Google Babel News: Google Voice Support “Eventually” Coming, Synced Notifications, “First Class” iOS Experience


Whenever Google Babel does arrive for public consumption, we’re starting to believe it will be everything we have ever asked for in a unified messenger service. We’re talking synced notifications, cross-platform conversation experiences, a new UI, photo sharing, quick access to live video chats, and on-the-record chat history viewing from anywhere. According to sources of ours who have shared new information with us (including a feature list), we’re getting all of this and more.  (more…)

Google to Release Unified Chat Service Called “Babble”?

babble google

According to sources who spoke with, Google is readying a unified chat client called “Babble” that will merge Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Voice, and any other platform used to send messages across their services. The goal for Babble is to overtake platforms like iMessage and Blackberry Messenger, which none of its separate parts have been able to do thus far.  (more…)

Google Introduces Google+ Sign-in for Google Play Services, Over-the-Air App Installs From Websites, and More

google plus signin

Google announced Google Play services v3.0 this morning, which includes new Google+ sign-in as an option similar to what you see in current apps with Facebook and Twitter. If developers choose to allow you to sign-in with G+, Google claims that you get to take all of your info with you (like your public profile, and the people in your circles) and enjoy an “upgraded experience”  that would welcome you by name, display your picture, connect you with friends.  (more…)

Google Posts Short Gallery and Details From Recent Glass Foundry Event

glass foundry

Google made it no secret that they were holding an event for Project Glass Developers. The only problem was that they signed everyone to strict nondisclosure agreements so that we wouldn’t get any of the juicy details. Thankfully, Google took to their Google Developers page on Google+ to let us know that new projects were being developed for Glass. Google even footed the bill for a few developers to get their Glass kit for free.  (more…)