Remember that DROID Magazine We Posted Last Week? It’s Arriving at Homes Today

Verizon sent over the first edition of the DROID Magazine to us last week and from the looks of it, many of you already downloaded it.  If you didn’t have a chance to though, that’s OK because it should be arriving at homes today.  Well, it may not be arriving to all Big Red customers and instead may just be showing up on the doorsteps of those that already own a “DROID” phone.  Included in the magazine you’ll find products info, stories, infographics and general information about the brand.  Yeah, it might be one giant advertisement, but it’s still sort of cool to see the brand that we love make its way to print.

Cheers Mr ilheis!

Verizon to Release the First Ever DROID Magazine: Includes a Look at the Brand Plus Discounts on Accessories


Starting next week, the millions of DROID owners across the country will receive the first ever DROID Magazine from Verizon.  This new publication will take a deeper look at the DROID brand through a mix of products, stories, infographics and general information about how “exceptional the experience can be” using one of these phones.  You’ll also find a page filled with discounts on accessories of that will direct you to this site.

If you want to check it out ahead of time though, we have it for you below.   (more…)