Google+ Overtakes Twitter And YouTube As Second Largest Social Network

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We’ve been following Google+ since Google launched it as an invite-only experiment and it always felt like the little brother to the juggernaut Facebook. Google has been doing their best to increase interactivity on the site while pushing it to everyone who has a Google account which might have lead to today’s news. Global Web Index released a report that monitored all the big social sites and reported that G+ has grown itself into the second most used social network in the world. (more…)

All New Google+ for Android Available – Communities, Photosphere Viewer, Full-size Photo Backups, and More

The newest version of Google+ for Android is now available on Google Play. The update is one of the biggest in recent memory in that it introduces Communities to mobile, allows users to view Photosphere photos, brings in a list of new Event features, supports full resolution photo uploads (and 5GB of storage), supports animated GIFs, unwraps a new “mood” expression option, and lets you add the Google+ widget to your lock screen (Android 4.2+).

Again, it’s a massive upgrade. We have the full list of new features below, but if you want the explanation on some of the new stuff in events, be sure to hit up the source link.  (more…)

Google Introduces Google+ Communities, Says 135 Million People are Active in Streams

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Along with Snapseed, Google also introduced Communities into Google+, this morning. Communities, as the name suggests, are more permanent groups of people with common interests that you can join and be an active part of. You can share ideas or thoughts, join Hangouts with fellow group members, plan events with them, and even +1 things from across the web, right to the group. It’s a much easier way to converse with like-minded people than the old way, which was spending hours upon hours finding interesting people and then creating a Circle.

Also, Google announced that more than 500 million people have “upgraded” to Google+, that 235 million people come close to interacting with it because they use other Google products, and that 135 million are actually active in streams.

Via:  Google Blog

Snapseed Now Available on Android, Making Beautiful Photos One Adjustment at a Time

Snapseed, the award winning photo editing software that Google purchased back in September, is now available on Android. Originally an iOS exclusive, Snapseed really is one of the better photo editing apps you’ll see. Not only does it include all of the filters that users enjoy in apps like Instagram, but it also has auto correct, image tuning, selective adjusting, cropping, and more. This isn’t just another retro-filtering photo app, it’s a pretty decent photo editor that lets you fine tune any image.

Once in the app, you select an image, and then scroll through the options at the bottom. This is where you’ll find your filters and other image tuning tools. To use them, once you’ve selected one, you use dragging motions from top to bottom or left to right. You can also pinch-to-zoom to expand corrected or enhanced areas. It’s a bit tricky at first, but once you play around with it, you’ll get it.

It should work on both tablets and phones running Android 4.0+. It’s free on Google Play.

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Via:  Google Blog | +Snapseed

Full Google+ Integration With Google Play On the Way (Update: It’s Now Live)

Update: And just like that, Google+ integration is live on Google Play. Go check it out!

If you’ve ever browsed Google Play, you have seen how the curtain of anonymity is used when posting reviews. Until now, users have been able to post feedback to apps with nothing linking back to them except for a nickname or first name. All that is set to change with Google’s upcoming integration of Google+ profiles.


Google Looks to Make Your Feature Phone a Bit Smarter With Google Free Zone

Last night on the Droid Life Show, we talked about Google’s penchant for throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks. Their latest project, Google Free Zone, seems to be one of those ideas, but we hope that it catches on. Currently being tested in the Philippines, Google is allowing feature phones that have access to the internet to get on Google+, Gmail and use Google Search without incurring any charges.

There are a few caveats however, the main one being that you will be exposed to ads in your searches, Gmail and G+ posts. While the initial searches are free, if you click a link that takes you to another site out of the Free Zone you will be charged, so users beware. It does seem that if this test goes well that Google will try and expand this to other carriers around the world.

Bets on if Verizon would allow this on their network?

Via: Google

Share Your Google Drive Content With Fellow Google+ Users Starting Today

Today, Google has announced the ability to share your important or not-so-important documents from Google Drive right to your Google+ profile. People in your circles that you select on the share page can then view the files while others are left in the cold. This is a great example of how Google is tying all of their services together. So far, you can share PDF files, videos, slideshows, and more.

Go give it the rundown if you’re so inclined.

Via: Google Drive

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