NVIDIA Tegra K1 Dual-core and Quad-core Chips Put Through Benchmarks, Rips Apart the Competition

While we continue waiting ever-so-patiently for the Tegra K1 from NVIDIA to show up in hardware we can actually buy, we shall proceed to drool over its benchmark scores. The 64-bit quad-core and dual-core models of the Tegra K1 were announced back in January at CES, featuring a somewhat unheard of 192-core GPU, based on the Kepler architecture which is found in NVIDIA’s GeForce line of PC graphics cards.

To sum up the hype in simple terms, this mobile SoC features desktop grade performance, which will be essential for next-gen mobile game developers to take advantage of.  (more…)

LG ODIN Octa-core Processor Spotted in AnTuTu Benchmarks

Samsung looks to have competition coming up the rear, as LG’s very own ODIN octa-core processor was spotted running on the AnTuTu benchmark website. While the score may not look completely off the charts, the processor was reportedly only clocked to just 100MHz to 1GHz, which means you won’t see it blow the shoes off of other silicon on the chart when compared to their clock speeds of 1.6GHz and up.  (more…)