Is This Remote for the New Chromecast With Google TV?

It was back in January when we learned that Google was working what appeared to be a new Chromecast With Google TV device. Since then, we heard very little, which was odd when Google I/O came and went this past May. Now it’s September and we’re finally learning more about what we might be getting.

Discovered in the latest beta for Android 14, that being Beta 5.3, our friend Mishaal Rahman spotted a video that showcases what appears to be an updated controller for the upcoming device. It looks very similar to the existing Chromecast remote, with the exception of a few added buttons and a new “star” button.

It’s detailed that the star button is actually a “magic button,” with users able to customize what it does. You can opt between choices like opening a favorite app or jumping between TV inputs with the dedicated button. Handy dandy magic button.

Google has by no means confirmed or announced that a new Chromecast is coming, but evidence continues to mount. Will we see it make a debut in October? We shall see.

// @MishaalRahman