SanDisk Launches Waterproof “Extreme” microSDHC UHS-I Card in 16GB to 64GB

SanDisk Extreme

With internal device storage being taken up by larger operating systems, bloated with tons of proprietary software, the need for a good SD card has really never been higher. Unless you are spending more cash to buy a device with higher storage, investing in an SD card is a good way to store your important pictures, videos and files, allowing you to take them wherever you go. This week, SanDisk announced another line of cards, the Extreme microSDHC UHS-I cards. The UHS stands for Ultra High Speed.  (more…)

[Deal] SanDisk Ultra 32GB and 64GB Class 10 microSD Cards Up to 60% Off From Amazon


Samsung phones may be some of the last that can use microSD cards, but since it’s obvious that you are all buying them (Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, and Note 2) in constant waves, we thought we’d point out that Amazon is currently running a deal on expandable storage. You can pickup SanDisk Ultra 32GB and 64GB Class 10/UHS1 cards for up to 60% off. Class 10 and UHS1, in case you didn’t know, means you get “uninterrupted, Full HD video recording” on Android devices or tablets. But it also means that in between camera shots, you have less wait time. It’s a speed thing – something we appreciate.

Also, keep in mind that all of Samsung’s newest phones can use 64GB microSD cards.

Prime shipping is available with all of the cards on sale.

Amazon Links:  32GB Card ($24.94) | 64GB Card ($50.47)

SanDisk Class 10 MicroSD Cards Up to 60% Off as Amazon’s Gold Box Deal Today

gold box sandisk

Class 10 microSD cards are something that should be on most of your lists of “must have” smartphone accessories. Well, assuming your phone can take them since many manufacturers have decided that the hot trend of the moment is to remove slots for them. But if your phone does have an SD slot for expandable storage, there is nothing like having a ultra-fast card for dropping media or ROMs on in seconds.

Amazon, today, has dropped SanDisk Class 10 32GB and 64GB microSD cards by 66% (23.99) and 53% ($46.99), respectively. If you already own one and need something else, like a regular SD card for your point and shoot camera, those have been dropped as well. In fact, the 64GB Class 10 regular SD card is 72% off. Not a bad deal.

Remember, that not all phones can support 64GB cards. The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 are a couple that do.

Amazon Link

Amazon Gold Box Deals: SanDisk Class 10 32GB and 64GB microSD Cards on the Cheap

Amazon’s Gold Box Deal today, includes a number of SanDisk products, most notably their Class 10 32GB and 64GB microSD cards. For those of you with phones that have removable storage, upgrading to a speedier card is never a bad idea. You can nab the 32GB Class 10 card for $23 or the 64GB for $43.50. I just peaked around at a couple of sites, and these are actually solid prices. Staples wanted $129 for the 64GB card and NewEgg wanted $68.

They are also selling regular SD cards, compact flash memory cards, and some other goodies in case you have other memory needs.


Amazon Goldbox Deals: SanDisk Class 10 32GB and 64GB microSD Cards for $24 and $50

For those of you who picked up a Galaxy S3 over the last couple of months, but has yet to grab a 64GB high-speed microSD card for it, you may want to cruise through Amazon’s Goldbox deals of the day. SanDisk and a variety of their storage solutions are featured, but to most of you, the highlights will be their microSD cards. You can pick up a 64GB Class 10 card for $49.99 or a 32GB Class 10 card for $23.99. Those, my friends, would be considered impressive deals.

If microSD cards aren’t your thing, and you have other backup needs, SanDisk has you covered. You can grab solid state hard drives or regular sized SD cards on the cheap as well.

Amazon Links:  32GB Class 10 microSD | 64GB Class 10 microSD

More Links:  All SanDisk Goldbox Deals

SanDisk Introduces New Extreme Pro microSDHC UHS-I, Allows for 95MB/s Speed

SanDisk has launched their newest UHS Speed Class 1 rating (Class 10 equivalent) mobile memory cards. With the company reporting speed capabilities of 95MB/s read and 90MB/s write, it doesn’t look like you’ll have to wait for your gallery or files to load ever again. As of right now, they’re only available in 8GB and 16GB options which are $60 and $100. Thinking about picking one up? (more…)

SanDisk Releases Memory Zone App as the Ultimate Storage Management Tool


SanDisk released their new Memory Zone app yesterday as a fantastic way for everyone to backup, restore and manage their phone’s onboard, microSD cards and favorite cloud storage services.  It’s free to install, is a breeze to browse, and should be a staple on your phone going forward.  You can backup all settings to your current SD card or even choose a cloud storage option to make it safe forever.

To get the full overview, hit up the video after the break.   (more…)