Sunrise Calendar Gets Apps – Works With SongKick, Evernote, and Other Services

Sunrise, a popular iOS calendar app that made its way to Android (and the web) a few weeks back, received a solid update today that features support for other apps. Those apps include SongKick, Evernote, Github, Asana, and Tripit, so that you can add concerts directly into your calendar, receive reminders, synchronize travel plans, and see changes in real-time to projects.

Other apps will be introduced in the feature.

The update is live on Google Play.  (more…)

SwiftKey Update Brings Google+, Evernote Personalization

If you use SwiftKey and are as horrible a touch typist as I am, you’ll be extremely pleased to hear that the makers of the venerable third-party keyboard for Android are rolling out features to improve typing predictions and autocorrect.

Updated personalization options within SwiftKey version 4.4.5 allow the app to collect typographical data from Google+ public posts and Evernote archives, much in the same way as Google’s most recent Keyboard release. The app goes one step further for owners of iOS devices; if you have SwiftKey Note connected to Evernote, the app will now also glean typographical information from that. (more…)

Evernote for Android Gets Handwriting, Faster Camera in Update

Evernote for Android received its first major update in some time this morning, one that includes handwriting. As Evernote puts it, “Sometimes there’s no better way to capture an idea than to write it down or sketch it out,” so that’s what we’ve got now.

As you can see in the screenshots below and the embedded video, this is more than a separate handwriting add-on. Evernote wanted you to be able to go “from writing to typing to taking photos and back all within a single note.” So if you are recording a lecture, you can still type out notes and then switch to handwriting to draw examples, charts, or boredom-laden smiley faces.

Oh, the handwriting has also been made searchable, assuming your handwriting is clear enough. Pretty neat, right?  (more…)

Evernote, Chrome Beta, Falcon Pro, and DashClock All Receive Updates

app updates

The day was filled with app updates for some of our favorite apps, with the biggest probably coming from Evernote. The popular note-taking app received its “most requested feature of all time,” Reminders. Users can finally add reminders to notes, set alarms, and pin notes to the top of note lists, so that their lives can either feel complete or on the verge of becoming complete at all times. The Evernote update also improved copy and paste, corrected photo orders, improved shortcuts, and improved Japanese support.  (more…)

Google Shows Off Gmail, Evernote, Path, and NY Times Apps for Google Glass at SXSW

gmail google glass

Google Glass is coming this year whether the world is ready for it or not, Google has said so themselves. To help further that idea, at this year’s SXSW in Austin, they set up a demonstration to show exactly how far they have come in building an app ecosystem for the new wearable tech. After all, how good could Glass really be if it only presented directions, allowed you to participate in Hangouts, and snap pictures? Just like any other technology platform these days, you have to have partners and apps. From the looks of today’s presentation, there are some big ones already in line, with interesting concepts.  (more…)

Skitch for Android Sees Big Update, Pen and Tool Enhancements

skitch android

The Evernote-owned photo editing tool know as Skitch received a decent update today on Android. First gaining fame as an OSX app, Skitch has easily become my quick-editing app of choice on desktop as well as mobile. It’s not advanced whatsoever, but it does allow you to make simple notations, point shiny pink arrows at things, and most importantly, blur out sensitive information on the fly.

In today’s update, the Pen tool has become “faster, smoother, and more responsive.” The Move/Pan tool also got a “clever” new behavior, there is a handy new Hold and Lock feature, a shortcut to the settings menu was added, and tips for newbies will pop-up from time to time. The app remains free.

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Via:  Evernote Blog