Dots & Co Hits Google Play, a More Adventurous Take on the Original Dots

From the makers of the original Dots game, as well as the sequel TwoDots, Dots & Co is what I would label as a more adventurous take on the same Dots gameplay. While you still go around popping dots and making squares for more points, there is something similar to what could be labeled as a storyline taking place in Dots & Co.

We begin Dots & Co with a single character, making her way through a very dotty world. As we progress, we meet companions. These companions have special traits, such as the ability to clear an entire color of dots, making select levels a bit easier. However, even with the addition of actual characters, it’s basically the same Dots game as the original.  (more…)

Dots Update on Android Introduces Endless Mode, $1.99 as In-app Purchase

dots android endless

When I handed over Dots on the Galaxy Note 3 to my better half last week, the first thing she said after playing it for 2 minutes was, “How do I turn the timer off? I just want to play.” Well, dear, here you go. The Dots team introduced Endless Mode last night as a $1.99 in-app purchase. As the name suggests, you can just play and play and play and play, until your finger can no longer swoop around dots in square shapes. But that’s not all that was introduced.

You’ll see an even simpler UI (crazy to think that is possible), speed improvements, and a bunch of bug fixes. Go feed that addiction.

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Dots: A Game About Connecting Hits Google Play


While iOS users are probably already over it (since they have had this title for quite some time), Dots finally launched on Android this week. The game is pretty self explanatory, as there are lines of multi-colored dots, with your job being to connect them. You get bonus points if you make a square out of the connecting dots, then all of the same-colored dots are blown away.  (more…)