DROID Bionic 5.9.905 Update Ready to Rollout, Improves LTE Connectivity

A DROID Bionic update as build 5.9.905 has been approved by Verizon and is ready to rollout. No, it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich, but it is the leak we saw a couple of weeks ago. As you can see from the list of changes, it’s pretty minor. After updating, users should have a better 4G LTE connection, easier-on-the-ears volumes with Bluetooth, and improved Visual Voicemail. Yep, that’s it.

The update is 42.5MB in size. More info.

Deal Alert: DROID Bionic Lapdock Now Going for $50 Brand New at Verizon

It seems like the only time we bring up Motorola’s Lapdocks these days is to tell you when they are on sale. Today is as close to free as you are going to get on these devices. Reports are filtering in that you can pick up a Bionic Lapdock for $50 brand new at Verizon. Other reports are that these are out-of-stock so if you have a Bionic it might be worth a call to your closest Verizon store to see if you can get in on the deal.

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DROID Bionic Drops to Free From Verizon, Removed From DroidDoes.com

The DROID Bionic has easily had one of the roughest lives of any Android smartphone. After debuting at CES in 2011 as one device, it was transformed over a 9 month period to become something else altogether. Once launched, it never stood a chance as it contained older and thicker tech than the phones that its creator, Motorola, had prepared for release only a few weeks later, leaving it dead in the water. Tonight’s moves essentially show just that, as the device has had its price slashed to “Free” and has also been removed from DroidDoes.com. If there was ever a sign that a phone’s life has come to an end, this would be it.

Make way for the DROID Incredible 4G LTE and the RAZR HD(more…)

New DROID Bionic Update Leaks – No, It’s Still Not Ice Cream Sandwich

Build 5.9.905 has leaked via “Cheesecake” for the DROID Bionic for those looking to stay current with test builds. It’s definitely not Ice Cream Sandwich, keeping the Bionic as the only major Motorola phone of the last 6 or 7 months to have not seen an official Android 4.0 build leak. There is a chance that this .905 is final though, as soak test invites went out to owners of the device a few weeks ago. The previous leak was .904, so the minor jump in build makes it feel like they discovered a minor bug and made a fix.

We are hearing that you can fastboot back to .902 after flashing this. In order to flash it though, you will need to be on stock .902.

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Motorola’s Feedback Network Sends Out DROID Bionic Soak Test Invites

Motorola has started to notify members of their Feedback Network that a software update will be made available for the DROID Bionic in some time. No word on what to expect, so can we assume it is not Ice Cream Sandwich and most likely the 5.9.904 build that is floating around? As soon as we get some more juicy details we will share them with you. Do we still have some happy Bionic owners out there?


DROID Bionic, RAZR and DROID 4 Can Run on AT&T and T-Mobile If You’re Interested

We were chatting with our industry friend @P3Droid yesterday when he started dropping talk of the entire new DROID line of phones from Verizon being unlocked to work on AT&T and T-Mobile GSM networks. At launch, we knew that most (if not all) of these phones had GSM radios buried within, but that Verizon had shut them down so that owners wouldn’t be tempted to switch carriers. Thanks to a little hackery from our dev community, things have changed a touch. We were told that the phones can work on AT&T’s HSPA and T-Mobile’s EDGE networks. We were also told that the full instructions would be out later today once P3 and the boys polished up the process and made sure it worked flawlessly. It appears as if some instructions and files are already available at the XDA thread we linked below though.

Interested? Let us know how it  goes.

Via:  @P3droid | XDA

DROID RAZR’s Smart Actions Application Hacked onto the DROID Bionic

DROID Bionic owners no longer need to be jealous of the DROID RAZR’s Smart Actions application. Thanks to iNsAnEmOd for sharing the apk, users can now download the actual Smart Actions app and load it as a third party app right onto your device. Smart Actions is Motorola’s way of trying to extend your battery and basically automate your life. By launching certain applications and settings when actions happen or you are at a certain place during the day, your device will react as you program it to. You can program the app to launch your favorite music playlist if you’re at the gym, or have it toggle on WiFi as soon as you arrive at home from your day at the office. It has received a lot of love from RAZR owners, so if you own a Bionic, be sure to give it a go and let us know what you think.

No root required. Install as you would any other non-market .apk.

Download: SmartActions.apk   (more…)

DROID Bionic Update to Build 5.9.904 is on the Way to Testers, Here is the Changelog


The next update for the DROID Bionic is build number 5.9.904 and is not Ice Cream Sandwich. A friend of ours sent over the changelog for it that we have pasted for you below. You can see that behind-the-scenes bug fixes are all that is in store, which makes sense going from .902 to .904. In fact, when Verizon posts this changelog after testers have it, it likely won’t have any of these details on it, so take in this rare opportunity to see what backend bugs are being taken care of.

Update:  Our buddy Sam has told us that if you update to .904, you can still use the .902 fastboot files to return to .902 or to save your phone should you do something that it doesn’t like.  (more…)