Skype Mobile Updated, Still No Calls Over Wi-Fi

An update to Skype is available and at first glance seemed like it included one major update, calls over wi-fi!  Well if you read the description of this update a little closer, you can see that you can still only makes calls over 3G, but it will no longer kick off your wi-fi as it did in previous versions.  While this is a much needed update, many of you will be disappointed to not have an option for wifi-only.  Sorry folks!

In the market now.

Cheers pyroholtz from the forums!

DROID Incredible OTA Update Coming Tomorrow/Today?

Remember that OTA update for the Droid Incredible we told you about that will include 720p video recording, a new boot animation, and a mobile hotspot app?  Well rumors have it dropping on your DI tomorrow/today.  Yep, tomorrow/today July 16th.

I can’t confirm the date, but I can confirm all of the goodies that are included.  Those screenshots above, yeah those are from my Incredible.  Let me just say that the new boot animation is a version of that first DI commercial that flashed all of its features and it definitely has 720p recording plus some mobile hotspot fun.  Skype is now included, a My Verizon app and some updated widgets.  It’s not Android 2.2, but it’s definitely going to bring this device up to speed with some of the rest of its competitors.

Everyone ready your Incs!

Rumor Source: Android Forums

Revisiting Skype…Seriously No Wi-Fi? Try Fring!

With zero 2.1 update news to toss at you, we might as well keep the Skype talk alive all day right?  For those of you just checking in, Skype launched right on time last night at midnight and generated all kinds of early excitement.  That excitement however, appears to have been pretty short lived once everyone actually had a chance to open the app and notice the “Skype mobile does not currently work on WiFi” message.  Not a misprint.  (Say what?)

My initial reaction was, “Who cares?  We get 3G everywhere!”  So I posed a question on Wi-Fi importance to Twitter and also checked out the comments on both our poll today and the original Skype post and am now turning to the Skype and Verizon screwed up side.  Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself…

What if I wanted to use Skype for its IM feature and I’m at home using Wi-Fi?  I guess I can’t.

What if I travel overseas and have no cell coverage?  Out of luck.

What if I’m off in the boonies with no coverage except the Wi-Fi at Billie Bob’s Chicken Fry?  Too bad.

What if I’m at work in a basement cubicle with terrible coverage?  No soup for you!

What if I’m at home with no coverage and my wife BlackBerry Skypes me?  S.O.L.!

Seriously no Wi-Fi?  Does the “does not currently” message mean that it will eventually?

An Alternative!

As many have already pointed out, there is a handy little app for free in the market called Fring which works over both Wi-Fi and 3G with your Skype account.  Oh, and it also allows you to connect to almost any IM program that you currently use.  Cha ching!


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Thursday Poll: Feelings on Skype?

Skype dropped at midnight and so far, people have been flocking to at least check it out and give it a mini-test drive.  We did the same and think it’ll be useful as long as we can talk the rest of our friends into buying smart phones that support it.  There is also some concern about the removal of wi-fi while using it.  So how are you feeling about Skype?

Video: Skype Mobile on Verizon

Over the last few days, Verizon Wireless put together this quick promo video from CTIA in Vegas to sort of kickoff the release of Skype which officially launches tomorrow.  You may have also noticed the abundance of Skype ads popping up in our sidebar; I’d say that they kind of want this to be huge.  And if you want to skip all the chatter and see a few shots of Skype in action, skip ahead to the 2:17 mark…

Exclusive Verizon/Skype Mobile Details Emerge

The speculation surrounding the difference between other Skype apps and the new Skype Mobile on Verizon (which is due to launch this Thursday) has now been cleared up thanks to some exclusive screenies we just received.  While not a complete surprise, the difference really just comes down to the fact that Skype can be used over the Verizon 3G network while no other Skype app can, including the version on the iPhone.  The rest are stuck with wi-fi only and also lack the ability to make calls to other mobile phones or landlines without additional plans.

And a few more details to make sure you are completely in the know…

Seriously, I can’t wait.

Skype Mobile Launches on Verizon This Thursday

We knew this day was on the horizon, but today Verizon made this Thursday the official launch day for Skype Mobile through an announcement at CTIA in Vegas.  Here are some of the details…

Beginning Thursday, new and existing Verizon Wireless customers with Android 3G smartphones and BlackBerry 3G smartphones can get Skype mobile in a number of ways.  Visit or from a PC to enter the mobile phone number to receive a text message with a link to the application.  Verizon Wireless customers can also text “SKYPE” to 2255 to receive the link.  In addition, Android customers will be able to download the app from Android Market™.  New BlackBerry customers will find the application on their 3G smartphones’ home screens in the Downloads folder when activate

And some of the uses…

Skype mobile gives Verizon Wireless 3G smartphone users with data plans a simple new way to stay in touch with friends, family and business colleagues around the corner and around the world while on Verizon Wireless’ network.  Skype mobile users can:

  • make and receive unlimited Skype-to-Skype voice calls to any Skype contact around the globe;
  • send and receive unlimited instant messages with other Skype users;
  • manage the Skype contact list directly from the mobile application; and
  • call international phone numbers at competitive Skype calling rates.

I’m actually pretty excited to test this out, especially now that some of my friends have joined the 21st century by purchasing smart phones.  Anyone else?