Samsung ChatON Mobile Messenger Available Today on Android

Samsung’s version of Blackberry Messenger is now available on the Android market. It’s called [email protected] (ChatON) and is free to all. I’d give you a brief review, but their servers appear to be overwhelmed with people trying to activate and have not yet received activation on any of my devices. It’ll be cross-platform at some point, which means iOS and Blackberry – there is just no telling when. For now, you can send your Android, bada and Sammie feature phone friends plenty of messages for free.   (more…)

Samsung to Introduce ChatON, A Multi-platform Multimedia Messaging Service

Samsung has decided to enter the mobile messaging arena with a new app called ChatON, that will surely be introduced at this week’s IFA conference in Berlin.  ChatON will be a multi-platform app, which means it will not be a Samsung-only chatting tool, but will also be available to other Android handsets as well as Blackberries and iDevices.  Similar to BBM, users will be able to share images, videos, and perform group chats in 62 languages.   (more…)