App Data and People Details Syncing Now in Google Play Services

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As we approach Google I/O’s keynote tomorrow, all sorts of changes are beginning to happen in and around the world of Android. We just saw the new Google Play store version 4.1.6 go up and become available for download. It features a tweaked section button experience from the home page, new Wishlist appearance, and spaced out buttons on app pages. Following that news, we have the new Google Play Services app version 3.1.36 that includes new toggles for “App Data” and “People Details.”  (more…)

Google “Play Games” Leaks Ahead of Google I/O – Cloud Saves, Multiplayer Matchmaking, and Leaderboards

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Back in mid April, information taken from a MyGlass application teardown showed Google was working on something big for the Android gaming community. Today, that previous information is all but confirmed. An updated Google Play Services app (version v3.1.36), which escaped Mountain View, has been cracked open, spilling lots of great information. Inside, there are files and strings of code detailing cloud-based saves for games, multiplayer matchmaking, player invites, achievements, and global leaderboards. Yep, this is Google Play Games(more…)