T-Mobile Rolls in 2.4 Million Net Customers in Q1, More Than Verizon and AT&T Combined

T-Mobile released its Q1 2014 earnings report this morning, showing that the wireless company added 2.4 million net new subscribers. It’s the first time in the company’s history that it managed to break the 2 million mark, but you could argue that another stat surrounding the number may be more impressive. Verizon (549,000) and AT&T (“more than 1 million”) combined only brought in around 1.6 million, so the country’s fourth largest wireless carrier managed to beat out the big dogs by a mile. We would add Sprint to the party, but they lost almost 600,000 customers.  (more…)

Google Posts Q1 Earnings for 2014 – Revenue Hits $15.4 Billion, Up 19% Year-over-year

It’s earnings day for Google, which just posted its Q1 results for the year of 2014. Revenue hit $15.4 billion (profit of $6.27 per share), up 19% year-over-year, despite missing analysts’ estimates of $6.40 per share on about $15.5 billion in revenue.

Google saw a slight decrease year-over-year of 9% in cost-per-click, a metric used to estimate how much Google can charge for advertisements, which was still on par with what Google saw in Q4 of 2013. (more…)

Google Posts Q4 2013 Earnings – Revenues at $16.86 Billion, Losses at Motorola Continue to Pile up

Google posted their Q4 earnings info this afternoon, showing consolidated revenues at $16.86 billion, which is up 17% compared to Q4 of 2012. Motorola, on the other hand, took in $1.24 billion in revenue for the company, which turned into a loss of $384 million. Overall, Google has missed analyst expectations with earnings of $12.06 a share.

As of the end of 2013, Google had $58.72 billion in cash.

At 1:30PM Pacific, Google will host its typical earnings call webcast, which we have included below. If the financial stuff isn’t your cup of tea, you may want to at least tune in for the Motorola-Lenovo chatter.  (more…)

Verizon Q4 Earnings Released – 46% of Postpaid Accounts Now on Share Everything, 1.6 Million New Connections

Verizon released its Q4 2013 financials this morning, reporting $21.1 billion in revenue on the Wireless side of the business, bringing their total for the year up to $81 billion. Big Red saw 8 percent year-over-year growth in the quarter, which gives them five straight quarters of at least 8 percent growth. In other words, it was another solid quarter for the 4G LTE network leader in the U.S. wireless game.

Outside of the financial stuff, I found a couple of other bullet points interesting, to say the least. Verizon reported that they brought in 1.6 million retail postpaid connections during the quarter, which brings their total for the year up to 4.1 million. You may recall T-Mobile at CES claiming that they hit 1.6 million in Q4 as well, bringing their total to 4.4 million on the year. Those were record numbers for T-Mobile with all of their major UnCarrier moves, while Verizon is putting out those numbers with things business as usual. At least that’s how they made it sound. At the end of the year, Verizon stands at 98.7 million post paid connections.  (more…)

T-Mobile Posts Q2 Earnings, Shows Strongest Growth in Four Years

t-mobile girl

With the announcement of their UN-carrier plans behind them, T-Mobile posted its Q2 earnings this morning, showing off a lot of revenue growth and big boosts in customer numbers. In total, T-Mobile picked up 1.1 million new customers, with more than half of them signing up for postpaid service. Just a year ago, T-Mo lost 205,000 customers, so these new plans (and the iPhone) could represent a big turnaround for the network.  (more…)

Google Posts Q2 2013 Earnings – $14.11 Billion in Revenue, Motorola Drags in $998 Million


The Q2 earnings numbers for Google are now posted, showing revenues of $14.11 billion during the quarter, up 19% year-on-year, though still slightly below investor expectations. The operating income for the quarter was $3.47 billion.

Their semi-recently purchased Motorola arm managed to pull in $998 million during the quarter, up 7% over Q2 2012. Still, they had an operating loss of $342 million for the quarter.

As of June 30, Google has $54.4 billion in cash.

The earnings call with Sir Larry Page goes live in a few minutes (1:30PM Pacific). Feel free to listen along with us.