Open webOS Being Ported to Galaxy Nexus, Gives the OS a Whole New Life

Around a year ago, webOS’s demise was highly publicized and the culmination of the debacle was the massive fire sale of HP Touchpads as it was decided that webOS would no longer be developed on. Luckily for us, instead of killing off the OS, HP decided to go open source and nothing excites the Android development community then trying to port an OS to a phone that it didn’t originally ship with. That brings us to today, where a port of webOS is being produced for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Now before you go looking for a download let me say that developers need only apply here. The guys behind this port have released their code and expect you to put it together yourself. Nevertheless, this could spark some potential interest in porting webOS, which was a unique and very usable OS, to other devices. If you feel like poking through the code, hit the source link below.

Via: XDA

CyanogenMod Boots Up on HP TouchPad in Alpha Stage


Now this is the progress I’m sure that many of you were hoping to see in such a short amount of time on the HP TouchPad after the firesale helped many of you land one for as little as $99.  We were actually starting to wonder if it would even be possible to get Android booted up on this tablet – thanks to the CyanogenMod team, we now know that there is a damn good chance.

As you can see in the video above, we still have a long way to go before this is ready to be booted up on anyone’s device.  That’s not the point of this though.  The CM team needs more devices in order to give this thing a ton of attention and has released this as nothing more than a publicity tool to draw more attention to their work on it, something we are happy to help out with.

In a letter to the internet, they break down the progress and future plans for the TouchPad.   (more…)

HP TouchPad Purchased at Best Buy Reportedly Runs Android Out of the Box

I’ll just start this off by saying, “be skeptical” as this is one of the more confusing situations we have encountered in quite some time.  As many of you know, the TouchPad and all WebOS products were given the axe last week by HP which lead to a firesale over the weekend.  If you were anywhere near Twitter on Friday and Saturday, then you likely saw the thousands of retweets and SlickDeals threads leading to $99 and $149 TouchPad deals – most of which were sold out in minutes.

The price drop also led to some developments on the Android front.  First, a team was formed with one goal:  bring Android to the TouchPad.  Following their announcement, a bounty of $1,500 was offered up to the first person that was able to actually make that team’s goal happen.  Fun, right?  Well, here is where it gets really tricky/confusing.   (more…)