Skitch for Android Sees Big Update, Pen and Tool Enhancements

skitch android

The Evernote-owned photo editing tool know as Skitch received a decent update today on Android. First gaining fame as an OSX app, Skitch has easily become my quick-editing app of choice on desktop as well as mobile. It’s not advanced whatsoever, but it does allow you to make simple notations, point shiny pink arrows at things, and most importantly, blur out sensitive information on the fly.

In today’s update, the Pen tool has become “faster, smoother, and more responsive.” The Move/Pan tool also got a “clever” new behavior, there is a handy new Hold and Lock feature, a shortcut to the settings menu was added, and tips for newbies will pop-up from time to time. The app remains free.

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Skitch for Android Updated, Brings New Look and The “Full Evernote Treatment”

This morning, Skitch has received a hefty update that users are undoubtedly going to love. With a brand new holo theme and homepage, the app is prettier than ever and easily managed as well. With full integration with Evernote, saving images to your account has been made almost too easy. There are a couple new features for editing photos as well, so this is a pretty decent update.  (more…)

Evernote and Moleskine Team Up for a Snazzy Smart Notebook

If you are like me, you enjoy the ease of taking notes electronically and having them stored away, but there’s something about a good ol’ fashion notebook that you just can’t replace. For some of the highest quality notebooks out there, Moleskin is hard to beat, and today Evernote has teamed up with Moleskin to combine the best of both worlds in this Smart Notebook.

This is a notebook designed by Moleskin with Evernote in mind. It functions with the Evernote app (only iOS at this point) to where you take pictures of the page in your notebook and Evernote immediately corrects the image’s colors and contrast, but it also digitizes your handwriting and files it away automatically for you in your Evernote folder.

The idea sounds pretty fantastic, and they come in a pocket size ($24.95) and a large size ($29.95). They aren’t on sale quite yet, but you can pre-order now if you want to get your order in early. The notebooks are expected to be here October 1.

Via: Evernote

Evernote for Android Receives Tablet Makeover – List View, New Home Screen, and New Panels Included

The previous tablet version of Evernote looked pretty, but the functionality wasn’t quite there. In today’s update, the tablet version now mimics that of the phone, plus it adds even more features since it has extra screen real estate to take advantage of. You now have multiple columns that can be displayed with a simple swipe, notes can be displayed as a list rather than just big thumbnails, and the design of note lists has made reading them much easier than ever.

On top of this new tablet UI, smaller screen sizes also get new goodies. Sublists have been added, which means you can add several levels to your bulleted or numbered lists. Lastly, they made slideshows faster and more reliable for those notes with multiple photos.  (more…)

Evernote Food Wants You to Remember Everything Tasty with their New App

Evernote is in the business of helping you remember everything that goes on in your busy life. One thing that we can all agree on no matter how busy we are is food. Evernote is looking to help you remember that awesome recipe you had last week with their new Food application. You can snap pictures of the food and apply all the ingredients to said picture to make everything easy.  (more…)

Evernote Launches “Hello,” Helping You to Always Put a Name With a Face

Nothing is more awkward than the feeling that you’ve met someone before, but you just can’t remember their name. The hugely popular note taking app, Evernote, is looking to help you with that with their new application “Hello.” Instead of stacking your contacts in an alphabetical list like most phones, Hello looks to save your contacts under pictures, names and unique notes that make people memorable.  (more…)

Evernote Receives Major Makeover, ICS Theming and Lots of Awesome Included


Evernote has always been one of the top Android apps, but today’s update took it over the top. A new UI with panel swiping and easier navigation made this not just a “must have” but a “if you don’t have this, you are completely silly” type of app for Android users. The search functionality is as good as it gets, the tagging and organizational abilities are something all apps should build from, and the fact that their dev team is staying current with Ice Cream Sandwich is worth an applause. Grab the file from the Play Store link below, but be sure to watch the video as well if you are new to Evernote.  (more…)

Evernote Widget Sees Major Update – Speech-to-Text Transcription, Widget Themes, and Customizable Buttons


Both Evernote and the Evernote Widget have noteworthy updates available in the Google Play Store this afternoon. Most importantly, both apps now have the ability to translate speech-to-text on the fly while also recording. So during your next interview with LeBron James over his receding hairline and seemingly extra thick headband to cover it, you won’t miss a word. This is a feature that was introduced with the keyboard in Ice Cream Sandwich, however, it does appear to be compatibile with other versions of Android.

Along with speech-to-text transcription, the Evernote Widget also received customizable buttons along with color and layout options. Nice improvements.

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