Nexus 7 Visits Bluetooth SIG Again With Android 4.3, the Question is Why?

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Rumors were swirling before Google I/O this year that we would see a refreshed Nexus 7, complete with new specs and features to “wow” us. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but the rumors of the Nexus 7 refresh have not gone away. The rumors keep alive and this weekend’s news that the Nexus 7 got re-certified for Bluetooth is interesting to say the least. Why would it need to pass through Bluetooth SIG again?   (more…)

Verizon’s HTC6445LVW Cruises Through Bluetooth SIG, “DLXPLUS” or Big Red’s HTC One Equivalent?


Back in early February, we caught wind of a new HTC device that appeared to be headed to Verizon under the codename “DLXPLUS.” For those not familiar with the naming convention, think of the DROID DNA as the “DLX.” At first, we were hoping that this would be Big Red’s version of the HTC One because the purported specs matched up exactly, but since we know now that the device is landing everywhere but there, we’ll assume this phone must be something somewhat different. Will it be the DROID DNA+ or perhaps the DROID ONE (not likely “One”)?  (more…)

Tip: Long Press Bluetooth and WiFi Notification Tiles to Quickly Toggle Each in Android 4.2.2

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Android 4.2.2 is a minor release for the most part. It appears to a back-end bug fixer that has yet to present a major change or new feature that will affect the way you use your Android device. With that said, there are some minor tweaks that have begun to surface which we are big fans of already. The first, was the new status and estimated time meter that shows during app installs. The second, we have included in a short video above.

From this new release of Android going forward, you will be able to long-press on Bluetooth and WiFi tiles through the notification pulldown to toggle them on or off. Simple change, but also an incredible time saver.

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Review: Motorola S11-FLEX HD Wireless Headphones

Motorola S11-Flex HD Headphones

We don’t normally do headphone reviews, because well, we’re not a headphone site. We allow the real audio blogs to take care of that stuff, while we as Android enthusiasts, stick to what we do best. With that said, when Motorola asked if we would be interested in checking out their new wireless Bluetooth headphones, the S11-Flex HD, I couldn’t help but give them a shot. Since I know there is a small crew of you that also picked up their MotoActv sports watch, I figured you would also be interested in these headphones, which are their latest sweat-proof fitness product that can pair with any Android device on the planet.  (more…)

HTC 1080p Phone 6435LVW Stops by Bluetooth SIG This Week

HTC’s 1080p phone, codenamed “dlx,” cruised through Bluetooth SIG this week while on its way to grabbing every certification it needs to before being announced. Not much else can be established from this listing, but it does help confirm that the phone is still real and headed to Verizon. The “VW” at the end of the model number HTC6435LVW gives us that clue.

At this point, the big question remains, “Will HTC unveil this on September 19 in NYC?” They have an event planned, but have been short on details. Will it be the device that Mr. Blurry Cam took 3 shots of this weekend? Will we get everything that was included in that early benchmark that we discovered – 1080p resolution, 5″ display, quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, and 4G LTE?

For me, this is the device of 2012 that I am most looking forward to. Well, until some new Nexus details start leaking out, that is.

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