CyanogenMod Founder Contemplating Abolishing Root Requirements For Custom ROMs (Update)

Cid CyanogenMod

The founder of CyangoenMod, Steve Kondik, took to Google+ to bounce off an idea to his followers concerning Android 4.3 and root access. With the intro of Android 4.3, Google added in some “much-needed” security features which restrict setuid binaries on the system partition, but also limit the capabilities of processes.

With that said (and there’s more to say, but it borderlines developer mumbo jumbo that I am ignorant to), Steve mentions that the need for root may not be there anymore. When he needs root access for a certain situation, he simply tweaks some stuff and makes it happen. But for the masses, he wants his team to focus on the security of the system and doesn’t want to compromise the OS.  (more…)

Koush Gets Google Voice Working Through Any SMS App on Cyanogenmod, Available for Download

google voice android

Google Voice, while an amazing concept and at times brilliant product, has been neglected by Google for the last couple of years and is for the most part incredibly frustrating to use these days. It still doesn’t do MMS, but maybe more importantly, users have been forced to use the painfully buggy and slow Google Voice app for texting rather than some of the more popular SMS apps available. Thanks to Koush, that second issue may have been fixed.  (more…)

Koush Details New PushSMS Feature for CyanogenMod, a Secure Messaging Service


Yesterday evening, Koush took to the official CyanogenMod page on Google+, announcing that he has been in the process of building a brand new messaging service called PushSMS, an “app” that rivals Apple’s iMessage in terms of security. Koush took security and privacy to the next level, enabling users to send encrypted messages, allowing for a greater sense of security when messaging friends and family.  (more…)

Video: CyanogenMod’s New Quick Camera Feature is the Coolest ROM Feature in a Long Time


It happens to all of us: that time where you really want to take a quick picture, but by the time you have your camera app open the moment is gone. CyanogenMod developer Nebojsa Cvetkovic felt the same way, but instead of complaining he wanted to do something about it. CM was one of the first ROMs to implement the quick settings that we have all come to love in stock Jelly Bean, but this new feature currently under review makes those toggles even more useful.  (more…)