Google Intros Updated Street View App for Google Maps Users

Today, Google introduced an updated Street View application for both Android and iOS. For users on iOS, the new Street View app will replace the Photo Sphere Camera app, but on Android, it will simply be an update for existing Street View users in Google Maps.

With the updated application, users can view Photo Sphere galleries from across the world, and even upload their own panoramic and Photo Sphere shots instantly to Google Maps. If you visit a beautiful place or go on an insane hike, your content can now be viewed by others, giving them a taste of what they can expect at that location.  (more…)

Google Trekker Explores BattleShip Island, May Look Familiar if You Like James Bond


Google recently opened up the Trekker program to third parties, allowing folks to borrow those funny looking backpacks, enabling Google to expand their Street View of the entire world at a quicker pace. The newest exotic spot to get Street Viewed is the Japanese island of Hashima, otherwise known as Battleship Island.  (more…)

Google Street View Coming Soon For the Grand Canyon, Now I Don’t Have to Go

So that’s how they do it! At this year’s Google I/O, Google showed off the “Trekker,” which is the above camera-backpack contraption that allows Googlers to get a Street View of things, even when there isn’t a street. The Grand Canyon is one of the areas that doesn’t technically have many roads inside for their vehicles to access. At this moment, a team of Google employees are trekking around the GC and capturing images that will soon be made available in Google’s Street View application.  (more…)