Shazam App Updated on Google Play With Material Design Interface

Folks who use Shazam, the service that identifies any piece of music which might be playing around you, can go grab the updated version of the application, which introduces Google’s Material Design UI guidelines.

In the update, the floating action button allows for quick sound searches, and just a general reorganization of features. Besides a bit more of a flat look to the overall design, Shazam added in a way to keep up to date with the latest from artists you have previously Shazamed, as well as instant access to the “freshest Shazam charts.” (more…)

MTV Artists Released to Google Play – Watch Countless Videos, Download Music, and Even Identify Music

A new app from MTV (previously known as Music Television, but it’s nowhere near that now), released onto Google Play this week, titled MTV Artists. The idea of the app is to allow fans a better way to engage with any given artist they like. It won’t offer you backstage passes to their next show, but it will identify songs for you (like Shazam or Google’s Sound Search), entertain you with “thousands” of music videos, and let you view tons of concert photos from your favorite artists.  (more…)

Shazam for Android Updated to Version 4.0, Brings Slick New UI and Full Tablet Support


The Shazam team pushed out a major update to version 4.0 to Google Play today, bringing an entirely revamped look, along with full tablet support. We don’t use Shazam much, but after playing around with it, it seems like a lot of work went into this update, full of great swipe-based gesture controls and smooth transitions throughout the app. After searching for a song, you are greeted with large artwork, plus links to share your recent music tag on social networks and buy the song from Amazon. We would prefer Google Play, but that’s just us.  (more…)

How to: Use Jelly Bean’s Sound Search [Beginners’ Guide]

With the release of the Jelly Bean operating system, it brought many new features for Android users to take advantage of. One of new features is called Sound Search. Sound Search can be directly compared to other applications like Shazam and SoundHound, the main difference being that Google’s Sound Search utilizes their own servers to recognize the music and then direct you to Google Play to purchase the song.

Google created a Sound Search widget that you can easily place on any homescreen for you to find out what that certain song is. Let’s go ahead and set it up.  (more…)

Google’s Sound Search App from Jelly Bean Made Available for Non-Rooted ICS Devices

One of the many awesome features that Jelly Bean has brought to the Android table is Google’s new Sound Search or “Ears.” It is designed to replace well known applications such as Shazam and SoundHound by hearing music that is played, recognizing it, and then linking to Google Play to buy the track.

When first ported, it was only working on root-only devices, but now, it’s been made available for everyone running non-root Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and above. Simply download and install as you would any other third-party application.

Download LinkGoogle Ears.apk

Via: MobilePhonesFan

Google Maps Update Brings Offers and Indoor Directions to Your Map, Shazam Update Enables Android Beam Tag Sharing

A few interesting updates await you in the Play Store today if you head on over. First up is an update for arguably the best app of all time, Google Maps. The application will now show you Google Offers based on your location, so if you’re walking around downtown you can find where to go to lunch and save some money. The map view of this is particularly handy. Also tucked into this update is “360 degree panoramas inside restaurants and stores” and indoor walking directions for the US and Japan. Both of which can be pretty interesting once they become more widespread.

Shazam also has an update waiting for you, one that enables NFC if you have it. You can “swap tags and share your favorite music” through Android Beam just by tapping your two phones together (provided you both have NFC). Now you can really be that guy who shares the music with all of his friends.

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