Motorola is Hosting an Event at MWC on February 25, New Devices Not Likely

According to invitations sent to select press from Motorola, an event has been scheduled for February 25 in Barcelona, during the week of Mobile World Congress (MWC). The event is not expected to be a showcase of new hardware, but more of an “update on the business.” As you all know, Lenovo is planning to acquire Motorola from Google over the coming months, so current CEO Dennis Woodside is likely going to take a minute to talk about the road ahead, plans for the year, that type of thing.

2014 should be business as usual for Motorola, even with the acquisition looming. Google’s Larry Page said so himself during their most recent earnings call, because after all, these things do take time to finalize. So while this event may not be to introduce new products, new products similar to last year’s Moto X will most certainly be here this year.

Now that you have had a week to marinate on this Lenovo-Motorola deal, have any new thoughts?  (more…)

LG Announces G Pro 2, Shares No Device Specs or Pictures

LG announced the G Pro 2 this morning, but decided to troll a little bit and not talk about any of the device’s specs or even post a picture. Reports of the device first showed up back on the 23rd of January, and instead of letting the industry continue to speculate, it appears LG wanted to make the device official. But again, LG gave us no specs or pictures.  (more…)

Circumvent NSA Surveillance with Blackphone, an Android Device Coming to MWC

In an age of widespread government surveillance, a device that promises some semblance of the privacy we all once had sounds really appealing. Enter Blackphone, a security-oriented smartphone running a customized version of Android that its makers believe is secure enough to circumvent NSA monitoring.

A joint venture between cryptographer Phil Zimmermann’s Silent Circle company and device manufacturer Geeksphone, Blackphone is powered by PrivatOS, a fork of Android with a wide range of security enhancements designed to mask your digital footprint. The companies claim the carrier- and vendor- independent smartphone will be capable of making phone calls, texting, transferring files, and video chatting without compromising user privacy. Exactly how is another matter, but the company plans to provide additional details at Mobile World Congress in February.  (more…)