LinkedIn App Get Much-Needed Overhaul on Android

Last night, LinkedIn revealed its new apps for Android and iOS that are “more intuitive, smarter and dramatically simplifies your LinkedIn experience.” In other words, they are modern apps that will hopefully negate Android developers from taking to their Google Play reviews with things like, “Hire some better Android developers.”

So what’s new? Lots of stuff, actually.  (more…)

Hootsuite Receives Large Update, Brings Material Design and Instant Sync With Desktop Client

A large update is rolling out to users of Hootsuite, bringing a fancy new look on top of newly incorporated features. The developers of Hootsuite have worked in Material Design, allowing for a more “consistent and unified Android experience for users.” In addition, Material Design makes the app quicker to navigate and easier to use, according to Hootsuite.  (more…)

LinkedIn Pulse Gets Nice UI Overhaul, Streamlines Your Professional Newsfeed

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 2.44.38 PM

Coming into this year, Pulse was one of the more popular personalized newsfeed applications that Android could offer. When they were acquired by the business-minded LinkedIn network, people were a little concerned that their app would change. LinkedIn has made a few changes, but made sure they were ones like today’s user interface overhaul.  (more…)