Samsung Announces the Smartphone Gamepad, a Bluetooth Gaming Controller That is Coming Soon

Most of you probably won’t remember it (I barely do), but during our coverage of the Samsung Galaxy S4 back in March, we managed to get a hold of a Bluetooth gaming controller that Samsung was also hyping at the time. In fact, we took it for a spin in a quick hands-on video during the big GS4 press event. Yet here we are in December, about to leave the year 2013 behind, and Samsung is just now announcing availability. The controller has changed quite a bit though, and is now known as the Smartphone Gamepad(more…)

Bluetooth SIG Announces Bluetooth 4.1 Standard, Brings Lots of Improvements and Intelligence

For a piece of technology that most mobile devices use nearly every day, Bluetooth has not seen a major upgrade since 2010. That will be changing in the near future with the announcement of Bluetooth 4.1 today. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group took to their site to tell us that soon devices will soon be a lot smarter about energy use and information sharing. (more…)

Nexus 4 With LTE Stopped by Bluetooth SIG Yesterday? (Updated)

white nexus 4

A week or so ago, a rumor surfaced suggesting that Google may introduce a Nexus 4 with LTE alongside the Nexus 5. As you are all well aware, the Nexus 4 originally launched last year without LTE, something many couldn’t give Google a pass for. In a day filled with nothing but LTE, the lack of it in Google’s flagship smartphone was inexcusable. But what if they were to re-introduce the phone again this year, only this time with LTE on board? According to a Bluetooth SIG filing that dropped yesterday, there may be a chance of that happening.  (more…)

A Look at What’s New in Android 4.3

Nexus 4 Android 4.3

Not only did we get two new devices from Google today, the Nexus 7 and Chromecast, but we got a brand new version of the Android OS. Android 4.3, still named Jelly Bean, isn’t the most major update for the OS we have seen, but it does bring a few things that people should enjoy. Below, we will go over the additions to Android 4.3 as highlighted by the Android team on their official blog.  (more…)

Nexus 7 Visits Bluetooth SIG Again With Android 4.3, the Question is Why?

nexus 7 logo

Rumors were swirling before Google I/O this year that we would see a refreshed Nexus 7, complete with new specs and features to “wow” us. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but the rumors of the Nexus 7 refresh have not gone away. The rumors keep alive and this weekend’s news that the Nexus 7 got re-certified for Bluetooth is interesting to say the least. Why would it need to pass through Bluetooth SIG again?   (more…)