Verizon CEO: Family Shared Data Plans Could Happen in 2012

Family shared data plans could be here some time in 2012 according to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam. Speaking at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference this week, he mentioned that after 2 years of work toward account-level pricing, VZW is almost there. Customers who have multiple screens (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) and are sick of having to pay for each one individually, will soon have the option to purchase a blanket of data to cover them all. Think of shared data just like you do with family shared minutes – you purchase one bulk amount of say 5GB of data, and all of your lines or data-involved devices get to pull from it.

McAdam would not go into specifics or give a time frame for release, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an early 2012 goal of theirs.

As long as the price is fair for a decent amount of data, I’m a big fan of this idea. Wait, did I just use “fair” and “price” in the same sentence when referring to the mobile industry? Silly me, I should know better.

Thoughts on shared data?

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Verizon is Making Changes to Plans on June 26, Family Data Sharing a Possibility? (Updated)

We’re not exactly sure what Verizon has planned for June 26, but we’ve been told that it has to do with new plans that could eventually lead to shared family data packages.  We first heard about family data buckets back in May, so this wouldn’t be completely surprising, although it seems a little sooner than we had originally thought.  The idea here is that family plans already allow additional lines to pull from a main line’s bucket of minutes, and doing the same with data only makes sense.  As you can see from the screenshot above, this new data screen shows the option to “Share Data”, but also shows a “Family Share” tab which is where we are drawing these conclusions from.

We should note that there have been no indications that tiered plans are imminent and likely won’t be involved on the 26th, but it sure would be a lot easier for Verizon to sell them if they also offer new family data packages.  And June 26 could come and go and we might not hear a word on any of this, since it almost appears to be just backend stuff.  What you will want to look out for though, is the time after the 26th which could involve announcements on the future of Big Red plan structuring.

Update:  We’re hearing that you may not see any major changes including family shared data until after the 4G LTE hotspot promo ends on July 7th.

And hopefully that wasn’t too confusing, but we wanted to make sure to keep you all in the loop on this stuff.  We know that tiers and data are always a hot topic.

*Note – IGNORE the numbers in that screenshot.  The only thing we are trying to point out is the stuff we’ve highlighted in green boxes.

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