days and I am not a computer whiz. I am probably a danger to my phone, but I thought this would be cool to do. It has been fun learning so far.

    • droidk

      Okay figured it out. I don't know if this is what you would do on a Windows or not but if you are on a MAC and having trouble here is it. I was finally successful with Ultimatedroid5. But my backup was not good, I don't know what I did. I lost all my apps, contacts and settings. I went to the market to re-download them and about only half are there to re-download. I don't really remember all I had. Most where free and all the Apps I purchased-no problem. I have look out and think that it is restoring my contacts as I type. Any hoow here is the exact process I had to do prior to following video to get the ROM onto my SD card correctly.
      1. Download Zip file to MAC desktop, 2. Mount Droid 3. Open nandroid folder in your mounted Droid 4. Move Zip to nandroid folder 5. Now use Stuffit expander to expand Zip with setting to leave in starting folder. 6. Delete the “FOLDER” at end of The “Ultimatedroid5 FOLDER” 7. Now Unmount and follow video.
      Hopefully you can backup better than me or maybe this is just what happens and deal with it.
      If this step by step was redundant cause everyone else already new this, Sorry. If it helps anyone….Cool!!!
      I really want to try the Simply Stunning as well but so far I can't get the file to download to my MAC.
      This has bee fun, interesting and a learning experience so far!!!

  • cmbdds

    I just switched to Bugless Beast 0.8 from BB 0.7 last night. Although I haven't even been using it for 24 hours, this is the best rom I've installed. Very stable and quick.

  • I have been checking out Koush's ROM for the past 24 hours. I can say it is pretty amazing. Launcher2 works like a charm, even in landscape mode. Live wallpapers don't slow the phone down. Lots of custom menus. This is my personal favorite right now.

    • kellex

      I switched to it last night as well. It's pretty damn amazing. I'm thinking it deserves a video soon.

      • The more i use this ROM the more impressed i am. Looking forward to the video.

      • lefty77

        Hey kellex quick question? When I try to place the rom on the root of my sd card and can not find the file that says root on the sd card. i'm rooted with Droidmod and now running simply stunning which is great no complaints. But how do i find the file root on my sd card?


  • Will

    I'm running blackdroid 7.0 I was running 5.0 but anytime you get nandroid you lose sll your data how do you back up your apps so you don't have to redownload all your apps again, and what does it mean by flashing a kernal help would be greatly appreciated…

    • cmbdds

      I use Astro File Manager to back up all of my apps. I've installed 4 or 5 different roms and have never lost an app. You definitely don't want to lose those apps you paid for.

      • Will

        I have astro manager so how do I put the apps in a folder??? and thanks for responding

        • cmbdds

          Open up Astro, then hit the menu key. From there, hit “Tools”, then “Application Manager/Backup”. It will list all of your installed apps. If you check the top box on the right hand side, it will check all of your apps. Of course, you can check the apps you want to backup one by one if you want. After you check the apps you want to backup, you hit the “Backup” key at the top left and it will backup the apps and place them in a folder called “backups”. This folder won't be disturbed when installing a new rom. After the new rom is installed, you can go back into Astro and reinstall the apps. Hope this helps.

  • will

    hey (just added u as a fav on youtube cawi0701) im running the droidmod V1.0 using metamorph to use a version of the blue smoked theme. When the SUpdater was on the android market i downloaded it and used it for a couple of weeks i got annoyed with the 3d app launcher it looks cool but it is not as easy to use. i have heard very good things about all of thoes roms, i feel like droidmod is very good, i love it i have not had any isssues at all with it LOVE IT.. droid power.

  • dannydarko

    Whats up kid!Just wanted to give you a public shout you the Droid King fooorealzy!, EASTCOAST KING DoubleD that's me .Hands down best Droid site period point blank and if ya don't know now ya know!out!

  • avalanche32

    I have tried all that are mentioned and i say if you are just trying one for the first time try chevyno1 he makes it super easy to and he has his completely themed in smoked glass with some blue and custom icons. Blackdroid has a nice one but with v7 i had some issues with installation using the .tgz like i chose not to install the 2.0 lock screen and it installed anyway plus it had a gray bar with a plus sign at the top don't know what that was about but for those who have tried this one and got that result and who have also tried AdamZ's latest smoked glass roms he has been testing in test 8 i believe i had that very same problem seems like that BD might be doing alot of copy and paste but that just what i am seeing. Bugless Beast is stable and now that he has included a patch for the smoked glass look its even better to me, but all in all I would definately go with bugless beast by pete or simply stunning by chevyno1 they are both really great roms very fast with both i was able to pull around 12 MFLOPS and that is far beyond what a stock droid can do, so you can't go wrong with bugless or simply stunning but if smoked glass and blue is what you like then i would say that you should go with simply stunning or wait for AdamZ to finish testing his latest which his smoked glass test 9 is working great for me 16 was a fail but it won't be long and he will have an awesome rom up and running. If you like the black and red deal then blackdroids may be the one for you but as others have stated it does seem that he is doing alot of copy and paste, but really for you begginers don't fear doing this just do what the dev has instructed and you will be just fine and far as which one to choose for your first you can't go wrong with simply stunning by chevyno1 or petes bugless beast and if you feel like waiting try Adamz's smoked glass cause he truly gives you the simplest way to install, and if you want a combo of them all get ultimatedroid by blackdroid lol. Either one you go with you will be fine and there are many videos out there that show you how to get back to stock. One more rom i forgot really guys if you want a true original rom check out koush's rom the cyanogenmod believe me when I say if cyanogens name is in it you can't go wrong cause he is the man when it comes to roms, check him out at http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/index.php?/topic/5

  • rjfrank

    Anyone coming out or perhaps already did with a ROM that includes an eq for the mp3 player?

  • YouDontDroidDoes

    how do you install chevy or adamz kernels?

  • Brendan

    kellex can you please make a video on how to get back to stock using one of these ROMs?

  • str8havoc

    I just rooted my Droid yesterday and installed Blackdroid today. I love the look of the Rom but have found some things that don't work. Like when i hit the power button it won't go to sleep mode and the keyboard that i like doesn't work in landscape. After reading some of the comments i think i well try Pete's next.

    Need to Thank this site you guys made it easy and fun. Also love the new look.

    • elpeterson76

      Just go back a couple pages on Droidlife.com and download the HTC keyboard and Clicker APK. When you open the programs in astro it will ask you to uninstall. Uninstall both then reinstall both. Landscape will be up and running again. Whole process should only take you a few minutes tops.

  • Ryno

    I've got blackdroid v7, upgraded from v5. The overclocking kernel, how do i do that? I'm still kinda noobish at that part. could we get a video for adding in the 1.1ghz kernel? or am i just missing something? I had my v5 overclocked to 900mhz, but not real sure how to add in kernels to do it the right way.

    • Ryno

      keeps saying “aborted because it doesn't exsist” why???/

  • phenom

    After seeing the posts here from Kellex, I went through the process to install DMUpdater, root the phone, and install DroidMod v1.0. With the exception of loading the simple and small HELLODROID boot animation, I'm using the standard DroidMod. I'm happy with it, and really not looking to change to anything else UNLESS I get more features or function, or possibly speed/usability. I'm open to suggestions actually, wanting to hear from that person that had a DroidMod v1.0, and moved on to something else, and finds it better and as bug free. Right now, I find DroidMod to be very polished for the initial root/install.

    I didn't realize today how much I was using the added features though, until I picked up my wife's stock/unrooted Droid, and did a search- to find no multitouch, and was trying to figure out how to zoom again. 🙂

  • Brendan

    sorry what i meant was using droidmod updater

  • Brendan

    if i wanted to go back to stock android 2.0.1 could i do it using droidmod 1.0 if i am on another ROM?

  • Brendan

    if you are coming from Droidmod 1.0 do you have to make a nandroid backup?

    • kellex

      DroidMod1.0 creates a backup for you while installing. It's up to you if you want to make another.

  • randy21671

    I have been running Ultimate Black Droid v7.0… It is running great… No forcecloses with Adamz O/C kernal it runs fast. No problems…. : )

  • l_sloan

    Went from droidmod to blackdroid. Droidmod was far more stable and seemed like more time was spent tesing for bugs. I am looking forward to their 2.1 release. Blackdroid releases new versions like crazy to fix all of his mistakes (each update brings new bugs). I am now using stock with root. No more headaches or worries.

  • IMA_210

    Maybe I selected the wrong item, or didnt select something that I should have on my install of Ultimate Droid 7.0 but I didnt like the 2.0'ish lock screen. Absolutely loved the new “Droid” animated boot graphic though. Wish I knew how to extract it and use it in the Ultimate Droid 6.5 build that I am currently using. I am waiting for the next release of DroidMod.

  • Cyberdemon

    I'm on blackdroid 7 with Adamz kernel, so far so good. Everything is running very smooth and fast.

  • John

    Anyone tried out the DesireRemix ROM? I am pretty pleased with it. It is ESE53 based, and takes on the style of the HTC Sense UI


    It seems the stock install removes email and corp calendar so if you use those, you may want to back up with root manager first. Overall very pleased.

  • Ace Z.

    Any opinions on which is the best ROM?

  • Besides SholesMod and DroidMod, Simply Stunning 2.02 has been the best for me, and the least buggy. It also just looks better than most of the rest.

  • Definitely should include Koush's Droid version of the famous cyanogenmod (a 2.1 ESE53 build). He just moved off of alldroid to cyanogen's official forum. You can find it here:

    Very stable, fast, and by far the best 2.1 ROM I've ran. Plus… It's Cyanogen!

  • I would suggest Pete's. Chevy and Adam do great work but their ROMs always have more issues, very minor ones, but still issues. So if its your first ROM you might want to stay away from those. Blackdroid does good work but that is to be expected when you take BuglessBeast and give it a new name….oh and put the word Droid on the app tab 🙂

    • kellex

      Haha that's classic. Btw, the “Droid” on the app tab is pretty cheesy.

      • syntakk

        I happen to like having Droid on my app tab!

  • Droid Brasil

    Does anyone knows if this rom can be applied in Milestone?

    • Jano

      pretty sure these are all just for the Droid.

    • will

      i dont think they can be with the milestone because of how the program or roms are set ut

  • Jano

    Pete's roms are by far the best. Smooth fast and pretty well bugless unless you mess something up. Very easy to install.

  • Octotron

    I am simply too scared to do this. Not so much from the technical aspect, but from the “I have an irrational fear of modding stock things because I do not want to void my warranty or miss the stealth 2.1 update” aspect. Call me a wimp I guess… but I want to see what people think of these!

    • kellex

      Wimp! Haha 😛 I totally understand. I rarely keep a ROM very long and usually just float around with a rooted stock Droid.