Evernote, Chrome Beta, Falcon Pro, and DashClock All Receive Updates

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The day was filled with app updates for some of our favorite apps, with the biggest probably coming from Evernote. The popular note-taking app received its “most requested feature of all time,” Reminders. Users can finally add reminders to notes, set alarms, and pin notes to the top of note lists, so that their lives can either feel complete or on the verge of becoming complete at all times. The Evernote update also improved copy and paste, corrected photo orders, improved shortcuts, and improved Japanese support.  (more…)

Chrome Beta Update Introduces Fullscreen Browsing, Simpler Searches

chrome beta update

Chrome beta for Android received an update today that introduced two minor features that actually change the user experience in a semi-major way. For one, as you scroll down web pages, the toolbar will disappear so that you get a fullscreen view. All you need to do is swipe back up ever-so-slightly and it will then reappear, so that you can type in a new search query, change tabs, etc. Second, the omnibox (search box) now holds onto your search queries after you press “enter.” So when search results appear, you can quickly edit or add-on to search queries much easier. Previously, your search queries would show up in the Google Search box of the actual Google website – now they stay in the omnibox.

The rest of the new features and known issues are below.  (more…)

New Chrome Beta for Android Brings Saved Passwords and Autofill to Mobile

Chrome for Android Beta m26

In the newest build of Chrome Beta for Android that was released this afternoon, we finally get password and autofill syncing on mobile. Both are features that have been carried across desktops for some time, but continued to be highly requested for smartphones and tablets, as they eliminate tedious form filling and a need to use your memory. Today is a great day, especially for those of us that have grown tired of re-typing things on mobile that have become automatic on desktops.

We should point out that in order to test out syncing passwords, you’ll need to run the latest Chrome Beta for desktops as well. The feature will roll out in the coming days, so don’t get frustrated if you aren’t seeing it right away.

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Via:  Google Chrome Blog

Chrome Beta for Android Adds Support for Experimental Features


If tinkering in Chrome is something that warms your pants, then be sure to install the latest version of Chrome Beta for Android, as it added support for “chrome://flags” and its experimental features. In this section, you’ll see a number of items listed, some of which work in Android, others that are desktop specific. Things like disabling deferred 2D canvas, adding an FPS counter, and WebGL are some of your choices.

To access this new section, simply type in “chrome://flags” in the address bar of Chrome Beta.

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