Time Surfer is the Tiny Wings-like Game Android Has Needed

Time Surfer

I always talk about Tiny Wings being a prime example of a game that is available on iOS which I wished would come to Android. There are many game developers that attempt to recreate the gameplay of Tiny Wings, but nothing comes close. With Time Surfer, a game that launched onto Google Play quite recently, I think we finally have a good replacement.  (more…)

Hot Donut – Roll, Jump, and Fly Your Way to Donut Freedom

There is something about donuts flying across my screen that just makes me happy. But Hot Donut isn’t just about some ordinary donut. This is a super donut, complete with cape and jet-like flying abilities. If anyone here has heard of an iOS game called Tiny Wings or Android’s Dragon Fly, then this game will look and feel quite familiar to you. You press on the screen to roll your donut down a hill, then lift your finger off when you want to see him flying across the sky to avoid large gaps of watery doom. It’s a pretty tasty game, but the one downside is that after playing you may crave Krispy Kreme.  (more…)

Dragon, Fly! Helping Baby Dragons Fly Has Never Felt Better

If you have ever heard of Tiny Wings, one of iOS’s biggest names in the gaming category, then you will fall in love Dragon, Fly! You press the screen to help the dragon gain momentum and slide him from island to island. But be careful, mother dragon is hot on your tail (pun intended). It is full of whimsical sound effects and is actually quite the challenge, as it is constantly a different environment of mountains.

Price tag could easily be a $1 with this game, but with a tag of free, there is definitely a good reason to give it a go. If you are looking to pass some time at the bus stop, or need a break from the office, then check it out. Do you guys like these types of ‘cutesy’ games, or does this cross the line?

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Cheers Dave!