You’ll Soon be Able to Send Someone Money With Google Assistant

During yesterday’s Google I/O keynote, Google shared some of the new things they are working on the Android Pay realm. They talked about the new Google Payment API that will allow developers to include easy access to payment methods attached to Google accounts. The idea there is to make buying stuff online or in apps easier than ever. But the new feature that really caught my eye involves making payments by voice and the Google Assistant(more…)

Google Assistant Gets Typing, History, and Google Lens, Comes to the iPhone

Along with Google Home, Google Assistant will soon get some new features worth talking about. During the I/O keynote, Google introduced Google Lens to Assistant, as well as the option to type. They are also bringing Assistant to the iPhone.

With Google Lens, Google is essentially doing what Samsung tried to do with Bixby, except Google will probably get it right. Lens uses your phone’s camera and looks at images to help you get things done. So you could use Lens to help get you concert tickets just by pointing your camera at a concert billboard or find reviews about a book you are holding. It even works in Google Photos, should you forget about monuments or other locations and want Google Lens to help you remember them.  (more…)