DEAL: Nexus 5X 16GB is Just $249 Today on eBay, 32GB is $299 ($100 Off)

The Nexus 5X recently received a supposed jank-fixing update that we have been waiting for since the phone first launched. The jury is still out on whether or not it did improve overall performance, but a number of readers have already noticed improvements to the camera launch and general UI smoothness. Assuming the update has improved the phone, you probably shouldn’t ignore today’s deal on it over at eBay.

For $249, you can own the 16GB model, or you can jump up to $299 and get into the 32GB model. That’s a solid $100 off of each. Each listing also includes free shipping.

Who knows how long the listing will last, so don’t hesitate if you are in need of a new Nexus that won’t kill your budget.

eBay LinksNexus 5X 16GB ($249) | Nexus 5X 32GB ($299)

DEAL: Unlocked Galaxy S7 on eBay for $599, S7 Edge for $699

Of course, just hours after I took Samsung to task for not offering unlocked phones here in the US, we have eBay sellers pop-up with pretty incredible deals on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge that will surely satisfy our unlocked needs.

At $599, you can own the unlocked Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F), or you can bump up to Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F) for $699. That’s around $100 off of each when compared to US carriers. For example, Verizon sells the S7 at $672 and AT&T at $695.  (more…)

DEAL: Nest’s Thermostat (3rd Gen), Which is Almost Never Discounted, is Discounted $50 Today

Nest’s newest Thermostat, the 3rd gen model with bigger display, is discounted for the day by $50 over at eBay to $199.99. That’s a big deal and worth considering because Nest products are almost never discounted. I think we saw a deal around Black Friday, but other than that, this is just not a line of products that ever sees many price drops.  (more…)

DEALS: Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge for $399, LG Watch Urbane for $179

Since I appear to have been moments late on sharing that Jaybird Bluebuds X deal from earlier, here are three other solid deals worth considering today. You can grab last year’s Galaxy S6 (SM-G920F) or Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925V) with 32GB storage for as little as $399, or the LG Watch Urbane for just $179, all from eBay.

The Galaxy S6 that’s on sale is an international unlocked GSM unit, so it will work without a hiccup on T-Mobile or AT&T. The S6 Edge is Verizon’s version, so you should stick with using it on Verizon’s network if you care about an LTE connection. Otherwise, you could get some connectivity on AT&T without LTE. The Watch Urbane is the Watch Urbane, an LG watch that is mostly ugly, but should perform well still and would be a good first Android Wear device at this price (here is our review).

All three deals include free shipping.  (more…)

DEAL: Nexus 5X 16GB is Just $269 Today at eBay ($80 Off)

Wow, you can buy the Nexus 5X with 16GB of storage for just $269 over at eBay today. The deal is running through a daily deal, so don’t expect it to last long.

The Nexus 5X may not be the flagship Nexus that the 6P is, but it’s still a very capable Android phone that will see updates faster than almost any other phone and should only get better as Google pushes bug fixes to it. To read up on all there is to know about the 5X, our review can be found here.

The deal includes a couple of colors (for now) along with free expedited shipping.

eBay Link

DEAL: 128GB Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge for $499

On Sunday, Samsung is going to announce their next flagship, the Galaxy S7 (and S7 Edge). It may even go on sale by March 11. But what if you need a new phone yet don’t want to shell out full price for this year’s new hotness? Maybe you have a limited budget and are fine with last year’s Samsung flagship (all of which are still great phones, by the way). Well, take a look at the deal today on Verizon’s Galaxy S6 Edge with 128GB of storage. Thanks to a discount at eBay, you can own this version for just $499.

If you were to buy the Galaxy S6 Edge with 128GB from Verizon today, it would cost you $900. Nine hundred dollars. So yeah, the top of the line S6 Edge is available right now at a $400 discount. That’s a pretty damn good deal.

This is the Verizon model, though, so it will work best on Verizon’s network. The listing claims that it is GSM unlocked, but you won’t get LTE outside of spotty band 4 on T-Mobile or AT&T.

Our Galaxy S6 Edge review can be found here.

eBay Link

DEALS: Nexus 5 32GB for $140, DROID Turbo for $170

Need a phone at the moment, maybe one that is a temporary placeholder as we wait for phones like the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 to arrive? Today, there are two phone deals worth looking at.

The first is for the Nexus 5 with 32GB storage that can be had for just $140 over at eBay. The second is for Verizon’s DROID Turbo that can be had for as little as $170 over at Groupon. Each phone is refurbished, so they aren’t new. But again, they could be great placeholders for someone in-between phones or who may have broken their current phone and can’t fork out another $500-$600 at the moment for a new one.

The Nexus 5 is the original and will work on T-Mobile and AT&T here in the US. The DROID Turbo will work on Verizon (of course), but should also see GSM HSPA+ support on AT&T. If you want the full LTE experience, though, you really will want to stick to Verizon.  (more…)

DEAL: Nexus 5X is Just $279 at eBay Today ($20 Off)

The price slashing in recent weeks of the Nexus 5X has become a bit comical at this point. The phone, which was released in October of last year, started out at $379 for 16GB of storage. After a temporary Black Friday discount, we have since seen a permanent discount by Google to $349, followed by another potentially temporary discount for Valentine’s Day to $299. So within a matter of months, Google and its retail partners have decided that you should be able to join the Nexus family for under $300.

Actually, if you act fast, you can buy it for even cheaper through a daily deal over at eBay. If you are cool with 16GB of storage, you can grab the Nexus 5X for just $279.99. That price also includes the free expedited shipping.

If you need to any last minute details confirmed about this phone before pulling the trigger, be sure to read our Nexus 5X review.

eBay Link