Hulu Plus Worked on the Galaxy Nexus Yesterday, No Longer Does Today

Within the last 24 hours, something happened to Hulu Plus. As you can see from the screenshot above, it no longer works on the Galaxy Nexus, yet did yesterday and every day before that since launch. It’s tough to tell what the Hulu team is doing or what their reason is for this sudden change, but we have reached out and will report back if we hear anything.

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Hulu Plus Receives Update – Now Supports the DROID Bionic, DROID3, Incredible 2 and 5 Other Devices

Been disappointed at the lack of device support for Hulu Plus?  You may want to check out the latest update then, because 9 new devices were added.  The DROID Bionic, DROID3, Incredible 2, Revolution and DROIDX2 are just a few of the big players who are now on the team.  See the full list at the market link while you enjoy enhanced playback – the only real bug fix included.

Market Link

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Orb Live Brings Hulu Support and New UI to Android in Latest Release


Orb Live introduced the latest version of their app this morning which just so happens to include Hulu support.  And no, we aren’t talking Hulu+ paid support, we are talking the free streaming you get when you jump on their site via computer.  To be clear though, the app isn’t necessarily pulling straight from Hulu to your phone, but is instead pulling a feed from your computer and then making it playable on your phone.  Did that make sense?

So in order to get Hulu up and streaming on your phone, you will need to buy this new Orb Live app for $9.99, install some software on your PC or Mac, and then have at it.  You can also pull any other media content that’s on your home computer (music, photos, videos, Pandora, etc.) – just make sure it has an internet connection at all times.

Market Link  ($9.99)

To download the PC or Mac software, click here.

Hulu Plus Isn’t Supposed To Work On Rooted Devices, Does It Work On Yours?

A reader just sent us over an email he received from the Hulu team concerning why he couldn’t find the Hulu+ app on the Android Market from his rooted DROIDX running Gingerbread. The Hulu rep asked him numerous questions including, “Is your phone rooted? (Unfortunately, we are not able to support rooted phones)”. The only thing about that, is that it doesn’t state anywhere that the Hulu+ app doesn’t support rooted devices.  (more…)

Hulu Plus Updated to Support Additional Devices Including Thunderbolt


Hulu made a big chunk of the Android world happy a couple of weeks ago when they announced the availability of their Plus service, but as always seems to be the case these days, HTC Thunderbolt owners were left out in the cold.  Until today, that is.  In the latest update to everyone’s favorite TV-show streaming service, the Tbolt has been added as a newly support device.  Yay!  (Support for the EVO 4G, MyTouch and G2 were also included in this update.)

Market Link

More info at Hulu’s site.

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Google Videos Coming To Your Phone In The Very Near Future?

Google looks to be prepping for a release of their Videos app for smartphones very shortly. For some lucky users, it has been showing up in the Android Market, then disappearing though. There’s only a few things Google really needs to implement with this release for it to be successful – Allow rooted phones to use it, lower the renting price of movies, and make sure there aren’t device compatibility issues like we’ve seen from competitors. But alas, most of these will not happen. We can dream, right?  (more…)

Hulu Plus Lands on Android Market for Select Devices Including the DROIDX and 2

Talk about a big night for Android – first we had Motorola bootloader chatter and then Hulu just did the unthinkable and released their Plus service to a select few devices including the DROIDX, DROID2, HTC Inspire 4G, Atrix 4G, Nexus S and Nexus One.  Again, this is for Plus users who are already subscribed to the $7.99 monthly plan and not just for anyone that’s looking to get their Hulu on.

*Note - Looks like it won’t work if your device is running CM7.  Stock DX and Nexus S run just fine.

Market Link

If your device is not supported and wanted to give it a try though, you can download the .apk file here.

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How to: Watch Hulu on the Motorola XOOM

Motorola XOOM champ BigRushDog just released some magic – a patched version of Flash 10.3 that allows for Hulu playback as long as you are on Android 3.1.  And it definitely works.  Here is how to do it:

1.  Uninstall your current Flash 10.3.
2.  Download the file from below and install it.
3.  Head into your browser and update the UAString to “Desktop.”

Type:  about:debug and press enter.  Head into Settings>Debug>UAString>Desktop.

4.   Jump over to and enjoy.

Download:  Flash_10.3-Hulufied_BRDizzle.apk

Again, all credit to BigRushDog at XDA.  Be sure to donate to him.

Via:  XDA

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